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Homecoming (The 100 #3) by Kass Morgan | Rating: ★★★★☆ (3.5)

Endings and beginnings are inseparable, like the moment before dawn and the moment after.

I waited so long to get my hands on this bad boy and now that I have it, and have read it, I can't decide what I'm feeling. On one hand, I am glad to see how the series has improved in terms of... well, everything

Kass Morgan's writing is so smooth and fast paced, and remains delightful and action packed with every chapter. Everything that was flawed about the series' first two novels has vastly improved and I have really, quite a lot more than I'd expected, enjoyed watching it grow. While many may argue that the show is better than this series (I disagree--with the exception of the grounder plots, Clarke's sexuality and Commander Lexa, which FYI, I'm still in denial about her death but that's nether here nor there) I think that both are on even footing in terms of good vs. bad. 

That being said, Homecoming was originally intended to be the finale of the trilogy that was the books and I'm glad to say that it isn't. Morgan will be returning with a fourth installment--hooray! It would have been a mistake to end the book series so quickly because in terms of endings and closure, this book was pretty lackluster. Many fans disagree with me heartily on that note, that it was a solid end to the books, but hear me out: I just don't feel it as an ending and think Morgan can, and will, do better. It's been such a joy reading and seeing her work grow and come to life. As I've already said, the growth and improvement has been far more pleasurable than I'd ever anticipated. 

And, thus far, Morgan hasn't shot herself in the foot quite like the show and its writers/producers have. But, I'm going to keep quiet on that because frankly it is hard, most of the time, to see the show and the book as one and the same. Despite the books being the inspiration behind the CW's hit, they are incredibly different and it's hard to feel the same for each.

Much like with the show, I positively adore the setting and the romantic aspects of the novels. Instead of the ships that I have on the show (though, I do ship at least two of the book relationships on the show) I have time with Bellamy and Clarke's relationship. Incredibly different and far lighter/sweeter than their T.V. counterpart, Bellarke is essentially what YA wet dreams are made of. That's such an inappropriate way for me to have worded it but it's done. I said it. There's no turning back. 

(There is, I just don't want to.)

What I mean to say is that Bellamy and Clarke are destined for one another in the books and they aren't terrible unique in a lot of ways, but there are plenty of romantic moments throughout. If you don't ship them, you don't ship them. I get it. But I have something of a weakness for them and Homecoming feeds my Bellarke craving quite well. 

Other perks of the novels: Wells is alive. 

(Incidentally, fuck you, showrunners.) 

That being said, I think it's an unfortunate move for people to cast this novel as anything than what it is. Dystopia setting, it may be, but at its core it's a simple young adult romance masquerading as just about every other genre under the sun. It has many flaws, but is still an entertaining and engaging read that will keep you busy for a few hours and it's best to embrace the fun in it. I can't wait to see where Kass Morgan takes the series next! 

My thoughts and dreams for the next installment? Hopefully she provides more growth to the other characters that share the spotlight with Clarke and Bellamy, but don't get enough love/development. I would like to see m o r e background on them and the world as they know it and have a bit more closure when it comes to certain plotlines. I would like more action and more heart stopping thrills and a little less romance (I'm not necessarily complaining about the romance because again it is a major point in the entire series) and maybe a little longer of a story. 

(Seriously. Does anyone else feel like these novels are just way too short?)

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