Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Day in the Life: October 3rd-November 6th, 2016

Long time no talk, huh? Getting free time keeps growing harder and harder. I suck! Actually, adulthood kind-of-sort-of sucks. Still without a laptop, so that's the main source of me not being as active as I'd like to be. I've also been out and about a lot more, and in a shitty turn: my beloved tree in the backyard lost a ton of limbs three weeks ago (it's an old tree--there was no storming or winds it just kind of fell) leading to the roof getting some serious damage. In between social life, reading and working, I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to move my room around so they can fix the crack in my ceiling.



-Not a hell of a lot. I know, that really sucks. There's been so much happening in my life that I barely scraped out the reviews I wanted to finish and even that took a lot. You can view the reviews in the links above. The Splintered review is from ages ago but I'll still link it above. I'm completely rewriting my reviews for the Private series, so all old links will be taken down in the coming hours and I will repost them as I can. 
-Annual best-of list is almost written. Naturally, there's still plenty more that will be added to the list in these final two months. Can you believe it's November? 

-Halloween was fabulous. I dressed up as 1970s babe and went all out with vintage blouses and skirts. Yes, I did the Farrah hair and makeup. We went to a well-known bar in Illinois where we had a really great night and watched who was performing as well as the costume contest. I really enjoyed myself but I did fall at one part and gave myself a series of bruises. Also got to include an old friend of mine who almost never gets to go out due to her job and her child. She fit in really well with my friends and they were really great to her. I hope she had as much fun as us. I posted a couple of pictures on my Instagram account.  
-PBS' "Hamilton's America" documentary. I've watched it twice since it aired and I cannot stress how much I love Linn.
-Library sales! There was one big library sale last weekend and I came home with a ton of books for under $5. Here's a look at my personal stacks (I got some stuff for other people that I did not photography): 

-Still need the Too Faced Christmas Collection. I don't want to order it online because I don't trust my neighbors with deliveries and every damn time I go to Ulta or Sephora they're sold out! Gr! I'm choosing to attach my general frustrations at life on this mundane, shallow topic. Yasss, queen!
-A.G. Howard's new books. Ugh! I probably missed my chance to get a review copy but I'm okay with it because I will gladly throw my money at multiple copies of her delicious work. 

-I'm alive. That is something to be immensely happy over and I just had to, you know, throw that out there because despite how crappy the roof situation is, at least it didn't do more damage or hurt me while I was outside with the dogs. That would have been awful. 
-All the costumes I saw while out with friends. From skittles, to hippies, to Pink Ladies, to Pirates, to Alice in Wonderland themes, to a bunch of men dressed as characters from A League of Their Own and mermaids. A special shout out to the guy dressed as Harley Quinn that me and my girls got a picture with and the four women dressed as mermaids for totally slaying it. 
-For the first time in years, after going out on Halloween, I didn't catch a cold! I am pumped. But, now that I've said this, watch me catch something--fingers crossed I don't because I have two weeks until my flu shot kicks into action and I'd rather not. 
-Scored a Buxom blush ("Intoxicate"--it's beautiful!), Two Faced's Selfie Powder and some Essie nail polish at T.J. Maxx. I also picked up a Clinique lipstick there for my mom, which is her favourite shade ("Pink-a-Boo") that was recently discontinued, and a Pacifica palette. I can't remember the name of the palette but it was a total steal. Annnddd, lastly, a very yummy caramel scented Yankee candle. Her birthday is on November 9th and she has the misfortune of having a doctor's appointment that day so I hope those purchases cheered her up. 
-I saw Miss Peregrine and The Girl on the Train. I'm anticipating Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them--it's so close! 
-The Gilmore Girls trailer!!! 'Nuff said. 
-Leslie Odom Jr.'s voice. 

-90210 S3-half of S4. I can't help it. It's a fun, guilty-pleasure and I just love Naomi Clark/Annalynne McCord so much! I watched it on and off as it aired but I decided it was high time to watch it all the way through. Not gonna lie, I know that most of the couples I want as endgame won't happen (it was on the CW and they don't have a great track record for picking upstanding relationships as endgames) but it's still just a dishy show to breeze through. 
-The remaining debates. Ugh. This election is a nightmare.
-I got roped into watching the world series because everyone I know is a huge Cubs fan and I think it's great that they won. It made a lot of people in the area happy. A lot. 
-I finished two Netflix shows: Luke Cage and Glitch. I absolutely LOVED both and am about to start their latest offering The Crown

And that about wraps it up! How's everyone's weekend going?

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