Well, my name is Jessica and I've been book blogging for way too many years. I'm not all that great at about-mes. I've got this nasty habit of babbling incoherently and saying A LOT, without saying anything of consequence. It's basically my calling card.

Seriously, I'm going to print business cards and that's going to be on there somehow. I love, love, love cities and the anonymity of being in one. I'm from the Midwest and live for Chicago, but New York City will be my full time home. Someday. I'm primarily a singer and song writer, who's always singing *insert musical here* and who has an obscene amount of knowledge of Broadway.

It goes without saying that my second and third great loves are in literature and writing. I didn't actually start reading much until I was well into my teens--and that is probably my biggest regret in life thus far.

Well, that, and the time I dyed my hair purple and didn't brush it very frequently, but, that's okay. We won't go there today.

I write mostly poetry and true crime. Photography is another interest of mine, if you consider just randomly setting up photos photography. 

As for the rest of me, I have two dogs who are basically attached to me: Primrose (yes, Primrose) and Elle. Most of the time I'm home, you can catch me curled up with them and a cup of coffee. I have an unfortunate attachment to Instagram and Tumblr. My vanity is nearing makeup hoarding levels, but it is nowhere near as full as my bookshelves and my Archie Comics collection--this is probably not something to be proud of, but.

I don't watch a lot of films, but I'm a certified television addict. I'll probably talk circles around you about seven in particular: The X-Files, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Outlander, Pretty Little Liars, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Shadowhunters. I used to ride really hard for Glee.

Oh, and, you can find me eternally making references to Rent, Harry Potter and The Shadowhunter Chronicles. I am a walking, talking Six Fingered Nigel joke.

I love talking about music and will definitely wax poetic about Marina Diamandis, Taylor Swift, George Harrison and other favourites. My favourite bands are Fleetwood Mac, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Florence + the Machine and Fall Out Boy (my Chicago is showing) and I once yelled, "I'M GOING TO MARRY PATRICK STUMP" in front of my hometown's court house. Shockingly, this is not one of my most embarrassing moments.

That would probably go to that time where my Myspace display name was Jessica! at the Disco

Ask me about my wiener favourite books.