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blonde ambition Blonde Ambition (The A-List #3) by Zoey Dean | Rating: ★★★★☆

Blonde Ambition is quite possibly one of my favorites installments in the beloved The A-List series. Zoey Dean’s is known for her sharp, fun and fast paced story telling and doesn’t disappoint in this third book of the series.

It shows immediate growth in a few of the characters, Anna for example, and shows great promise for the others. We see a romance bud in an unlikely place and friendships shrink and grow. And of course a signature dash of family and relationship dramas. Zoey Dean is the master of teen friendly drama that levels the field with style, intrigue, sex and the constant battle of general teenage affairs.

It’s Gossip Girl meets a stylish, more laid back California setting with a dash of good ole 90210 drama and a whole lot of sass.

Blonde Ambition is a mix of everything we’ve come to know and love from the series and then some. We see second chances, we see strong friendships and other moments that make you go OMG. Blonde Ambition is The A-List in its prime and it’s something you will read quickly, unable to put it down.

My recommendations to have on the side?

Sunshine, your favorite drink, a killer pair of shoes and shades. It’s a beach read, it’s perfect for the summer and perhaps always will be with its fashionable description, drama and various pop culture references that have long passed.

There’s a certain air of unexpectedness to it that will leave Ben/Anna shippers in a sea of emotions. You’ll grow to love Cami a lot more in this one, seeing her in through different eyes as she forms a relationship with the handsome and sweet Adam. Sam and Dee, once again, shine in the story and provide us with a balance between Anna’s cool exterior and Cami’s wild one.

It’s a blast from start to finish and I loved every moment of it as a preteen/teen and still enjoyed myself while reading it in my early twenties. Blonde Ambition continues on through the weeks that follow book one and two and familiar faces pop up as well as introductions to others.

The A-List isn’t meant to have a serious, realistic tone to it but this one feels a bit more real than the previous installments and still balances out the desire to escape into a life of luxury. With Blonde Ambition, Zoey Dean had penned another golden, fluffy chick lit for us to devour and frankly makes me want to hop a flight out to California to shop my little ass off and find adventures of my own.

And a romance, perhaps? Blonde Ambition reads like a soap opera and is impossible to put down. You just can’t look away!

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