Review: The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

9:51 PM

The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur | Rating: ★★★★★

the right one does not
stand in your way
they make space for you
to step forward

Rupi Kaur is, perhaps, the biggest voice in modern poetry and the hype is not without reason. In Milk and Honey we witnessed a voice as it came to be; brutally honest, heart-wrenching and gorgeous. Kaur has the prose that moves readers and keeps them connected to her for the long haul. The Sun and Her Flowers continues to open up to readers in a way that makes Kaur's voice so prone to appreciation. Poetry is one of the single-most emotionally charged expressions in art and Rupi Kaur is a pro at tying us up with her prose.

What's so striking about The Sun and Her Flowers is, it feels like something so personal. Kaur is known for this tone--her writing is true to life, a search of what thoughts run through her mind and what her heart and soul are made of. The sign of a good poet is the way your eyes meet their words. It feels like you are being talked to. Something deeply moving and personal. Something not unlike your dearest friend confiding in you for the first time.

Your heart beats quickly because you are shown something that goes beyond skin deep. The Sun and Her Flowers is a story of life and all its ups and downs. Love, loss, and watching the days pass by. It is a triumph. It is breathtaking and heartbreaking. There's so much joy and sorrow to be found in the collection.

Walking away from it feels equal parts devastating and hopeful. One thing is for certain: Rupi Kaur poured her heart and soul into her latest collection and continues to show the world why her work is so very important to many. Why her readers feel so connected to her.

The Sun and Her Flowers is a true journey from start to finish; Kaur takes her fans on an adventure of growth. And, like life, it isn't always beautiful--but when it is? Oh, it's luxurious.

As with Milk and Honey, there are a few things that could be triggering to some readers. With that said, I do recommend looking into a list of warnings before embarking on this emotionally charged journey with Kaur.

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