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the kiss The Kiss by Lucy Courtenay | Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5)

As a note, an e-galley of this novel was sent to me via NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way.

Are you looking for the PERFECT gift for a young adult romantic just in time for summer? Or do you long for something fun, light and flirty to read in your own downtime?

Look no further: this cute little gem is filled with entertaining characters and just the right amount of sarcasm to keep one interested till its final pages. Dash in some lovely settings, a little mythology (talk mythology to me, baby!) and romcom moments. One thing I know for sure upon reading this little guy is that I really must go to Paris one day.

Who’s with me? After all, don’t a good majority of us want to experience something magical in our lives? In this case, the memory of a very special kiss is magic.

The Kiss by Lucy Courtenay is an adorable addition to any preteen/early teen girls library (although I wouldn’t set any age limit, actually) – it is fluffy, sweet beyond repair and quite funny, it has a quirky feel to its writing and I don’t even have to say this: it will certainly go over well with fans of contemporary romance looking for a fast, beachy read that leaves it readers giggling, hopeful and swooning over the thought of THE kiss.

Young fans of Stephanie Perkins and Sarah Dessen and Loise Rennison will find themselves in love with this hilariously fun novel.

Lucy Courtenay does a wonderful job at creating a fun environment in her plots and relatable, hilarious characters that are easy for readers to connect to. There’s something simple about her writing that makes this the PERFECT getaway novel to read after a long day or something to pick up after suffering from a massive book hangover.

The Kiss is something one could burn through in one sitting and that’s a wonderful thing. It doesn’t drag on and it’s just generally worth the read if you’re into the genre. With its undeniable humor, it makes all that follows dramatic and an absolute blast. I’m so glad I was approved to read this one, ‘cos it was certainly a fun time.

“Who knew one kiss could cause this much trouble?” is asked towards the end of the summary blurb and… well… it all is just so much fun while watching everything play out. LC adds quite a bit to the mix and makes it all the more magical with her references.

Yes, there’s something swoon worthy about The Kiss and that’s a simple fact.

Although the target age group is for those that are far younger than me and some of my readers, it was still a delight to read. I’d recommend it first to middle grade-high school aged readers and then to everyone else so long as they don’t come in expecting something entirely different than what is promised.
And how CUTE is that cover art? I need a physical copy of this cuteness ASAP! 

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