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tkc1 Losing Control by Jen Frederick | Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5)

As a note, an e-galley of this novel was sent to me via NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way.

In book one of the Kerr Chronicles, Losing Control, we open with a promise of love scenes and passion to indulge in. And although the blurb of information is misleading, Losing Control is a fast paced, addictive, romance filled with some serious smutty goodness and will be tugging on your heartstrings in no time.

The plot contains much of the same for releases in new adult and erotic fiction: rich, pushy, brazen and attractive man pairs up with an otherwise ordinary, down on her luck woman. It’s in this that can make the story itself tiring and may convince you not to bother picking up a copy. And I get that.

Really, I do. And while I’m incredibly tired with the cliches in these so-called romance novels, Jen Frederick manages to keep readers interested purely on the likeability of our leading lady and man. She keeps characters relatable, realistic to their very core, and doesn’t let us walk away without at least sympathizing with one of them.

Victoria “Tiny” Corielli makes due with a job as a courier in the busy city; making just enough money to scrape by and spends a good deal of her time caring for her mother who’s sadly just been diagnosed as out of remission when it comes to the cancer they thought she beat once before. Times are tough for the Corielli women, who are obviously very close, and you can’t help but to hope for a small miracle for the both of them even if we know life isn’t always generous.

Enter Ian: rich, handsome and charming. From the moment the two meet there’s a great deal of sparks and you can practically feel their chemistry just in a brief conversation. Ian is by no means a new sort of character and at times comes on too pushy/strong, but generally he is a decent character to read about and I didn’t entirely hate him.

During this brief meet of the two, Ian propositions her and she rejects him. This seems to only attract him to her far more and he accepts it as something of a challenge. It isn’t that she doesn’t find herself interested or attracted to this stranger, because truly she does.

One of the most recurring points in Tiny’s story is her struggle with work and making enough money to keep her mother and herself as comfortable as possible. Her need, desire, to make money is a massive plot point. It isn’t easy for Tiny to keep up, though, and needs special attention of sorts when working due to a learning disability. Not to mention her schedule needs to be relatively flexible in case her mother needs her.

Thus leading her to taking on extra jobs from her sketchy one-time stepbrother. While on a job for him – jobs which she decides to not ask about and instead just does – she finds herself present in Ian’s world once more after their chance meeting. But what of this job? And can she pursue Ian?

The so-called job is only on the back burner and is a plot of revenge against someone who did wrong to Ian’s family long ago.

Over time, the two explore their chemistry and bond. All the while, Ian decides that Tiny is someone who needs to be looked over and taken care of. While I don’t typically like this sort of cliche plot, I do feel grateful for Tiny and Ian to have found each other. It’s never easy asking for help – financially or otherwise – and in this case, Ian was part of a miracle that was needed in order to support Tiny’s ailing mother.

Back to their relationship.

Their interactions go beyond steamy signaling that a true connection is building amongst the sexual tension: they’re sweet and as they begin to truly get to know one another, we see that the connection goes beyond what could be physically. Still, Tiny can’t help but to feel that once she gives into his chasing and care that he’ll lose interest. And then where would she be?

Heartbroken? Back to living so slowly? And what of her mother, who’s health isn’t improving but she is thankfully perkier with the appearance of Ian; whom has been making an effort to bond and take care of Tiny mother just as much as her?

Losing Control is a story of love, of struggle, of loss and much more. It’s a great little read that keeps you entertained and will leave you tearing up in its final chapters. It's only a bonus that the cover art for this book is so damned lovely.

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