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Kiss the Sky by Krista & Becca Ritchie | Rating: ★★★★★

People hope to touch the sky. I dream of kissing it. 

The Calloway sisters are back! Rose, Daisy and Lily have had their fair share of ups and downs since we were introduced to them a few books back. Up until this point we have been primarily witnessing these moments through the eyes of Lily Calloway. Now, Rose takes center stage as we embrace her as the first narrator in this installment and I couldn’t be more happy. Not only do we get to see the family through new eyes, we get to see how much more there is to Rose.

We already know quite a lot about her. Rose Calloway is independent, loving and tough. She loves her sisters more than anyone. She runs her own fashion line and is business savvy. Intelligent, driven and passionate–there are so many ways to describe her. At the start of Kiss the Sky, we see how her relationship with Connor has developed in time and more of that closeness with her sisters. Our primary plotlines are as follows: Rose’s *fear* of sex (and what may change in her relationship once she is no longer a virgin) and her desire to get her clothing line back up and running after her younger sister’s scandal broke.

In an effort to bring business back in and keep her fashion line in order, Rose is taking on a whole new role that could prove to be dangerous in its own light. Reality television. The show could end badly but it’s a risk she is willing to take, to get her line back out there and to also serve as a way for Lily to explain her story (and her boyfriend Lo) beyond the tabloids.

But when the man running the show is an unfortunately awful addition to their circle of friends–can Rose, Connor, Lo, Lily, Ryke and Daisy handle the pressure of it all? Interference by the tabloids and cameras are one thing when you’re already used to the spotlight, but living with someone who is constantly stirring the pot is a different story entirely. And this man? He is a real piece of work, I'll say that. I liked that there is a soapy quality to Kiss the Sky–but it doesn’t diminish the intelligent and honest tone that Krista and Becca Ritchie have been serving us since the start of the series.

There’s something lighter about this one but not too light, if you get my meaning. The Ritchie sisters are pros at weaving all kinds of topics together without making us go, “wait, what?” a hundred times in the worst ways. Character development is a strong front in Kiss the Sky. We still see how Lo and Lily’s addictions are an everyday battle. We still see how strong Rose is even in tougher parts. We still see that Daisy is young despite her career and older-than-she-appears exterior. Everything we love about Addicted translates wonderfully in this spin-off.

Yes. It’s just as good–if not better–than the first three books. I liked that we got to spice things up by seeing through Rose and Connor’s eyes. It makes the two a lot more… real to readers. Their romance is sweet and spicy all at once and I can’t believe I just said spicy but let’s pretend I can find a better way to describe it all. I liked the way they’ve progressed and that we got a lot of background information on both of them. I liked seeing Rose overcome herself and let loose a little, I liked seeing Connor do the same in different ways. Really, their connection is something wonderful and I’m so glad to see where they are, where they came from and where they will be in the future.

Not just because their steamy scenes made me need a cold shower, either. There is just something so pleasing about their relationship that they stand out to me quite well. I’m seriously raving about these two. And can we talk about Rose and her desires for, ah, submission in the scenes where these two are alone?

(You're never really alone, though, when you've got a contract for a reality show. So keep this in mind: there's hardly privacy even in more private moments.) 

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the bonds between, well, all the characters. They have come so far. There’s this mutual love and respect during all the characters even if they don’t always get along twenty-four-seven. That’s the most remarkable part of the Calloway sisters and their love interests. Every single one of them has a problem. Every single one of them cares. They just fit together. Always.

Basically throw in all the goods of Addicted, cameras for a reality series, business and family drama, a whole new scandal (a sex tape–but not between Lily and Lo!) and one wedding. That’s Kiss the Sky in a nutshell. It’s sexy, it’s smart, it’s fun and romantic and everything that is lacking in New Adult literature. Ritchie Squared (I am calling Krista and Becca this I am sorry!) are on a roll and are in a league of their own in this genre.

Get ready for a swoon worthy ending that will leave you surprised in the best way.

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