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yjcge You Just Can’t Get Enough (G.G: The Carlyles #2) created by Cecily von Ziegesar, written by Annabelle Vestry | Rating: ★★★★☆

In You Just Can’t Get Enough, the second book of the Gossip Girl spin off, Gossip Girl: The Carlyles, readers see things heating up once more in the lives of this batch of wealthy teenage Upper East Siders. And it’s oh-so-obvious that the drama that blew into the city with the arrival of The Carlyle triplets is only just getting started. But how much drama can one set of siblings really bring to Manhattan?

We’re greeted once more by the familiar voice of Gossip Girl as she reports to us the scandalous happenings of this next generation of up-to-no-good kids – and things are certainly far more entertaining in this installment than the last one. Back are the same group of teenagers from this generation – Baby, Avery, Owen, Rhys, Jack and a variety of other side characters and as always, this second book picks up right where we left off.

Jack is losing heat – her home life, ballet, her social life and now her boyfriend have all seemingly fallen from her grasp. And she’s on the ultimate war path when it comes down to the Carlyles. What happens when she falls upon a piece of information that will certainly come in handy about Owen Carlyle and what – or who – he did last summer? And how can she use it to her advantage?

More importantly, what happens when it all backfires? And what sassy entries does Gossip Girl have planned for these kids?

Onto some other good stuff: Owen has found it increasingly more difficult to lose his attraction to his new BFF’s girlfriend, Kelsey, whom he had a fling with over the summer. Is his friendship with Rhys really more important than the girl he believes he loves? Will it stand the test of time and the bumps in the road? It answers the age old question: which is more important to a hormonal teenage boy, bromance or romance?

Is Owen really a bad boy trying so hard to be good? And will passion finally stir up some trouble in this newly formed friendship?

I think we know the answer to that.

Jack uses her newly discovered information to her advantage and schemes her little ass off throughout this one. Baby girl is ON POINT. Blackmail is always a plus in this series and nobody in The Carlyles does it quite as well as Jack. She’s found a way to piss off Avery and Baby in pretending to date their brother and fortunately he isn’t all that bad to look at.

But is there more to this fake relationship than planned? Are they really using one another or is there more of a connection there than originally thought?

As for the other Carlyles: Baby is finding herself having a shocking good time in NYC. Which is way more than she ever planned after the move and a disastrous breakup with her boyfriend back home, Baby seems to have found a new home, new life and a new romance when it comes to Jack's now ex-boyfriend, J.P.
While they are sweet in their own way, it’s obvious that the two aren’t meant to be and it’s just quite fun watching them develop a bit more in this installment.

Baby also forms a new friendship and has a few adventures of her own in this book. It’s fun watching her grow and her spontaneous side is what makes this book so enjoyable. She feels very much so familiar like a mix of Serena and Vanessa.

Avery is still Avery, which is equal parts entertaining and frustrating.

She’s not always my cup of tea but she still serves a purpose in this series and isn’t exactly insufferable when it comes to reading her P.O.V. I liked her better in this book than the last but I really, really wish she would loosen up a little bit because she has the potential to be a dominating queen of the Upper East Side and her so-called-showdowns with Jack are quite fun.

Once again, Gossip Girl proves that it dominates the genre and even at its weaker points, these books are blast to read. It’s stylish, it’s dramatic, it’s light and undeniably teen; it is continuously proving to its audience why it’s one of the best guilty pleasures out there and brings you into a life of gossip, luxury and betrayal. There’s nothing quite as fun as these books, and now I find myself looking for a shopping trip on my own.

And a sip a Cosmo, find some time to spend with good friends and gossip a little bit along the way.

While there’s no possible way this spin off beats out the original set of novels, it is still shaping up to be as intriguing as the others. My only complaint is that it was a bit too short and there could have been more to it. My favorite part is where it leaves us waiting for the next installment and gives us a glimpse of what’s to come in the remaining two books.

(Hopefully more Rhys!)

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