New Look! New Look! New Look!

11:21 PM

Do you ever just get so incredibly tired of the ordinary? The usual? Blah-blah-blah.* Call me fickle or call me "that broad who is hyped up on cough syrup and has had virtually no sleep in a week", but I looked at my blog today and went, 'yuck'. Because, let's face it, my blog is pretty dang basic (and I sometimes love it for this general basic-ness) and it really needed to be revitalized a bit. It's just no fun when you open a blog and think 'oh God I need a nap' almost immediately afterwards.

Well, okay fair enough, my old blog (sorry, the old Booked J can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh! Because she's dead!) was more like zzzZZZZzzz, instant sleep time pill. But. But! You get the idea. Right? Right? Just nod your head, please. I'd beg you but I'm thinking that this sickling deserves a little pity, okay?

*If you sang that to the tune of Totally Fucked from Spring Awakening we are now bonded for life and you really have no say in this. 


I wanted to wait to change things up a lot until somewhere around the holidays. Or maybe even hold out until February--aka, closer to BOOKED J's TENTH anniversary and my birthday--if I was feeling ambitious and wanted to, I don't know, hire someone to revamp this whole bad boy. But honestly, I'm not known for my patience. I made that smaller font so you guys would squint and feel doubly skeptical of my dumbness/impatience combo.

WHICH LEADS ME TO: Christmas kind of came early to me today when it was officially confirmed slash announced that FreeForm (I deadass still go to type "ABC Family" even after over a year, yikes) was putting a pilot of one of my all-time favourite Sara Shepard books into production! That's right, The Perfectionists is coming to Freeform (I almost did the ABCF thing again) and even bigger news? It's going to be a spin-off of the T.V. adaptation of Pretty Little Liars! Double SS! Woo! Now all I need is The Lying Game to come back and also for them to adapt literally every Sara Shepard book ever.

Basically, this announcement (however skeptical I may be about how this will actually work but still eternally grateful that my queen Mona Vanderwaal will be back on screen and our favourite HBIC Alison DiLaurentis) really pumped me up up and away (that sounded so stupid) and now I'm all ULTRA HYPED. And ULTRA-JESSICA-DO-STUFF. Which, in short, is how we ended up here and now. A mini makeover for Booked J, to keep me from bouncing off walls.

Actually I call bullshit on that one because, pfft, as if I could bounce off walls feeling this crummy. I may have improved in the last couple of days but I still feel like someone shoved a cactus down my throat and well, I'll spare you the details and leave you with: I have not moved much in a week. I'm pretty sure bouncing off the walls would be impossible.

With all my excitement over The Perfectionists (sorry, I'm not sure I'll ever call it PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: THE PERFECTIONISTS) you should probably expect a post on what I hope the show to include and maybe change when it comes to portraying this story on screen. And, of course, my nerves over whether or not the presence of Mona and Alison (and possibly Emily or others) will overshadow the story of the main characters from the books or not.

Regardless. I'm stoked. I'm sure a lot of you are blah on the news, but! Sometimes we all have our boughts of bad taste.

(I'm talking about me. I have the bad taste in this situation.)

I'll leave you to judge--or love--Booked J's new look on that note! Have a good week everyone!

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