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Thrifty Tuesdays: January-April, 2017

Most days I wonder how much of my time is spent on things like making music, reading and writing, and--gasp--thrifting. It suits me rather well not to know how much of my free-time is spent on certain things because I have a feeling if you were to write a chart/graph of where I spend my time (outside of work) most thrift stores and antique shops would be at a solid 75%. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. I love a good deal.

As of lately, I've been scoping out more thrift shops in a well off portion of my city and that's my big tip for anyone looking to score some serious steals when it comes to both new and secondhand goods. You see, the bigger the income of that area the more likely you are to find gems of all kinds. Books, shoes, clothing. Add in the fact that some big-time stores like Target donate unsold, new products and you've got the formula for an awesome spot. I fancy myself quite knowledgeable about thrifting and what makes a location good but perhaps that is just me tooting my own horn. Regardless, I've found a stellar selection from two specific locations over the span of four months and I'm here to share my finds with you.

The best part? All of this was under $100. I hit up some sale days (some by pure luck) and seemed to have accumulated a lot these first few months of 2017. Another tip for newbies: scope out a pattern in sale dates. A lot of shops, towards the end of seasons, do bag-sales (one location I go to offers this in between winter and spring; typically $5 for a bag full of stuff from the racks, your choice) and every couple of Saturdays stores like Goodwill do 50% off goods. Other things to remember at Goodwill: sign up for their rewards program to receive coupons, at the start of the week they mark down certain items that have a specific tag colour by 75%, or they will have a cart of items at the front of the store for a percentage off, and around here sometimes they do 2-3 books for $1.

Pay attention to the details and sales; I promise you, there's a reward to it. You wouldn't believe how much I've walked away from--new and used--for under $20 at a time. I purchased a ton of sweaters at a bag sale for myself, family and friends for around $15. Three bags worth of stuff. A lot of it name brand, a lot of it brand spanking new. You just never know what you might find and sometimes you have to dig, but it's definitely rewarding.

Anyways! Onto the goodies. The moment you've been waiting for.

Please remember that I am not a photographer and these images were taken with my iPhone 6s. You should also know that this post will very well be edited in the coming days with shots of the clothes on but until then, consider this a bit of a sneak preview of details and the like.

This is one of my favourite finds because Daisy Fuentes sweaters are just super comfortable and the right kind of baggy. As someone who is petite, it's hard to find sweaters that are that balance of baggy and fitted. You don't want to drown in the fabric--and this sweater is the perfect combination of both and I am positively in love with it. There's a little wear on the shoulders/the bag near the tag but that is because it seems someone ripped out the plastic straps that are meant to keep the sweater from drooping on hangers--it's not visible while I'm wearing it! I love, love, love the pattern and that the sleeves are cuffed. I am unsure how much this actually cost me, as it was part of a bag sale and I hauled quite a bit that day.

I love Forever-21 and their sweaters. I especially love the cheapness but that's besides the point. This dark gray sweater is the perfect fit for me and is super thick, it keeps me warm and toasty during the windy and cold Chicago weather. This little guy cost me roughly $2.50 and the coolest part was that it still had its tags on it. As a member at Goodwill, there was a sale back in early March (I believe) at my location and for a few days in a row I got 50% off every item I purchased. It was wild. I'm still swooning.

Speaking of swooning, Forever 21 and sweaters--I love love love this thin (perfect for spring!), pastel pink and white striped sweater I found at the bag sale. You're going to hear "at the bag sale" a lot in this post but this is by far one of my favourite finds, ever. I wear it with this pink lace dress that I scored years ago and it's just relaxed and stylish. I absolutely adore it because it's very flattering for a striped shirt. When I saw it, I originally planned on saving it for Easter but it's too cute not to wear it.

This dress, guys. This. Dress. Lauren Conrad is my girl, you know? I wanted this dress when it was first available but for the life of me, I couldn't hunt it down in my size! Any location I went to I was only able to find it in XS or XL. The funny story is that is I wasn't even looking for this dress while thrifting and I hadn't even planned on going to a thrift shop that day. But, I did, and after roaming the dress rack I saw this beautiful baby for $6 and started dancing. I am obsessed with the style, the colour, the fabric and the details. How cute is that back and the bow?

I was apparently in a stripped sweater mood these last few months and when I saw this navy stripped J. Crew top, I knew I had to have it. There's nothing special about it at its core but it's so soft and I'm so glad I found it because it's just really well made. Another item from the bag sale. Marry me, bag sale days.

Not entirely sure what the brand is of this but I have an idea that it's a Charlotte Russe top? Don't quote me on that. I will look into it later. The pictures don't do this top justic
e--it is in perfect condition, the fabric is so so so soft and overall the perfect rainy day top. I've got a feeling I will be snuggling up in this top on my laziest of days. Obsessed! This was $2.50 and well, do I need to say it?

This cute H&M dress is flirty for summer and I can't wait to wear it! Another find of the bag sale, this one was brand-new and with original tags still. I'm not going to lie, the print is what drew me in at the start but the way it fits and the cute back detailing is what sold me on it. Plus, it was basically free! I still can't believe it.

American Eagle has been one of my favourite brands for years and I'm pretty attached to the brand at the end of the day. I don't normally find secondhand items of it at the thrift store but on this particular trip to Goodwill, I found three tops. This is my favourite of the three because the minty colour is one of my favourites. I positively lust over it. I also found this style in lavender for my best friend and I didn't take a picture before I gave her it, but trust me when I say it's beautiful. It was $5 and in near perfect condition--I can't tell if it was ever worn!

Normally this isn't my style of a top but the colour was calling my name. It's a little too big on me but I like the relaxed way it looks when I pair it with faux leather leggings and some heeled boots. There is something effortlessly preppy about it and I don't own anything like it! Again, it was part of that gift of a day called BAG SALE.

For the life of me, I cannot take a good picture of this American Eagle sweater. Trust me, you'll thank me for making the image smaller than the others on here. So! Low! Quality! Of! A! Shot! But. It was $5 and is so, so pretty. I love that it's a loose fitted v-neck sweater with half sleeves. It's that perfect spring sweater and it is this lovely dark blue/light blue fabric. I'll try again for a better shot later in the week.

Another gem from the bag sale! I love Express and much like American Eagle, it's one of my go-to brands at the mall. Their clothing just fits me perfectly and this top is no exception. What drew me in was the colour and the fact that it was NWT. What really sold me was that zipper on the side--which is positioned on both sides and really adds an extra flare to it! Can you say heaven?

Do you need a moment? I needed at least an hour to comprehend that yes, I found a FreshTops item and yes, it was Harry Potter related and yes, it was only $5. There's really no explanation needed so let's just take a moment to appreciate that I can cross this brand off my list of thrift finds. I own a couple of tops from their website directly but never brought myself to buy this one. I can't get over how comfortable it is. Pinch me.

It turns out that taking pictures of turtle neck sweaters is complicated business. More complicated that Ralph and Gina's relationship status on Facebook. Wait--who are Ralph and Gina? Who knows. Point is, this cute little short sleeve turtle neck was a pain in my arse to photograph so I just decided to show you the cute detail on the sleeve. Yes, the fabric is a bit worn but it's honestly not visible unless you take a close up picture and sharpen it. So unless someone lifts my arms up and has really great vision to check out the pits on this, I think I'm safe.

Flat out my favourite find this year. I scored this Anthropologie sweater--new and with tags-at Plato's Closet for $11. Winter clothing was 50% off and I couldn't resist. The orange colour goes wonderful with my hair and I liked the distressed look of it even if I've said I won't buy sweaters with holes in it. Something about this was charming in an "I stabbed the holes myself" chic kind of way. Plus, it's nice and cozy and I'm probably going to spend a good chunk of the year living in it. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen this already.

I don't own anything like this and typically wouldn't purchase it. The older I get, the more I try and change up my clothing to a more mature style and this was something that strikes me as a good top for job interviews. I love the details and those buttons are super cute. I'm wildly impressed and once again, this is thanks to that bag sale I mentioned earlier.

We interrupt this "Mature Wardrobe" message with this Forever 21 top. It's both a dupe of Wildfox Couture and that tacky ass 4th of July sweater your Great Aunt Marge wears every year as you can tell and I love it. Nice and baggy and it's a crop top but because I'm so short it's not overwhelming belly shirt status. I scored this for 75% and it was new with a tag. Basically, I'm the best.

This was another Plato's Closet find. It's my favourite colour. It's got lace at the end. It's a long, long sweater. It was $5. That's it.

Because not only am I ready for summer, I can't resist a $2 that still has its original tags.

$5 for such a gorgeous top was such a steal and I'd like to thank everyone who made it possible. By that I mean me. Ugh, just look at the details! Who can say no? Especially with spring and summer just around the corner. I'm not drooling, you're drooling.

So. I have this theory that I can't say no to Free People. Anywhere. By theory I mean this top is solid proof--it was like $2 after 75% off at Goodwill and it just stumbled into my cart, you know? I've got to admit it's not my typical cup of tea but it's cozy and I already have plans for it. Think: the beach. A cute swimsuit and shorts underneath. A nice pair of sandals. Sunglasses. I'm ready.

I have a story for you about these jeans. I was trying on some dresses at a local thrift shop when I had noticed a pair of beautiful, gray jeans. They were straight leg. They were faded but not overly so. Just at the top, I could see a tag indicating that these had never been worn. I wandered to the rack with no expectations--they couldn't possibly be my size--when low and behold they were. Right down to the petite length. I may or may not have cried but at least they were glamorous tears of fate. The price? $6.99!

My philosophy is that you can never own too many lace tops. This little guy was so beautiful and I loved the detail--once more it was only $2. And once more, it was new with tags. Damn, I got lucky. Is there an award for thrifting?

Ever since I dyed my hair red again last year I've been gravitating towards a lot of earthy orange in terms of colours and this is probably my favourite of the selection. I love the detailing. I love the colour. The fit is so cozy and flatters my body perfectly. It's great for a lazy day, an everyday look and it can be dressed up quite a bit for a trendy night on the town. $5. Yes, you read that correctly--$5. I have a catch, though. It was actually free because I had a coupon for $5 off $10 and well, the rest is history.

Another $5 sweater. This was originally intended for my mom but upon washing it she realized she was allergic to the fabric and highly disappointed. So it became mine. I love the style because the stripes aren't straight across and the end of the sweater is just way too cute for words. I love wearing it with straight, black jeans and ballet flats. A totally stylish twist on an ordinary comfort sweater.

I believe skirts are only $3-4 at Goodwill but I can never remember because I rarely buy bottoms while thrifting but this skater cut skirt from Forever 21 was too loud to ignore. I'm in love with it and pairing it with black tights and a black turtle neck is totally bad ass. There was a matching top with it and they were both NWT but I hated the top so it got left behind. Someone else will surely make it work.

From the bag sale! A run of the mill dark gray sweater. It's nice and warm and cozy and that's all that can really be said. I love that it's long so I can just wear it with leggings and call it a fucking day. Not pictured: pockets towards the end of it that blend in but are still easy to stash things in.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these on the shoe display. They were just... there. I couldn't say no. They're brand new, too, as there's a price sticker at the bottom and it's not torn/faded and they are not dirty. I'm assuming they've been tried on a lot so naturally I've cleaned them up a bit but it looks like either a store donated them or someone bought them without ever wearing them. I'm still stoked.

Well, that wraps it up. I hope you enjoyed my babbling. At the rate I'm going with great finds, I should really consider opening up a Poshmark boutique or something (without overcharging, obviously) because I do find a lot of great stuff that aren't my size or style.

What's your greatest find while thrifting?

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