Review: Lovers Like Us by Krista & Becca Ritchie

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Lovers Like Us by Krista & Becca Ritchie | Rating: ★★★★★

"His satisfied smile stretches from cheek-to-cheek. Somewhere in some alternate universe, I'm a philosopher writing dissertations on that fucking smile. And its sheer effect on me." 

I'm not crying, you're crying. There's nothing like a good book to really kick you in the gut and then proceed to snuggle you afterward. Lovers Like Us is another display at how brilliant Krista and Becca Ritchie are when it comes to crafting a series of characters so real, they may as well be your best friends. It's the same feeling we got while reading Addicted and Calloway Sisters. Nothing can beat that emotion.

Picking up quite quickly after the strained events of the first installment, Damaged Like Us, we pick right back up on the romance between Maximoff Hale and Farrow Keene. As always, their chemistry is sizzling; their banter high paced and fun, their love for one another strong as love can be. If you haven't found yourself shipping these two yet, you will soon. This is their story--and it's beautiful, full of trust and flat out steamy. You can literally feel the pull as you read their interactions and I adore it. As always, the romance is out of this world.

I was a little nervous to pick back up on this series. Not because I didn't love Damaged Like Us but because I was quite worried about where we left things. In particular, I was worried about the effects one malicious rumor would have on the Hale, Meadows, Cobalt family. There was so much to stare in shock about--the idea that anyone could even believe that Maximoff and Jane were having some sort of incestuous affair is absurd and I was so very disappointed in their family for even entertaining such an idea.

Don't get me wrong--Lily, Lo, Rose, Connor, Ryke and Daisy are all my ride or dies. They have my heart, through thick and thin and all that. But the fact that they were so keen on believing the media, even for a moment, made me so disappointed. Like, it cut deeply and I wasn't at all surprised to see the fact that both Moffy and Jane were icing out their parents for a bit of time because, frankly, they deserved it.

And then I was so very concerned on if their friendship would change.

They have such a unique bond--that is like a best-friend and sibling all tied into one--that you just know it would kill to lose it. I was so glad to see the way this was handled. There was a bit of hesitance between the two, especially in public, but I'm glad to see that it didn't destroy them.

It would be like watching Rose/Lily/Daisy fall to pieces and who wants that?!

Lovers Like Us rights the wrongs in a lot of ways. Resolution comes at two different paces for both Jane and Moffy and their parents. I have always liked that about Krista and Becca's writing; things develop in real time and it makes the experience all the more intimate. It wouldn't have been realistic to have Jane and Moffy both forgive their family instantly or even within the same month. This was handled wonderfully.

With old plotlines wrapping up, a few new open. Including a mystery that feels reminiscent to what Lily had to go through right before her addiction was leaked to the media. This time, however, it has the potential to be devastating. And as part of Maximoff's security, Farrow cannot take it lightly: an anonymous troll is out there posting Photoshopped images of violence against Maximoff.

To change the past, some of the oldest in the family go on the road for a bit of a tour. Think of it as a quick attempt at raising money for charity and trying to bring some good back to their family name. I really enjoyed the aspects of living on the road because there was just something light about this. It blended into the central plots wonderfully and spiced things up a bit for almost the entire book.

Other things I loved:
  • Seeing the OG characters: Lily, Rose, Daisy, Lo, Connor and Ryke are all present. Seeing even just glimpses of them is all I need to feel like I've just caught up with a new friend. I just enjoyed it and the fact that they were quick to realize they really screwed up how they handled the rumors. I also loved how they went about making it up to the kids--how Jane had Connor and Rose write essays, how Lily was so bashful in how she approached the apology and then making up with Farrow, etc etc. 
  • Maximoff's trust in Farrow. I mean in all levels of life. Their sex life included. I thought it was a really sweet time for them and every time I think, "I can't ship/love them anymore than I do." and BAM, they hit me with something and I'm swooning for them. There was a time I wasn't certain that I'd love any relationships quite like I do Lily/Lo, Rose/Connor and Daisy/Ryke but Lovers Like Us proves me wrong. They are just as stunning. 
  • "I'm always in hot water." Farrow eats a spoonful. "It's where I do my best work."
  • Seeing the way that Cobalts converse with each other. I really love all of the families in this series but the Cobalts are my babies. Like, adopt me. I loved seeing more of Beckett, I loved getting inside Charlie's head and seeing where he is at mentally when it comes to the strained relationship he has with Maximoff and the sense of loathing he has towards himself and his cousin. Actually, I'll get back to Charlie in a bit. 
  • I ADORED seeing the bond between Jane and Audrey. When Audrey calls Jane and apologizes for something she's done. The entire conversation had me smiling. Cobalts! COBALTS! 
  • Okay, I know you're getting sick of me mentioning Cobalts but... LET'S GO BACK TO CHARLIE. I honestly wasn't sure what I was going to think of him and his presence in Lovers Like Us, but there's something so vulnerable and genuine about Charlie. He is a lot like his father but the further you dive into who he is... ugh. I just love the way he has been developed. He is the best and worst traits of his parents and the vulnerability he has--during THE talk he has with Maximoff--is a little of his aunt, Lily. I want more of him. 
  • Donnelly has unburied his face. "I love Cobalts." He smirks. FIRST OF ALL, SAME BITCH, SAME. Second of all... more Donnelly please. 
  • The bodyguards. I liked seeing them mingle more with the family. Not only as their bodyguards. Not just because they are ~sexy~ but because there's this sort of lightness that comes with their presence. They genuinely fit in with each other--the Cobalts, the Hales, the Meadows, the bodyguards. I just really enjoy the contrast. It made the traveling thing all the more fun--you see this possibility of people being paired up, too. 
  • Maximoff's love for his family. His mom and dad, his siblings, his cousins, his aunts and uncles. Moffy just has ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD TO GIVE and I may or may not have cried when he'd show concern for literally everyone. I love Moffy. 
  • The pot cookies. AHEM. Yes. 
  • We got to see more Sullivan, Luna and Xander. We really only get mentions of everyone else but I am looking forward to more being explored in the future. Fingers crossed. I just love the family dynamics they all share. Everything is different. 
  • "His voice is a hundred percent gravel tied in silk." 
  • The reveal of who is stalking Maximoff. I wasn't surprised but it was still a satisfying and creepy reveal that added a lot of tension to the plot. It was angsty. It was spooky. It was heartbreaking. 
  • Jane and Thatcher. Thatcher and Jane. Thatcher overhearing a certain conversation between her and Moffy and his reaction to it. Did I mention Jane and Thatcher? HAPPEN. Please. 
  • Luna's tattoos and her catching up with the tour. I want to see more of her.
  • KINNEY HALE. The rainbow brigade. I need more of this smol cutie. 
  • Luna Hale
  • Luna
  • The fact that Thatcher is now officially part of the same team as the others. 
  • "The thing about addiction is that it changes you," he tells me. "You don't care about the people you love. All compassion and kindness dissolve in the face of your own wants and needs." 
  • Lily and Lo renewing their vows. The scene where all the kids are dancing melted away all the ice from my heart, cleared my skin, gave me ten extra years of life, etc etc etc. 
Basically... Lovers Like Us is romantic, honest and full of life. As usual, Krista and Becca Ritchie prove that the books they write just keeping getting better and better. If you liked Damaged Like Us, you will love this second installment far more. A must-have for NA fans.

This is one of my favourite books of the year and nobody writes the complexities of human emotion quite like this sister duo. They write, you listen and feel.

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