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nhie Never Have I Ever (TLG #2) by Sara Shepard | Rating: ★★★★★

“My enemies are everywhere. And sometimes, those we least suspect turn out to be our biggest threats.”

Emma Paxton’s life is growing more and more complicated as she races to solve the murder of her long-lost twin sister, Sutton Mercer. Sutton’s spirit is tied to Emma’s and is forced to follow her twins every move in the afterlife; allowing her to to know the sister she didn’t know she had and longing for closure. Silently, both girls are given the chance to know each other even though death separates them.

It’s all very sad and scary but very, very intriguing.

In order for Emma to solve this unexpected murder-mystery, and get back to life as she knew it, she has had to take her twins place unknown to anyone besides the cute-and-mysterious Ethan Landry and of course the murderer.

And although Sutton is there with her in spirit, she has no recollection of what happened the night she was killed and has no way of communicating with Emma. Everything is one giant mystery for both girls and it’s surprising the way it unfolds.

Making the stakes higher than ever, Emma is blackmailed into playing a convincing Sutton–for all those in Sutton’s world, they don’t know that she is dead. And in order for the killer to get away with murder, Emma is the key to everything.

If she doesn’t play along, she’s dead. And if Sutton’s death is discovered, the blame will go on her. Just think, the poor, forgotten foster child twin kills her rich sister to take over her life. It’s a motive and now there’s no turning back. But can she continue playing along?

After trying to tell Sutton’s parents and the police that she wasn’t Sutton in the last book, each person shrugged it off due to Sutton’s little prank club: The Lying Game. It seems that no one could possibly buy into anything Emma says, so she silently accepts her fate and slips into this new life, playing the role of detective in her downtime.

Everyone’s a suspect: Sutton’s sister, Laurel, their friends Madeline, Charlotte and the so-called Twitter Twins, Gabby and Lili. Not to mention the cast of scorned boyfriends, classmates and various others. Even Sutton’s family could be the reason she died.

Sutton’s killer could be anybody–Emma doesn’t know where to begin, but explore her suspicions and comes up short time and time again. Just when she thinks she has it figured out, or when a new memory surfaces for Sutton, the rug is pulled out from under us in true Sara Shepard fashion.

In Never Have I Ever, the main suspects shift from Laurel, Mads and Char to the Twitter Twins. Although these two are minor characters, they are actually pretty entertaining (even with their obsession with social media) and I’m glad their suspicious behavior was only set up by the two wanting to prank Sutton and join The Lying Game as full time members.

From death threats, hopeful romantic encounters, tension, to spooky behavior, flashes of memories and lingering darkness, Never Have I Ever is a fun read that will leave you on the edge of your seat and applauding Sara Shepard. Sara knows how to captivate and audience and leave them questioning everything imaginable.

It’s the perfect mix of old time thriller, campy fun and light reading. It will leave you swooning, giggling and get your heart racing as if a chandelier nearly dropped on your head. Cliffhangers leave us in wait for the next installment. For every answer in this, leads to more questions.

And even though so many suspicions are cleared up by stories end, there’s one thing you should always remember: trust no one.

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