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revealed Revealed by A.C. Arthur | Rating: ★★★★★

As a note, an e-galley of this novel was sent to me via NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way.

The time for answers has arrived in the town of Tanner; at last, we will come face to face with Landy’s killer. But just who is he? Just a bit over a decade has passed since Landy’s murder, the marks still heavily visible to everyone who’s life touched hers, and it’s well past the time for some closure for this once-close group of friends. There are some things we can never truly get over, but having the answers spelled out for us can offer peace of mind.

And what we’ve learned thus far is that while it’s too late for Landy to be saved, obviously, the others are skating on thin ice. That’s not an exaggeration, no matter what this group of friends is in massive danger. One foot out of line and they could very well be next on the mysterious killers list–either to be harmed or to be framed.

When Nicole is taken captive–we can’t help but wonder who is next. It seems to me that someone out there really has it in for these guys and that’s heartbreaking as hell. But is the killer the man who took Nicole? Or is these just another twisted player in a delectably evil game?

Even more gets thrown up in the air with the arrival of an old friend, Matt, and a glimpse into his story.
There’s something highly unsettling about him before we even know much about his character.

Changes are made as the look for Nicole heats up for Justin: can he find the love of his life before it’s too late? And do they stand a chance to have one another in the aftermath of all that has happened? It seems finally, finally, Justin is moving forward with his life in a way that’s much more plausible for his plans–the only thing missing is Nicole.

With Tenille and Nathan back together, one can expect more steamy and heartfelt scenes between these two lovers making up for lost time. But what happens when Nathan is seemingly framed–again–for Landy’s death? We know that he wouldn’t have done anything to harm anyone, but when new “evidence” springs up against him, the cops and citizens of Tanner are more and more determined to put an end to the investigation and lock him up for good.

The only thing for certain in Nathan’s future is his place with Tenille–they are destined to be together and if one thing readers are most positive of is their love for one another. So are wedding bells in their future, or will danger interrupt their happily ever after?

After being stalked and harassed by Donovan, her former boyfriend and the father of a child she put up for adoption just over ten years ago, Tracy is ready to move on with her life and graduate school so she could head on out towards the career she longs for: the FBI.

Complications and goodness arise for this fan favorite. Quantico seems so close yet so far away–and that sleaze bag professor of hers seems determined to not pass her in class. Kareem is the only source of good and light in Tracy’s life, and when he proposes she jumps at the opportunity.

And with help from his mother, she is able to get her diploma and a place to train for the FBI. But all good things must come to an end, and things quickly hit the fan on this one. Things aren’t always as they seem and unfortunately, Tracy gets a rude awakening that is heartbreaking and terrifying. Honestly, poor Tracy--I love my little nugget. She's such a delight to read and all that happens in her backstory is just so unfair.

Nicole’s chapters are the most chilling, I think, when the realization sinks in as we watch her in a haze of being drugged by former friend, Matt. Her survival instincts kick in and her strength is undeniable as she struggles to find a way out. It’s impossible not to like Nicole or root for her, and you’ll find yourself more than terrified that she could be the next one killed.

Matt, it is revealed, has been stalking her for a great deal of time and perhaps even stalked Landy before her death. But what caused Matt to go so wrong? And is he connected with Landy’s murder–or not?

Short answer: he is not.

Long answer: OH MY GOD, THE KILLER WAS WHO? Hands down one of the best, most shocking, most upsetting and terrifying reveals of a bad guy. Like, ever.

My head is spinning, spinning, spinning. Oh, A.C., say it ain’t so!

And so to keep from spoiling the novel itself, I have to say this: Revealed keeps readers on the edge of their seat just as deliciously as Rumors and although we get quite a few answers before those final pages (and believe me, they are mind blowing) you should expect to be jerked around quite a bit more.

I mean, I can’t tell you how many times my heart broke and got pieced back together and then broke again. I think the beauty of Revealed is that it is so juicy and chilling, it makes it impossible to put it down. A.C. Arthur crafts a delicious tale of mystery in Rumors and wraps it up perfectly in Revealed.

It’s sexy, it’s spooky, it’s thrilling… it’s wildly entertaining with an ending you have to see to believe. If you're looking to treat yourself this autumn or winter to a roller coaster of a read, Rumors and Revealed will be sure to satisfy your thirst and toy with your emotions to the highest degree. So sit back, relax and dive into this mystery.

And remember... trust no one.

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