Favourite Quotes: Addicted & Calloway Sisters

11:29 PM

It's time for a celebration! Your girl finally has a working laptop, again.

My wallet is very unhappy with me due to the cost of it all but for the most part I'm beyond thrilled to be able to resume my blog and get back on a normal schedule. I've been thinking of something to do as a welcome-back for myself (is that lame?) and my first idea was to just revisit my favourite quotes from two of my favourite series: Addicted and Calloway Sisters by the ever-lovely Krista & Becca Ritchie. And then I thought, gee, Jessica? Why not do this as a weekly--or monthly--thing to show off your favourite quotes throughout time?

I didn't answer myself back, of course. Because, I am far too lazy to do so. But I felt like I was onto something; as mundane as it seems--and of course, where better to start than with the book series that has shaped my early-mid twenties? Krista and Becca Ritchie have worked their way into my heart with their words and characters, if you haven't checked out their work do so NOW. I am pretty sure that the first book in the Addicted series is free on all digital platforms so you really have no excuse in not checking out the eBook.

Thank me later.

The reason for me starting with Addicted and Calloway Sisters is primarily because it's constantly on my mind. It's just that good. And so I thought I'd kick this off with something newer. Also, I've just reread and wrapped up the rest of the series while I was down with the flu (that is worded like a really bad rap song and I'd apologize if I had any shame) so it all is still really fresh in my mind.

On a final note: I've come to the conclusion that every five years or so, a series defines that timeline for me--first it was Harry Potter in my childhood. Duh. Quelle surprise. Then it was Gossip Girl and The Hunger Games in my teens. As you can see, the series is in good company and this is kind of a big deal for me. Not that I'm a big deal but this is a compliment of the highest degree from me.

Without any further rambling, here we go!

Honorable mention: I don’t like repeating mistakes, but sometimes, I think we’re both forever stuck on a turntable.

Honorable mention: Our I love yous encompass years of heartache, of hurt, of laughter and pain. And every time we say the words, I feel the rush of our childhood. I couldn't imagine ever losing that.

Honorable mention: You think you’re indebted to your parents because they gave you everything you have. But they didn’t give you what fucking mattered. They owe you. They owe you for not asking why their daughter isn’t home. Why she looks distant and sad. Why she has barricaded herself in a fucking apartment with her boyfriend. They have failed you, and if they tell you to get on a fucking plane or go to rehab – where we all know you shouldn’t be – then you need to tell them to go to hell. And if you don’t, Lo and I will. I promise you that.

Honorable mention: That's how I survived. Time and time again. That's my secret. I survived because I willed it to be ... How did I survive apocalyptic fire? I simply refused to feel the flames.

Honorable mention: For the first time, I yearn for tomorrow and cherish yesterday and live for today. It’s peace that no one will take from me.

 Honorable mention: People hope to touch the sky. I dream of kissing it.

Honorable mention: Beginnings are the hardest because they’re the parts that pull people in, that make them want the ends. And endings are the most painful, the parts that can leave you bleeding out.

Honorable mention: I’m overly confident. Some call that arrogance. I call it four parts charm and six parts self-respect. I’m under the belief, and truth, that I’m superior to everyone and all things around me. Now, how can plankton make a shark embarrassed of itself? The correct answer is: it can’t.

 Honorable mention: People say you can’t describe love, but I have this theory that you can. It’s just subjective. Do you want to know what love feels like for me? It’s breathing and suffocating. Sobbing and smiling. Yearning and fading. To ache that much harder. To live that much larger. It’s every moment. Every single, tiny one.


Honorable mention:  We speak of moving mountains, but sometimes people can completely rotate the world, just so someone else can land upright on their feet.

Well, that about wraps it up. Those are my favourite quotes/passages this beautiful series. Thank you for reminding me to be brave and to never compromise who I am, Ritchie Squared

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