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rumors Rumors by A.C. Arthur | Rating: ★★★★☆

As a note, an e-galley of this novel was sent to me via NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way.

Upon first inspection Rumors, penned by A.C. Arthur, promises to be a delicious murder mystery surrounding the death of one member of a group of friends who were once like family. Like all tragedies, it is a make or break moment for close family or friends; sometimes things cannot be repaired and those people have difficulty picking up the pieces.

And so Landy’s death tore this once close knit group apart and even now, ten years later, things are still tense and unsolved when it comes down to the night that changed everything. All that time has passed but even still, they pick right up where they left off as danger lurks once more. But who killed Landy? And how have they not been caught at this point?

When diving into the story–which is filled with many chills, scandal and intrigue–we notice right away that its promising description is fitting and watch as the events plays before our eyes like a delightful and soapy show. We’re left with the sense that something big is going to happen once more by the novels end; just as we get closer to more answers… we’re thrust back once more.

Thinking back on Rumors, the one word that comes to mind (after yum) is captivating.

And then I’d like to say that the cliffhanger and the last two or three chapters left me feeling like someone splashed me with cold water and a whole lot of anticipation.

A.C. Arthur has a way with words and defining characteristics that make us question everything. Rumors is filled with the past and its lingering danger, mystery and some serious romance. And the characters are so great because they are real, they feel real.

So many flaws to take in at the heart of it all, but still so, so fun to read. It’s what makes the characters a blast to look in on.

I liked seeing the interactions between characters even after all that time passed. I mean, so much changes in a decade and yet their lives are still oddly tangled with one another. It’s very realistic.

Their lives and choices are not unlike a lot of soap opera plots but the way A.C. intertwines them is delicious and scandalous. We see more and more of their thoughts in rotating point of views and their dirty laundry in the form of the past–Tenille, Kareem, Tracy, Nathan, Nicole and Justin are only just getting started.

It’s true that in spite of the differences in age, Rumors will be compared to novels such as Pretty Little Liars. Filled with just as much frightening topics, luxury and romance, the comparisons should end there. In fact, Rumors–though at a similar format to stories such as PLL–is a smarter, more seductive, diverse and fast paced story for adults.

In other words, it’s much more put together and will provide readers with a heart pounding ride.

Readers can easily see this being adapted for television one day, but even if it’s isn’t the novel itself serves as the perfect foundation for your next dishy treat. Beware of angst, mystery and a whole lot of intense intrigue.

Pair that up with A.C.’s fantastic and fast paced prose, the lux styling and thrilling characters and pairings, and of course steamy romances, it’ll set a fire of interest in its audience. Rumors is the sort of novel you can devour in one day and are left scrambling for more and more and more.

And with an introduction like we see at the start of Rumors–a flashback and glimpse into the mind of Landy’s anonymous killer serves our setting for the Prologue–you’ll find yourself into the story for the long haul.

It’s irresistible.

And that cliffhanger, A.C.? Babe, you’ve got me hooked–gimme more! I’m quite invested in knowing what happens next–will we find out Landy’s killer? Is he or she really closer than we think? What happens next–will Nicole be safe? Will our favorite forbidden romances have a happily ever after?

I’m rooting for them; Nathan/Tenille and Justin/Nicole… oh God, please! Talk about I-need-to-fan-myself-out level of OTPs.

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