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addicted Ricochet by Krista & Becca Ritchie | Rating: ★★★★★

"Every day feels like an obstacle. And a victory."

Set immediately after the events of Addicted to You, Krista and Becca Ritchie give readers a fantastic look into not only the history of Lily and Loren’s relationship, but the start to their recovery as well. As an added bonus, we see much more of Lily’s bond with two of her sisters, Rose and Daisy, as well as her friendships with Ryke and Connor.

Ricochet is short but painfully honest and shines light on the struggles that come with changing yourself for the better. It isn’t an easy task to properly portray separations and recovery, all the struggles in between, but as usual our authors definitely know what they are doing.

If you aren’t sold on the series just yet–I get it, New Adult isn’t always the best genre–I encourage you to give it a shot because unlike many of its genre mates, the story is honest and realistic. We see characters who have a lot on their plate and flaws that make them all the more human.

Our love interests and respectful and not overbearing. In the moments where things are shaky, they redeem themselves and it is full of so much growth. These are characters who truly love one another and are bonded for life–that doesn’t mean things are constantly peachy, but it does mean something.

Most importantly the romance of these novels is pretty high up on the plots but there’s a certain balance of friendship and family that is woven into the story. It’s wonderfully crafted and I cannot stress enough that these books are genuinely good because they are important.

Let’s talk the storyline and time frame. I wasn’t quite sure on if this was considered a full blown novel or a novella at first, but it is a decent sized story.

Jam packed with emotion, we see Lily Calloway as she adjusts to life without Lo (only temporary–he is in rehab!) and see her navigate her own road to recovery. Along with the habits she is trying to break, she is also getting used to living with her fierce sister Rose, her mother meddling in their lives as usual, trying to bond with Daisy and attending a different university.

Did I mention Rose and Connor are actively searching for a good therapist for Lily?

Phew. That’s a lot of changes for our little Lily. While her path may be complicated and far from easy–she certainly isn’t having a good time with it all but is very determined–she has a few people who help her along the way. Lily’s addiction, as we know, is a complicated matter.

Sex addiction simply isn’t acknowledged as something that is real by many. Lily is strong as hell but her addiction is not something she can just get past instantly and brush under the rug. She has a circle of trust in Lo, Rose, Connor and Ryke who don’t baby her and really watch out for her.

I cannot stress it enough, how important this group of people are. Lily and Lo had enabled each other for so long, they depend on their relationship far too much, that it is painful seeing them trying to recover without each other. But what they needed now was to focus on themselves so they could be fully supportive of each other and no longer enablers.

I like that Rose and Connor look into sex addiction with eyes that are not judgmental and that purely want to help Lily. It goes without saying that these are two people you would want on your side no matter what. Ryke is a bit more tough love and gives off the vibe of not liking Lily quite as much as the others, but he genuinely cares for her well being as well as his half brothers.

Because of this, Ryke is a great addition to the plot. It’s like this group of people have been connected all their lives (beyond the sisters, of course) and he even works well with handling Daisy’s reckless behavior.

This is mostly because they seem to be two halves of the same whole, but we’ll get to that in the later novels. I just can’t express how wonderful these relationships are; how much they have grown and will continue to grow. Lily has a particularly hard moment a while into the book, when Ryke finally caves and lets her talk to Lo.

Keeping the two apart was a necessity, crucial to their recovery on both sides, but it was time. And soon, Lo will be released from rehab and the two will be together once more.

The thing about Lo and Lily is they are both addicts and their relationship could continue to go bad. But they both want the chance to get better and be in a loving and supportive relationship together.

Overall, Ricochet is a great read. It builds on the emotions and connections that we were introduced to in Addicted to You and fleshes out the characters even more. There’s never a dull moment and we see so much raw honesty in it, it’s truly a gift to read.

We’ve got an intimate look at our Calloway girls and the men in their lives and that’s very pleasing. Finally, a new adult series that gets it right.

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