Review: The Future of Sex by Aubrey Parker

9:30 AM

The Future of Sex by Aubrey Parker | Rating: ★★★☆☆

It would be a confusing mistake to experience sex and love together at first — akin to mixing flour and sugar into something she couldn’t separate later. She had to experience sex fresh, without emotional entanglement, so she’d recognize it in its pure state. Chloe had to know sex and love separately, before she could blend them.

Sometimes, we all need a good old piece of erotica to read. After my delicious run-in with The Red, I decided now was the time to experience more. Nothing says fun like, "I need a cold shower" right? The Future of Sex by Aubrey Parker was actually the perfect addition to my Kindle library. Fast, sexy and futuristic. I thought it was very intriguing, the way that Parker mingled with sex and the future.

It wasn't overly flashy. Instead, it was hot and fun and ended far too soon for my taste.

I thought that the entire premise was interesting. The contribution of a new world (it is set in the near future, but the future nonetheless) was a fun twist on what I typically explore in the genre. I want to know more about this society and what path led them to be where they are. I especially loved the fact that the stigma surrounding sex workers was pretty much shattered in their world when compared to ours.

My bigger complaints: the lack of world building. We have the stage set to get an idea what this world is like but for the most part, it's not utilized. That is okay--it's erotica, it's the length of a novella. It still would have been nice to develop more of the world. Similar complaint for the main character. She is very... unique. But, I feel like I've barely come to know her outside of the job she is vying for.

Overall, it was an entertaining read that left me fanning myself multiple times. One of my personal favourite releases in erotica as of late. Will gladly pick up the next books in the series at some point.

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