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Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur | Rating: ★★★★★

As a note, Social Book CO provided a copy of this novel for review purposes. This does not effect my opinions in any way. 

Where to begin, where to begin, where to begin? Oh, bother. I feel like I have to stress that Amanda's thoughts on this novel is the exact feeling I possessed upon finishing it: if you are to read only one collection of poetry in your entire life, make it Milk and Honey. Rupi Kaur captures the essence of life in such a breathtaking way, you literally feel it in each line of her prose. One of the first thoughts that comes to mind when looking back is that it's such an intimate look into her soul, you can't help but to pause and say wow.

Milk and Honey is a raw, honest-to-its-core journey of life. Kaur casts a spell on her readers with an ease that isn't often accomplished at any age. There are four parts to the collection and each part is better than the last. Just when you think her writing couldn't get anymore honest or captivating, it draws you back in and you quite frankly lose your breath. It reminds us why we read  and write poetry. It's a promise of what brilliance is to come. It's exactly the kind of poetry you'll feel connected to in an instant--be sure to keep tissues and tabs on hand, because there are so many standout moments in the collection that will require it.

I'll be honest: this little-but-big book of poems took me days (nearly a week) to gather my thoughts and to pick up the pieces after reading it. Words cannot stress how important Kaur's voice is in literature and society. It blooms and blooms and latches itself onto you, haunting you for days to come. Milk and Honey is unforgettable and unlike anything I've read in modern poetry. A lot of readers seem to have a problem with its shortness but the thing about poetry is it comes in many forms and styles, many voices, and the main objective is in making its audience feel.

And, c'mon. Milk and Honey makes you feel. You feel so much you think you may just burst with words. While I do think that we all have different taste in prose, there's something undeniably moving in each and every poem featured in this collection and I can't imagine there not being a spark in its readers. I've read many poets works throughout my years of being a reader but can honestly say that one hasn't moved me to tears, connected with me, quite like Kaur's outstanding collection.

Perhaps it's because it's socially relevant and truthful, perhaps it's because we are so close in age, Kaur's prose is never going to leave my mind. Ever. Ever. I can't explain the inspiration it's left on me. Each word, each line, each page, has left its mark on my body in a way that only good writing can. I would recommend this collection without any hesitation.

Reading it is like a journey I cannot explain nor would I want. Something in it has changed me ever-so-slightly and filled me with emotion. Isn't that what good poetry is meant to do?

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