Thrift Store Finds: Sunday Edition

3:51 PM

Everyone who knows me, knows that I spend a lot of time at various thrift shops. A lot. Sometimes you have your hits and misses, but sometimes you can find a real gem on the shelves. I've found a few excellent additions to my shelves there, including brand spanking new stuff or occasionally a print from another country entirely. It all depends on where you go and how much effort you put into digging around.

This weekend was a surefire hit for me. I'll keep it short and sweet, but the shop near my house holds a lot of sales when it comes to their books. There are standard day sales, like every two weeks they have everything in the shop 50% off. A lot of weekends and weekdays, there's never really a method to it, they have various sales such as two books for a dollar, three books for a dollar, and sometimes even four books for a dollar. Of course, then there's the standard buy one get one free--and because the books are only $1 for paperback and $1.99 for hardcovers, you're sure to get a steal from their shelves.

When I saw the three for a dollar sign, I knew I had to pop in and was pleasantly surprised to find three incredible books. My favorite of my purchases? This print of The Sun King from the Folio Society. I really knocked myself out of the park with these three and can't stress enough how amazing thrift shops are when it comes down to purchasing books.

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