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The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko by Scott Stambach | Rating: ★★★★★

Holy shit. Holy. Shit. You. Guys. Where do I begin to describe this gem? Breathtaking? Smart? Moving? Dark? As compelling as it is exquisite? A modern literature masterpiece? A total god damned triumph? Shall I continue, or do you lot get the idea? I may be a bit over the top right now but I can't put into words how much I adored this novel and how unexpectedly delightful it was to read it. Do you know that feeling you get, within the first few chapters of a book, where you're like "This is it, man. This book is it!"

Something about it just draws you in from the start. Be it the prose, the atmosphere, and anything really, that is what it's like to read The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko. Scott Stambach paints a beautiful and rich story for readers to surround themselves in and by the end of it, leaves us all feeling incredibly moved. Beautiful crafted and eye opening, there's just something about the novel that will leave you breathless and unable to shake the story in which you've just read.

I loved every moment of it and every page. There's no question that it's one of the best release of 2016 and cannot be missed. I kind of want to hunt down Scott Stambach and high five him? Or maybe throw a pie in his face or something for messing with my emotions. It's hard to tell. Whoa. Okay, sorry. Little off track there. Also, no idea where the throw a pie in his face comment came from. It just felt groovy, I guess?

If you're reading this, Scott, I'd like to formerly apologize.

The thing about The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko is that it's more than just an eye catching title and beautiful cover. It's more than just your standard novel. It's everything good about literature--humorous, heartbreaking and likable. Lovable. When people ask me, years down the line, what some of my favorite novels are, this will have snuck up towards the top of the list because it's one of those unforgettable books. I daresay it will withhold the test of time with its beautiful prose.

Seriously, I may or may not have drooled over how fantastically it was written.

Is that weird?

Probably. My point is, The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko is something that will make you believe in the power of literature. Again and again, you'll be blown away and enjoy it to its highest degree. I can't wait to purchase a finished copy and put it on display with the likes of my favorite standalone novels--it is too good to miss. My love for it isn't because it's part of a genre that I've grown incredibly fond of--it's in the fact that it is one of the best books I've ever had the pleasure of reading and I feel incredibly lucky to have discovered it. Or, rather, been sent it.

I see myself, a few months down the line, as autumn fades into winter, rereading it with a steaming mug of coffee and surrounded by blankets.

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