Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday Turns 10... the 10 Books I Cannot Live Without! (#95)

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Top Ten Tuesday is 10 YEARS OLD? I'm shook. IT'S SO UNREAL TO ME. We're officially in the double digits, guys. How?! Jeez! Well, to celebrate a decade of TTT, I decided to celebrate some of my favourite books. Namely, the 10 novels I could not live without. (Any books from a series will be rounded up as the first book of said series.) What can I say? I'm dramatic. Also! Narrowing down my favourites, the ultimate ride or dies, was a lot harder than I expected.
For those of you who are new to my blog, or the book blogging community, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, originating over at the Broke and the Bookish, and is exactly what its title hints at. Each week we're given a topic to explore in our entries.
Did I switch things up a little bit by starting with Sharp Objects? Are you thrown for a loop? No? Maybe? Look, it's no secret that Sharp Objects is my favourite standalone novel of all time. My old, ratty paperback has officially been upheld by tape. I'm probably rereading it as we speak. As for Harry Potter: my original love! I wouldn't be a reader without this series. While J.K. Rowling is not on my good side any longer, and I in-fact cannot tolerate or support her, I can't shake the HP love. (Edit: this was queued up before Rowling's latest show of bigotry and transphobia via Twitter.)
I know a lot of people hate both of these books but I don't and on Booked J, that's all that matters. I can't really explain to you why I adore Sweetbitter as much as I do, but since the first time I read it, it's been a favourite that I revisit fairly often. As for Gossip Girl? Like with HP, I wouldn't be as big of a reader without Gossip Girl. And, yes, I still absolutely loathe the television series. And, double yes, I need the newest editions of the series IMMEDIATELY. Will sell a kidney.

The Goldfinch is an absolute beast of a book--but I adore it. I know a lot of people aren't keen on the length and how much it is drawn out, but I could read Donna Tartt's prose all day. She could literally describe the process of hair colouring and I'd still be keen. And, ah, City of Bones! Well, we all know I'm trash for The Shadowhunter Chronicles and always will be. 

I like to remind people that, although I don't talk about The Hunger Games quite as much as I used to, it's still an all-time favourite. High school me ate that series UP. All-night reading binges, anyone? I even named one of my beloved dogs Primrose. And, well, Addicted to You is the start of one of my all time favourite NA series, and I don't really have to explain that one. 

I debated for a while on what Megan Abbott book I'd pick as the ultimate, can't-live-without, book. I bounced back and forth a lot before finally settling on The Fever. I'll leave it at that. And Caraval is one of the most magical reads I've ever had the pleasure of, er, reading. So.

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