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Mini Makeup Haul | Too Faced, Milani, Rimmel

I'm a bit makeup obsessed. I don't really have to say it, anyone who knows me in real life or based upon my Instagram photos knows this. I can't really help it. I just am. But maybe that's not entirely a bad thing--I'm a sucker for all things beauty and lately, it's been showing more and more. Between Ulta's 21 DAYS OF BEAUTY (which ended not that long ago), having to replace one of my beloved Too Faced palettes and my hunt for Milani Cosmetics (which is a total bitch to find in my area for whatever reason)--a good chunk of my paychecks have been handed to select beauty companies.

This is just a random round-up of my thoughts on such and a brief, somewhat shitty, review of each of the new products I've splurged on.

Let's talk Too Faced first, shall we? Everyone knows that Too Faced is one of my top-five beauty brands of all time. I love nearly everything I've tried from their line; the product, the packaging, the names.

Recently, my beloved Bon Bons palette was totally destroyed due to a mishap between one of my dogs and the wobbly legs on my vanity table. Long story short: she bumped into it one night and knocked almost everything off of it. The only casualty in that moment was the palette in question which, yes, sucked. I am just glad my dog was okay and didn't get hurt. I'll start with that. I had to replace it because the chocolate bar palettes, all three, are pretty much the only shadows I use consistently.

The gang is back together! #SquadGoals

The good news is that I came into a little extra cash after selling some clothing to Plato's Closet--and I had points on my Ulta rewards card. So, I only spent just under $10 on replacing it if you want to get technical. I got pretty damned lucky. For those of you who don't used Too Faced but have been looking into the brand, I have to say it's completely worth the money. It's still a splurge, though and isn't something deemed a necessity.

See, in most eyeshadow palettes there is at least one or two duds. My favourite thing about each of these palettes is that there isn't a single dud in all three of the chocolate bars. Not only do they smell fantastic and come in the cutest of the cute in packaging history, the pigments are incredible and the product is very long lasting. I've never had a palette where I loved every single colour of every single release, but Too Faced has a way of pulling it off.

I don't think anyone should ever go into buying something based upon hype but I do think these are worth every second of gossip and praise.

There's very little fallout from the shadows, they really are long lasting, and applying the colours is a smooth process. I can't praise the formula enough. If you have the money to treat yourself, this is the brand and those are the products. I can't pick a favourite of the three, it honestly varies, but they are the best eyeshadows I have ever owned. While I adore The Balm and Urban Decay when it comes to other high end companies, I think Too Faced is the ultimate and that's that.

Onto lipsticks--Ulta had the matte lipsticks from Too Faced on sale at the end of their promo of 21 Days of Beauty and it was a total fucking steal. $11 for a tube of their lip product? Sign me up! I have to admit, I wasn't a huge fan of the formula when applying the product but it's grown on me the more I use it. I picked up three colours: Pitch Perfect, which is a stocking stuffer for my mom, and then the other two for myself. Hey Gurrl and Rebel Heart are gorgeous in terms of colour but again, I had a bit of a problem with the formula and how it applies.

I was wondering if I, perhaps, got two tubes that had been in stock for a while because the texture was off and it was kind of like applying a very dried out product to my lips even after moisturizing/exfoliating before use. It wasn't just because it was matte, either--it just genuinely took a lot to get it to apply with full coverage and less streaks. I wasn't that impressed the first few days I got it and even considered returning it, which I never do with makeup.

Luckily, the texture has improved with use and applies smoother and decently in terms of pigment. I'm not impressed with its staying power when compared to other products from their line but it's definitely not the worst lipstick to ever exist or whatever. It's just not the best matte formula and certainly one of my least favourite releases from Too Faced. I expected better and don't think that this product is anything to write home about at the end of the day.

Which sucks. But. As for packaging and presentation, as per usual they are on a roll. I'm absolutely obsessed with the boxes that the colours came in and look at how cute it looks with my stationery, book and bon bons. Swoon. I'm loving how it all looks.

Lastly, a quick note on recent drugstore purchases. I finally got my hands on some of my more lusted over Rimmel and Milani products. Sadly, I still can't find any of Milani's liquid lipsticks (ugh, I am coveting all those colours) or their blushes or shadows or, well, much of anything.

But I did stumble upon a mini display of some of their lipsticks and then baked blushes. Not a lot, but a few. Really, a lot of the product was tampered with or broken but I did score a tube of Plumrose, which is from their line of colour statement lipsticks. I'm in love with the formula--it's smooth and really is a total statement colour. I haven't owned a tube of their lipstick in so long, I forgot how superior they are to other drugstore brands and I only wish I could get my hands on more of their products.

The best part about Plumrose is that it's hydrating and smells like watermelon Jolly Ranchers. Talk about delicious! I may just have to hunt down some more colours off their website, though I hate buying makeup online. Overall, it's a great inexpensive brand with high quality flare--I love it and Milani as a general thing.

Next up for Milani is their baked blush in the colour Rose D'oro.

I'll be the first to say that blush is at the bottom of my covet list when it comes to beauty products. I've been trying to expand my options though lately and I couldn't resist this little guy--baked shadows and blushes are a weakness of mine recently based solely on how they look in their packaging. I just adore the entire look of them and thought, why not? Milani isn't about to break the bank and as it happened, this colour was the only one on display that wasn't broken or in some cases shattered.

I felt in order for you guys to see how beautiful it is, I needed to take another shot of it with a white background. Isn't it stunning? It's got this nice little peach vibe to it and adds just the right amount of shimmer and flush to the cheeks.

Again, I'm very impressed with Milani and think that I will have to hunt down more product to try. While it won't be taking place of my only blush love, Becca's Flowerchild, it's still a great find. I may never be a blusher sort of person, but this is something of a start. And who can say no to the price and quality?

Lastly... is a Kate Moss lipstick from Rimmel. I've been looking to get my hands on some of her nude colours and #47 was the object of my affection from the moment I saw it. I have not used it yet.

There's something very pleasant about the formula from what I can tell by just swatching it for my friend. This is probably the darkest from the line and won't be everyone's cup of tea but the good thing about lines that target the nudes is that there will be a shade for everyone. Keeping up with most of their Kate Moss shades, the packaging is sleek and cute, the colour range solid and each colour has a sweet scent to it that isn't overbearing.

That wraps up September's buys on my part. Have you guys tried anything worth noting or scored any series deals? Let me know what your favourite recent beauty buys have been--this month or of any month.

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