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Some Kind of Perfect by Krista & Becca Ritchie | Rating: ★★★★★  

We speak of moving mountains, but sometimes people can completely rotate the world, just so someone else can land upright on their feet.

Every once and a while it is our pleasure as readers to find a series we feel so connected to. We live in the pages of these stories and watch as the characters move through their own lives; growing, growing, growing, until we have to say goodbye. Upon completing the series we know we can return at any time but still, somehow, feels like we've said goodbye to our very best friend. Krista and Becca Ritchie have created this within the characters we meet in Addicted and Calloway Sisters. I feel as though I've spent my 20s living side by side with Lily, Rose, Daisy, Lo, Connor and Ryke. In a lot of ways I have--and that isn't a feeling I thought I could have replicated beyond Harry Potter.

In the finale of a wonderful series, Some Kind of Perfect is a delight to start from finish. At first, I was concerned about the concept of an epilogue novel but there's something about Ritchie Squared and the way they develop their characters. It's a breath of fresh air in romance/new adult novels and their novels are truly one of a kind. They've set the bar high for other releases that are to come. And this isn't the first time I've said it, but they write their characters so beautifully it's impossible to not think of them as friends by the end of their stories.

I'll say it again: Krista and Becca write in a way that's indescribable. It's moving. Honest. Painful. Lovely. More importantly, they write in full colour. Saying goodbye has never been so hard but this epilogue novel gives us a chance to see these characters in different stages of their life. There's this promise of life in each of them and seeing these final glimpses into the years that have passed since Long Way Down is truly an undeniable spark. Writers, take note. This is what you should aspire to do when wrapping up a novel.

A word to describe it, spoiler free: moving. There's no other way to summarize the series beyond the fact that it moves me.

Some Kind of Perfect shows us that final look into the core six as they embark on their lives as an even bigger family. From the arrival of more children--they're always growing!--to the loss of a parent, the topics explored are far and wide. I can't say everything without spoiling it but going on this journey with these characters all the way from where we started has been such a joy. I can't remember the last time I saw characters who were developed as well as the leads in this series.

I liked the additions to what we knew from the previous book--the way the families grow and the way these relationships stay connected. We see the kids grow up and more arrive and there's just so much that happens in such a small amount of time. But it's not rushed. It's not overdone. It's just life--how the Ritchie sisters do it is beyond me but I applaud them for making these novels so much more than what any of us could have expected.

At its very core these stories are about family, friendship and romance. Some Kind of Perfect is no different and it ends where we began--with the six of them: Lily and Lo, Rose and Connor, Daisy and Ryke.

I am so beyond happy and proud of this series, these characters and of course Krista and Becca. The novel is a gem and this series is truly unforgettable. I'm not sure I'll find another series quite like this one and I'm sure I'll revisit this countless times in the future. I can't wait to see what their kids get up to as adults in their own spin-off.

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