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Beauty Must-Haves: The Best Pink Lipsticks

When I was a preteen, my mom used to work for the (much-beloved) beauty company Mary Kay. Chances are you know all about them even if you've never used their variety of products. No, she didn't have a pink car but, admittedly, I'm sure she wanted one. Because of her position, I was exposed to various products from the start. Every few months, she would pass along a sample or two from her big bag of goodies. Somedays, the treats were merely a sample packet of lipstick or gloss or eyeshadow. Other days, the freebies were full sized products to play with.

Either way, it was an awesome experience when it came to my discovery of beauty products. The first pink lipstick I truly fell head over heels for was from Mary Kay and called Pink Ice. It even came in a cute, hot pink travel case that I've kept with me through all these years; pictured above. I wasn't much for pink at the time but something about the colour made me swoon instantly.

Needless to say, it was my first big love when it came down to lip products and I'm certain that it singlehandedly pushed me down the path of obsession when it comes to lipsticks. Although I no longer purchase from Mary Kay (for no real reason except I've moved onto different tastes and brands) my love of the pink lip remains. Be it a natural shade or an in-your-face neon colour, pink lips can be an instant mood lifter for somebody like me.

So let's get started. #13 is a newfound favourite of mine. Too Faced is one of my all-time favourite beauty brands and frankly, they should just take my damn wallet now. There was something intriguing about the sparkly, pink goodness that is their colour Clueless. It's the first lipstick I fell in love with under their vast selection and while it's not going to be age appropriate for everyone (if you play by the rules, that is), there's something utterly charming about it and the little gold tube it comes in.

Although it is glittery, it isn't overly done. The pink isn't too bright. It's a sweet, fun addition to any pink lovers vanity table and is as hydrating as it is beautiful. I love pairing it up with cute dresses and various looks from their much-beloved Chocolate Bon Bons eyeshadow palette (R.I.P. to my palette, though! My dog knocked it off the vanity and shattered it--it's time for a trip to Sephora!)--you won't be disappointed.

For those of us on a budget, E.L.F. is a classic. It's a must-have visit when it comes to beauty on the go and that is why #12 is their shade Pink Minx. I haven't had the pleasure of trying many of their lipsticks, but if this is any indication, E.L.F. is positively the leader of the pack when it comes down to budget friendly makeup.

Pink Minx is a blushing, natural pink that is perfect for both the workday and a little night out. While its staying power isn't as high as others on the list, that is it's only shortcoming. It's one of those pinks that will appeal to just about anyone and will totally sell you on the brand. At only $3, it is a total steal and it keeps your lips hydrated and natural looking. Did I mention it's only $3? E.L.F.'s formula for this little guy is such a gift.

If you're looking for another natural pink shade at a decent cost, #11 should be at the very top of your list. NYX is my all-time favourite when it comes to drugstore brands at a high-end quality. Known for their professional formulas, standout collections and yes, dupes, NYX is the best of the best of the best. Do I even need to say that at this point? One of their biggest lipstick standouts? I have two words for you: liquid seude.

Perhaps the best liquid lipstick on the market, the entire collection is absolutely the definition of #SQUADGOALS. I own all the colours and am constantly in aw over the formula and selections of shade. Tea & Cookies is in a league of its own and is my go-to shade for, well, any day. Oh, yes! It's their best pink yet.

#10 is one of my all-time favourite products from any brand. Honestly, I feel I shouldn't word it that way because all the lipsticks on this list are as such. But, I'm unable to think of any other way to say it.

Sticking with NYX, we're moving onto their tubes of butter lipstick. What I love most about their butter line is how smoothly they apply--and how much pigment is in such a little tube. Taffy is the sweet pink that is perfect year round, but it also has that little pop every girl needs to complete their outfit. I've got a backup of this shade because I love it so much. My only complaint for this one has nothing to do with the quality of the product, but instead the rude woman who rang me up at Ulta and broke it, which I'm sure you'll see the break in the product from the photo above.

Wah! Moving to an old favourite from the drugstore: L'oreal. Give it to me, I'm worth it. #9 is under the Le Matte formula and the shade For You. L'oreal is a well known brand for high quality beauty products that won't break the bank, and For You is no exception. My favourite thing about this gem is I can wear it as a lipstick or a liner.

For You is a hot pink shade that stands out when you want it to. It's soft, very buildable and highly pigmented. Unlike so many drugstore matte lip colours, there's something about the formula that feels very pleasant on the lips and lasts a great deal of time. If you're looking for a pop of colour that is versatile and just under $10, Le Matte is where it's at.

Everyone and their mothers seem to love Rimmel lipsticks. In the past, I've avoided their colours mainly due to the smell/taste of one of the first lipsticks I'd tried way back in middle school. But I've always loved their mascaras. #8 isn't entirely what sold me on their lip products, another Kate Moss shade did, but this one is by far one of their bests.

Named #35, it's a pretty pink shade that reminds me of flowers on display at Easter. Just simply pretty--and guess what? For an impulse buy, and for under $4, it's completely worth it. If I hadn't known it was from the drugstore, I think I would have believed it to be much more expensive.

(If you're a peach lover, there's another colour from the line that is just as stunning as the pinks!)

What's a beauty post without Maybelline? #7 is a relatively older shade (we're talking, I've had it for four years or so) but is still going strong. From one of the biggest names in drugstore beauty, Maybelline is always reinventing itself and staying firm in its status. I've always, always had a soft spot for their lipsticks and their mascaras, so it was rather hard for me to narrow down which pinks from them were my favourites without going overboard.

Debating with myself aside, Pink Pop is timeless and, yes, it's girly. Pigmented in a fierce sort of way, this beautiful colour stands out to me in a way that no other lipstick does from their brand. If you haven't tried their Color Sensation Vivids formula, you need to get on that. It's, like, essential and all that jazz.

#6 is a real bargain! Revlon has never really been my cup of tea, not for lack of trying, but their ULTRA HD MATTE liquid lipsticks are some of the best I've ever tried. Seriously, guys, they're to die for and I'm kind of obsessed. I also think they are one of the exceptions to the rule if you don't typically like liquid lippies. This one will probably change your mind--if only for the colour you've selected.

Unlike most matte lipsticks, the formula is not drying and it keeps your lips feeling hydrated all day long. So, don't let the word MATTE throw you into a bit of a frenzy--these feel much more like a satin finish than matte. I was so surprised when I picked up a few of these colours when they were on sale at CVS. I had a feeling they wouldn't live up to their cute packaging and eye catching colours, but lo and behold: they did! And now, I covet them all.

While the staying power is pretty standard and will fade after a certain amount of time, the colour is highly pigmented and is eye catching--you're sure to get compliments when it comes to any of the shades. My pick? Temptation. I can't tell you how many compliments I get when I wear this colour--be it at work or out on the town with friends, at least one girl will come up to me and ask what colour I'm wearing.

Before I get to the many MAC shades, I've one more compliment to give out to the team over at NYX. Whenever someone is first trying lipsticks from Nyx, I tend to steer them in the direction of a lot of their liquid lipsticks and their Soft Matte Lip Cream is amongst the most heavenly of the bunch. I love the formula so much--it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all but doesn't skimp out on the colour.

My pick for #5 wasn't an easy decision, but I have to go with Sidney. Sidney is described as a soft lavender shade but it's definitely a baby pink on my lips and I adore it. I literally love all the shades that I've tried from this line and can't wait to get my hands on some more colours. Other pink (or rose) shades to try? Tokyo, Istanbul, Milan (which was almost included on this list so here's it honorable mention) and Z├╝rich.

Full, solo swatches coming soon.  
(When I get my computer fixed.) 

The remainder of my list--the top four pink lipsticks--are all from Mac. 


#4 on my list is Saint Germain from cult-favorite MAC Cosmetics. Oh, this one is my baby, guys. Really, my list is nothing without Mac. Say what you will about their cosmetics, they're forever my BAE (do the kids still say bae?) in general but they are especially my bae when it comes to their pink lipsticks. Swoon! Swoon! They are the best. I am pretty sure, I'm one of those people that says "how high?" when Mac says jump--it's probably embarrassing how much of my checks go to them.

What can I say? I'm a total sucker.

(Or, I have impulse problems when it comes to purchasing lip products. That's neither here nor there. Sh, don't tell.)

But back to the main line of focus: Saint Germain, aka the first pink lipstick I'd ever bought from Mac. The start of it all. Like a virgin! No? Okay. Fine. What can be said about this beauty? Besides the fact that I seem to worship it even after all this time? Well...

The colour doesn't always look good on all skin tones and one of the biggest complaints I see is that the shade is a bit too chalky and it gives off serious medicine pink vibes. I love it, personally, and think that it's perfectly girly and takes me back. I seem to smile consistently when I wear it. It's just a feel good colour from a feel good brand.

The coverage is great and the formula is, as always, smooth and its scent is that yummy vanilla we're all familiar with. The best part of it? Through all my hair colour changes (I'm naturally blonde but presently red, and I've had it dark and light in between time) it never wavers and always looks nice on me.

At #3, Mac's brilliant and bold matte colour Silly. Which, I believe, was limited edition. Sniffle. I almost didn't buy this one because the colouring seemed so similar to Candy Yum-Yum (which we will get to, soon!) when I first saw it and I debated for a good long while at the counter.

I ended up taking the plunge because, well, no self control, and I'm so glad I did! For those of you who are intimidated by the neon quality behind Candy Yum-Yum but still want that pop of pink, Silly is definitely the look for you.

I ended up picking up a back-up tube, because I loved the colour so much and wanted to make sure I had my fix. Essentially, Silly is a much more muted version of Candy Yum-Yum that will have your heart beating silly in your chest. Not unlike their other matte lipsticks, Silly can be a bit drying but I do feel a slight difference in this one when compared to my other matte shades from Mac. I've seen the colour on multiple people and can honestly say it looks consistently good on most of us--not quite up to Candy Yum-Yum's standards (have I mentioned I worship that colour and think it looks good on literally everyone?) but still versatile and build-able.

Silly is my pick for fun-pinks that can be worn both at work or while you're out, ah, playing. The ultimate pick for those who aren't necessarily fearless but want to be a bit more daring than usual. If your counter still, by chance has it, you've got to pounce or hunt down a tube.

#2 is Girl About Town. In the dark days which Candy Yum-Yum wasn't on the market, when it was limited edition way back when, I was constantly looking for a colour to live up to it. While Girl About Town is far from a dupe, it's still beautiful in its own right. I consider myself lucky for having stumbled upon this one and still find myself reaching for it.

I've noticed that the colour looks different on almost everyone. On my arm, it looked almost red-pink when I swatched it, but on my lips its pink-pink. When my friend wears it, it looks purple-pink, and when my mom wears it, it looks flat out magenta. But it's always beautiful, no matter the tone it takes on when you wear it. Can you say, adore?

And now, the moment you've been waiting for. The moment each and every one of you who knows me was expecting. #1 is my lipstick soul mate, the best of the best, the pink that looks good on literally everyone, Candy Yum-Yum. Do you wanna hear something funny? I almost never bought this colour because I was so intimidated by it being a neon pink, I felt like I could never pull it off.

But. I. Can. If ever there was a lipstick that gave me confidence, it's Candy Yum-Yum. I feel bolder and braver when I wear it and more than ready to take on the day. It's the best lipstick I've ever owned and something about it is an instant happy pill for me that I never want to let go of. Seriously, I could write poetry about this little baby and will forever love this above all else.

*Be Silly is not the colour name. 
I was multitasking and looking at another colour called Be Silly. 
The colour on my list is Silly--but Be Silly almost made it, too! 

That just about wraps up my list of must-have pinks. So much to say! Thank you so much for reading one of my first must-have beauty posts and baring with me when it comes down to the LQ photos and edits. When my computer is fixed, I will be replacing the images/edits with higher quality shots, solo swatches and edits that weren't made on my phone. Boy, do I miss Photoshop!

What's your favourite pink lipstick? Or, if you aren't a pink fan, your favourite lipstick. Next up--purples! Stay tuned.

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