A Fiery Chicago Based Romance | Review: King of Lincoln Park by Martha Kennerson

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King of Lincoln Park had me at the fact that it takes place in Chicago. And I love knowing areas in which it takes place.

by Martha Kennerson

Grant Khambrel, a sexy, successful architect, worked hard to build a thriving business only to have it threatened by mistake that someone has laid at his door. The man who raised Grant after his parents died, made arrangements for Grant to receive the funds necessary to start a lucrative construction company. Soon Grant learns the money came from questionable means with strings attached; strings that took him years to cut and bury. After winning a multi-million dollar contract to renovate the United Center in Chicago, his bid comes under fire when rumors of improper business ethics arise. Grant is blackmailed by a powerful local politician for access and control of something money can’t buy, but will cost him everything if he gives in.

Autumn Knight, the beautiful Administrative Director of the United Center, grew up around both sides of Chicago politics. Her father, a local real estate tycoon and powerful Alderman, believes he should financially benefit from the good works he provides to his community. Autumn loves her father, but disagrees with how he operates and refuses to follow his path. Her career requires interaction with the new architect selected by her father’s committee. When Grant and Autumn meet, their chemistry is overwhelming, and they’re eager to explore their romantic possibilities. 

Unfortunately, lies and secrets threaten the future they both believe is possible.

King of Lincoln Park by Martha Kennerson 
Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5)
 As always, a copy of this book was provided by the authors in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way. 

This was my first experience with the Kings of the Castle series. Admittedly, I'm a total sucker for books that are based in Chicago or NYC. Mostly because I know those cities fairly well. Chicago is my second home and I know Lincoln Park really well. And I rather like knowing these things in my romance reads. 

Also, I just love those cities for a setting. We're ride or die, you know? Regardless, King of Lincoln Park was already winning based on setting alone. It was so promising and I love romance series that are all connected but still can be read as standalones. Nothing about this book was what I'd expected from it and I'm grateful for that.

Going into stories blindly can be hit or miss, but this one truly benefit from my general cluelessness about the plotline. (I knew the basics and what I found online, obviously, but for the most part I was not sure what tone King of Lincoln Park would take.) Still, I hopped on the train to my job interview and read this book partly on trains. (Yes, obviously, in Chicago, which made it all the more fun.)

King of Lincoln Park was intriguing to me first, but it was so impressive that I'll definitely be diving into the other books in the series as quickly as possible--Martha Kennerson has me hooked! Every page of King of Lincoln Park is delectable and indulgent in the best possible ways.

The novel should come with a warning that it is an addictive substance because it completely is. All I wanted to do was spend my day with Grant and Autumn. King of Lincoln Park was just plain fun and dramatic. As seductive as it is mysterious and highly paced, this book satisfied me immensely.

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