Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Day in the Life: September 25th-October 2nd, 2016



-Mini Makeup Haul: For the makeup junkie in me, I wrote a small piece on my more recent beauty haul. I'm still getting the hang of writing about beauty products and the review/general haul business. I'm not particularly great at it, but I'm getting there. Maybe. 
-Two book reviews, listed above under "read". The books in question are A Shadow Bright and Burning as well as Last Seen Leaving.
-I'm in the process of writing my annual BEST OF list. It won't be posted until mid December, but I have started.
-Thoughts on the first debate and the election in general. I'm in the editing phase of this and it won't be posted until next weekend, I suppose, just in time for the second debate. My thoughts on the election: I need a drink. 


-Too Faced's holiday gift sets. This years theme is Christmas in New York. It combines three of my favourite things: Too Faced cosmetics, Christmas and New York City. I am trying to decide between two of their eyeshadow palette sets right now, but my friend did let me mess with her Hotel Grande Cafe set which was a huge steal--three eyeshadow palettes, each themed after a particular holiday scent, for $49. Find out more information here.
-All the fantastic autumn themed literature photographs from various users on both Tumblr and Instagram. I haven't poked around nearly enough on Blogspot but I intend to on my next free day.


-Naturally, the Too Faced holiday gift sets. Like, all of them. Except the lip injection ones. Not my thing, really.
-Some more sweaters from Top Shop. I've recently become addicted to their sweaters and find them to be so cozy, plus, I can get them in petite sizing which is always a plus for me. While I'm not the skinny girl to the right, I'm still quite small in height and tend to feel like I'm drowning in clothing a good chunk of the time. 
-Mac's Liptensity lipstick line. I'm eying so many colours, I can't begin to list them all. Similarly, I am drooling over their Selena line. Those! Dark! Lip! Colours! Slay! Me!
-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Illustrated Edition. It comes out on the 4th of October and I've plans to trip over myself after work to hunt down a copy. I forgot to pre-order it like I did with last years release but that's okay--I hated having to wait nearly two weeks after it was published to get my damned copy.
-Desk and vanity organization. I've been feeling overwhelmingly cluttered in the last few weeks. 'nuff said.
-A.G. Howard's latest book (which hasn't been released yet, I don't think) because hullo, favourite author.
-Nothing More by Anna Todd. Again. 'Nuff said. 


-On the topic of literature, I'm so excited by a few purchases this week. One, I found a ton of hardcover books (and a few paperbacks) at the Dollar Tree. I went in to pick up some pens and a few things to organize with but nothing was all that appealing to me so I skipped the initial plan and moved on to poke around at their books. I found a lot of great novels, including the first book in my queen Gillian Anderson's trilogy.
-I also snagged a copy of Diana Gabaldon's novel Written in My Own Hearts Blood for $2 at the local craft stores bargain shelf. I may or may not have squealed and did a happy dance, much to the dismay of other workers and customers. 
-Thrifting success at Plato's Closet this week. Not only did I make nearly $30 on selling stuff to them, I found some real bargains in the sweater racks: Zara, Top Shop, Lauren Conrad and J. Crew. Pictures to come after my next thrift shop round up.
-I finally learned how to make scones! I'm messing with a base recipe and making it my own to post to here for those who are interested. I'm a gluten free kind of girl (out of necessity, not desire) and this recipe will reflect that. However, you can use whatever sort of ingredients to tickle your fancy--it won't change the recipe much if you use gluten free products or not.
-Halloween planning. I've decided to ditch my original plan and hunt down an outfit that screams Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! Because... why not?
-Other costume mentions: my friend and her boyfriend had a Halloween themed wedding this weekend and their costumes made me grin. Think: Wonderland, face paint and ridiculous getups. They looked great!
-YES! YES! YES! YES! I am seeing Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children tonight. I was supposed to see it Thursday or Friday but got called into work, but I'm still happy to be seeing it. I'm a little nervous about the changes they've made on screen but excited nonetheless.
-Amandla being cast as Ruby in The Darkest Minds series and all the replies that Alexandra Bracken has given for it. I'm so excited for the films! This is one of my favourite book series of all times and Ruby is one of my favourite leading ladies. Who doesn't love Amandla? She is so wonderful and I can't think of a better actress to bring Ruby to life. I only hope the film does well--I'm so pumped to see who they cast as Chubs! and can barely contain myself when thinking about Never Fade and Vida/Jude casting. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO WELL!
-Just a little more than a month until the highly anticipated Netflix based Gilmore Girls revival. Instant happiness. 


 -I'm in the process of rewatching three shows for some reason. Gossip Girl (though I'll always loath what they did to it because I'm bitter & 25-going-on-12 or something), Pretty Little Liars and True Blood. Judge me. Since Doctor Who isn't on Netflix anymore and I rewatched Once Upon a Time already this year, those were the next shows in line.
-The Fifth Wave and The Danish Girl. Thoughts to be posted eventually.
-The new season's episodes of: How to Get Away With Murder, Quantico, Once Upon a Time, The Fall.
-Two Netflix Documentaries: Audrie & Daisy, Amanda Knox. Anyone have any thoughts on both docs? I still can't think of what to make of Amanda Knox, her actions and what happened. Audrie & Daisy broke my heart.
-The first debate. Which, well. I think you guys have a good idea what my thoughts were with that.
-I'm starting Luke Cage tonight or tomorrow because, you know, love him and I am probably Marvel's bitch or whatever. 

But, enough about me... how was everyone's week? Are you looking forward to anything this autumn? What are you loving or coveting?

Inspiration of format: The Quiet People's Weekly Review

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