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Lost in Love by Susane Colasanti | Rating: ★★★★☆ (4.5)

As a note, an e-galley of this novel was sent to me via Edelweiss by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way.

Because of my love for the introduction of this trilogy, Lost in Love was at the tip top of my to-read list this spring. It did not disappoint–in fact, it is the perfect novel for any romantic to have on hand this summer. Susane Colasanti shows her writing chops again with a heartfelt summer adventure filled with romance and friendship and the age old questioning of those entering adulthood.

Back it again are our girls–Sadie, Darcy and Rosanna. Each girl faces a world of changes with the backdrop of New York City just in the distance. When we left them in City Love, the trio were navigating their new lives and new loves, all the while befriending one another and exploring their contrasting personalities.

Drama was at an abundance when it came down to a few flaws in their new lives. Sadie’s found her soulmate, Austin, only to discover he isn’t at all who she that he was–that he was keeping a huge secret from her. He’s married. When we meet up with Sadie again, our eternal optimist is struggling with their break up and needs time to get back into the right state of mind to deal with this news.

Without Austin, we see Sadie take time to grief and come to terms with her romantic life. She takes just the right amount of time to herself with the help of her warm fuzzies, Darcy and Rosanna and her best friend from childhood. I liked that once more Sadie is warm and realistic and just the sweetest character ever.

But, of course, things always change. Spoiler alert. When Austin comes back into her life with news, he and his wife are divorcing and he’s moved in with a friend, she comes to question things once more.

But what’s next for them? That isn’t all: Sadie receives some surprising family news that leaves her concerned and sets up another excellent plotline for the final book.

Let’s aim for Darcy next! Our favorite adventurer is trying to find her place in the city, all the while trying to maintain her breezy personality and figure out her future. We last saw Darcy falling for Jude, in her own way, and just as she was about to admit her true feelings, or rather intentions for him, her ex-boyfriend makes a reappearance in her life.

As it turns out, her ex wants her back.

And I mean, who wouldn’t, right? Darcy is a total catch. But with Jude in the picture, Darcy is more confused than ever. Should she choose reigniting the past–with her ex-boyfriend’s intentions unclear even as he claims to love her–or follow her heart to something new?

Her future is becoming less cloudy, but in some cases she wonders if it’s too late. Darcy is highly torn and in for some frustration in heartbreak by novel end–but as always, her passion and fire show and she is more than ready for a challenge.

I just love Darcy, okay? And I felt for her. For her confusion over her romantic life, for her uncertainty about what she wants to do with her life, for the fact that her boyfriend forgot about her birthday. Darcy is just utterly obtainable because, in spite of her rich party girl persona, she is just a normal young woman.

Lastly is Rosanna. Rosanna is meeting more challenges in her life as she tries to get to the bottom of where Addison is, and who is she is, and why she knows so much about her. The answers take a bit of time to come across and really shock her as she unravels the mysterious troublemaker’s intentions.

Her romance with D seems to be equal parts heating up and cooling off. With the reappearance of a girl from D’s past, who seems to come between them in one way or another whether these are her intentions or not, things are not looking up.

They had quite a bit of bliss for the most part and vacationed together–I love, love this pairing! I’m a sucker for the opposites attract trope and in a lot of ways, they are opposites. But something about them just blends together really well and the sparks are off the charts.

I loved seeing the ending of the novel, their chapter, where Rosanna is starting to see through the smoke and comes clean about her past: all of it, her financial situation, her abuse, who Addison is and what threat she poses. D takes it all in stride and I think they are exactly what the other person needs.
Lots of love for the way D handled Rosanna’s past and her revelation. He really, really adores her and she, him. I’m curious to see what’s next for their relationship and what Shayla and Addison will have to do with, well, everything.

Rosanna also continues her life as a camp counselor and has to make a decision on what to do about a camper who seems to be jumpy and may or may not be abused at home.

Overall, each girl has plots that are perfect age-wise and once more Susane takes us on a whirlwind adventure of the importance of truth, friendship and love. The number one highlight of these novels and of Colasanti's characters is that their friendship is the main focus. Or at least the best part of it. City Love introduced to the new bond between these three girls and now in Lost in Love, we see the good and the bad of it--sometimes tensions run high in friendships and this reflects that.

I have high hopes, though, that it isn't going to have a lasting effect, any of the flaws.

I felt that this one was a lot more active beyond romance and it felt much more realistic (not that the other didn’t)–it tackled a lot of topics such as abuse (sexual or physical), the downfalls of “revenge”, people who know no boundaries and a few topics of the lighter variety.

Lost in Love is the absolute perfect balance of genres and is thoughtful, warm and delightful. Get your highlighters and page markers reader because this one will have you making note of many moments!

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