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gg Would I Lie to You (GG #10) created by Cecily von Ziegesar | Rating: ★★★★★

You can expect the usual realistic and sloppy portrayal of the teenage mind in this hot installment. Gossip Girl continues to cater to its audience–light, juicy, fashionable and fast reads that leave you giggling a little bit to yourself. It’s dizzily trashy and that’s what makes it dazzling. Yes, it is the perfect summer treat for those who want to kick back, lose themselves in luxury and drama.

Summer lives on as the drama reaches an all time high in Would I Lie To You? the second to last installment in the original series. And with filming at an end for Breakfast at Fred’s, Blair and Serena wind up staying in the Hampton’s as fashion muses for a very famous designer.

Of course, this doesn’t mean they will be the face of this designers new line and have to share the spotlight with their own lookalikes. Neither duo seems to be happy about this, and Blair feels that the models are very much so up to something.

They happen to be living next door to Nate, too, and because of this their love triangle is back on. Blair, Nate and Serena reunite as the best friends that they are but there’s always more lingering in their hearts. While things heat up between Nate and Blair once more, Serena begins to question her feelings for Nate and comes to the conclusion that she has loved him all along.

But as they say, sometimes things are just a little too late.

When Nate finally tells Blair that he loves her and wants her back, Serena is heartbroken. She overhears their conversation at her birthday party and drowns her sorrows by attempting to forget what she just heard. Alas, she can’t and so she puts pen to paper and writes a love note to Nate; leaving it in the car for him to find.

Only he doesn’t find it. Blair does.

Nate and Blair decide to have a romantic getaway to celebrate their romance being rekindled; Blair promptly tosses the love letter and together they embark on a romantic sail trip before their summer ends.

Hello, Vanessa: Vanessa finds herself taking a trip to the Hampton’s with her new career as an Au-Pair. This job title ultimately doesn’t work out for her and somehow she takes Blair and Serena’s place as the newest fashion muse.

But how could this possibly last?

Then there’s Dan, who decides to create a literary salon with his coworker, Greg. As always, things don’t go according to plan for Mr. Humphrey and he finds himself in hot water with his coworker, after the two have quite the makeout session. Dan isn’t sure what to make of this situation and decides that (I know) he’s gay.

So what does this mean for our favorite poet? Is Dan Humphrey gay or is he simply experimenting? Or perhaps bisexual? One things for certain, he’s definitely questioning it, but not always in the right way. He decides to tell Jenny he is gay and jumps ship on that one without actually thinking it through.

What’s in store for our kids as the summer dwindles down? One things for certain, the scandal of their last summer before college is one for the ages and promises to only get hotter.

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