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beautiful surrender Beautiful Surrender by Priscilla West | Rating: ★★★★☆

As a note, an e-galley of this novel was sent to me via NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way.

After a killer cliffhanger and a relationship in turmoil, to say that Kristen and Vincent’s romance is intense and thrilling would be an understatement. When I picked up this series, I was positive I wouldn’t find myself enjoying it and shocked when I fell in love with it. And now, in the conclusion, I hate to say goodbye to these two.

Final installments can border on overly cheesy and melodramatic and at times Beautiful Surrender does the same. Much like the previous installments, it’s steamy and has its soap opera moments, but it only leads to the charm of it all. Beautiful Surrender is sexy and mysterious and action packed. This series depends greatly on all types of emotions but it doesn't always cloud our opinions on it: it just makes reading it all the more intense. Priscilla continues to hit all the right marks with this piece of erotic romance and I’ve got to say, she’s made a fan out of me in the process.

Seriously. Shout out to Priscilla West. Can I get a high five?

In this book all previous plots begin to tie together to bring us to a close. But with all that’s happened – with all that continues to happen – can these two have a happily ever after? In such a small amount of time, so much has happened.

We get answers, we get that to die for chemistry and plenty of scorching hot scenes. The past becomes clear and the ever growing threats against Vincent and Kristen’s relationship grow; including an unexpected pregnancy and an even more unexpected certain abusive ex-boyfriend resurfacing. West wraps everything up together nicely and creates the perfect fantasy and leaves us swooning.

Although our previous two stories were intense, Beautiful Surrender takes the cake and brings out an all-time high level of danger and intrigue. After struggling with more than a few things, Kristen finds herself to be pregnant and seems to be near the edge of a complete anxiety filled breakdown.

It hasn’t been all that long since Kristen and Vincent began seeing each other. Not only could this pregnancy have an impact on their relationship, it could also have a disastrous outcome on her career. Kristen’s tension reaches an all time high as she struggles with telling Vincent and just as she is about to, the unthinkable happens.

Enter Kristen’s sleaze ball extraordinaire and creepy abusive/stalker ex boyfriend Marty. We’ve gotten pretty big glimpses into their past relationship and know well enough to worry about Kristen’s well being.

He is very sick, perhaps sicker than we’d previous thought – and he wants Kristen back. After Vincent’s security team loses Marty’s whereabouts, Marty takes maters into his own hands. He was it in his head that there’s still a chance for he and Kristen to make up, in spite of the two years that have passed. He believes that they are fated and that Vincent is just some guy that is delaying things, and that Kristen needs to get out of her system.

Vincent is nobody to Marty. He is merely an obstacle that he is willing to take out on his own – in comes a hostage situation and some of the most tense moments this series has seen. We’re talking heart pounding, fear inducing drama. Kristen tries to talk her ex down from this. She rejects him countless times.

Marty, of course, does not take no for an answer. Even after having his ass handed to him previously by Vincent and a security team, Marty has decided against taking no for an answer and pulls out all the stops when it comes to his efforts to when Kristen back. Manipulation, pity-me-please, threatening – he really tries it all and proves to us how scary some people can get.

We learn that he’s known where she was this whole time and that he has had access to her phone. While the two were still together, Marty and Kristen shared passwords with one another and unfortunately for K, Marty had been watching her much of this time.

Secrets spill out and I love yous are shared between Kristen and Vincent, both fully believe that at least one of them will not get out of such a horrid situation alive. Vincent’s emotions become obvious the moment he finds out of the pregnancy and we feel for him: he has showed us he is quite fond of children, great with them when you see interactions with his nephew, and in a brief narration we learned that he would love to have a family of his own.

But can these two live happily ever after?

I’m not going to spoil it anymore than I already have. I will say this: the final chapters and prologue to this story brought us a great deal of closure and really, really tied the series up nicely. It was as dramatic and sexy to be expected; dark and delicious and overall the perfect ending to such a short series.

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