Sunday, October 2, 2016

Introducing Top Five, Bottom Five: August-September 2016

I'm not huge on the beauty/lifestyle blog community or all the beautiful Youtube makeup gurus. Not because I'm not a fan, but because I don't always have the time or the energy to devout myself to keeping tabs on these talented men and women. I do watch a few but never anything consistently beyond Emily Noel, from Beauty Broadcast. Over the last year, I've taken to both her channel and blog because she is bright, bubbly, and has exceptionally good taste. I think we all have at least one blogger/vlogger we admire from affair and she is definitely my number one when it comes down to it.

Through her videos, she's often taken to posting a TOP FIVE, BOTTOM FIVE roundup dedicated to her favourite products from various brands and I thought, you know what? That sounds like fun. Which is why I've decided to start doing monthly Top Five, Bottom Five posts when it comes to literature I'm reading or have read in the weeks leading up to that entry.

September was a pretty busy month and while I didn't read enough to really get back into the groove of my literature habits, I did read enough to make this post. I encourage all my followers to join me in making a Top Five, Bottom Five post and would love to hear your picks!

When I have my laptop back and running (hopefully before my hair turns gray), I'll be making a banner for this styled entry (I should probably double check that there isn't already a Top Five Bottom Five community going on with book bloggers) and will have monthly posts linking readers to every person's entry. Until then, you can stylize your banner/posts however you want.

OH, oh, oh! Hell, if you feel so inclined, you can make a header/banner for it specifically and help me run this monthly jam session. Actually, I like this idea a lot. SO. I'm formally taking submissions and ideas for co-runners. Here's my own little questionare for you guys to fill out (it's so simple, but I would like at least one or two others helping me out and would like to know them a little bit) and I'll pick out some people to join me in the coming weeks:


You can fill this out in the comment section or shoot me an email at and I'll post about it ASAP. I'm actually really quite excited about this and can't wait to get the ball rolling.

The premise is, of course, in the name. Every month (or two months, if you are on a time crunch!), in lieu or in addition to a roundup post, you simply link your readers to your top five and bottom five releases from that month. Now, I don't think this should be entirely based upon new releases--but that is a start! I encourage you guys just to post your Top Five, Bottom Five based upon whatever tickles your fancy in that moment: books that you were sent, bought, borrowed.

(Books that haven't been released just yet. Classics. New. Whatever you want; there's no limits! Feel free to add your comments underneath your choices, your reasonings or just a general rating. Just be sure to link readers to either the author's website, the publisher or Goodreads!)

I think this could be a fun, simple way for us all to really get to know each other further and potentially make new friends or find a new read. For my first entry, I'm choosing books

Onto the main event... 

Top Five: 

Bottom Five: 

That about wraps up August/September. 
What were your Top Five and/or Bottom Five reads from the last month?

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