Review: Finding Claire Fletcher by Lisa Regan

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Finding Claire Fletcher by Lisa Regan | Rating: ★★★★☆ (4.5)

As a note, a review copy of this novel was provided on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way. Thank you!

Isn't the cover for this novel so deliriously gorgeous and creepy? I love how out of focus and dark it is, that hint of colour just a blur of mystery--much like the novel itself. Penned by Lisa Regan, Finding Claire Fletcher is one of my favourite finds this year due to its content and superb writing. There were times when the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. Regan really captivated me with this one from the get-go and the brief summary leaves no questions to whether or not this is a must-read. It just is.

There's something so utterly compelling about crime novels. Whether they're fiction or non. They get under your skin. They take you on this hugely emotional journey and keep you pinned to the page because you can't help but want to solve it by yourself. Or at the very least, witness the resolution of it on its own. In the case of Regan's novel, it's fiction--with parallels to real life cases, I'm sure. The fact that the big plot-line in this is circled in on a mysterious cold case that is years old is all the more appealing to fans of the genre.

Lisa Regan paints a startling tale that is terribly chilling and something you just can't put down. From the discovery of a lead (ahem) all the way to the victim reliving the last decade of her life, there's never a moment where you don't feel your gut twisting for one reason or another. What's so very striking about Finding Claire Fletcher is the horrors that feel almost too real for readers and the road we take from then on out. There's so much intensity in this novel that you can't help but to gasp or sit the novel down, here and there, just to breathe a little.

The tone and pacing is incredible. I had chills the majority of the time because the way that each minute passes is tense. Every page is packed with emotion, pain and tension. It's impossible to not feel anything during Lisa Regan's mind-blowing novel. Definitely one of my favourite reads this year.

Finding Claire Fletcher is a must-have for readers who enjoy a thriller or mystery. It's fast paced, spooky and all around impossible to forget. I loved it, and so will you.

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