Ten Years of City of Bones: Week 7 (Favourite Books in the Shadowhunter Chronicles)

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On the seventh (!!!!!!!!!!!!) week of Shadowhunters celebration and madness, Cassandra Clare gave to me: Seven (hundred?) fictional characters to obsess over, six books to CRY ON, five seconds of sanity (!), four... yeah, I actually can't finish this.

I was like, "Hey. Let's try and be witty today, Jessica, shall we?" but turns out I suck at this. Now, I can feel your judgment through the laptop. It's okay, though. We made it through this together and now you guys have something to blackmail me with. It's all in good fun. Real talk, though, can you believe it's week seven in Ten Years of City of Bones? I can't.

Then again, I also can't believe City of Bones was published a decade ago. Seriously, how did this happen? Where did the time go? I guess our parents and teachers and other adult figures from way back when really weren't joking when they said that time flies because, boy, do I have whiplash from how fast it's gone by.

(I'm still in denial that it's not 2007 and that Thanksgiving wasn't literally yesterday already.) 

This weeks topic is all about what book(s) in the series are our favourites and what our officially rank of the novels would be. I think this is by far the easiest topic because I definitely have my favourites in the series run. I'm curious to see what everyone else has to say! (Cough, cough: LORETTA.)

So, let's get down to business! Take a drink every time I say that in any post ever.


This one was super easy for me. Of the original lineup, my favourite book was City of Glass. I would have been perfectly content with the original plans Cassandra Clare had to end it here as a trilogy (I do like the other books, however) because it was that good. Watching as her writing transformed from that first installment to the third was really awesome, because the growth is THERE

 I remember so many things I felt while reading this one. Confusion over who Sebastian was and why Clary always felt unease around him and as if she'd known him before. Heartbreak over the loss of little baby (I know, he's not a baby but STILL a baby) Max Lightwood. That flurry of emotions about Simon being held in some sort of prison, the friend he makes whilst there. The romance. The action. The loss. Everything about City of Glass was an emotional roller-coaster and I was basically dizzy when it concluded. 

As a whole, the series will always be important to me but City of Glass is the one that I'm most inclined to revisit and revisit and revisit. There's just something about it that pulls me home in the same way that Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban does.

Me immediately after reading City of Glass for the first time. 
Especially the broken glasses. All the angst broke my glasses.
Except not really. 


The Infernal Devices  
Clockwork Princess
Clockwork Prince 
Clockwork Angel

The Mortal Instruments 
City of Glass
City of Lost Souls 
City of Bones
City of Ashes
City of Heavenly Fire
City of Fallen Angels 

The Dark Artifices
Lord of Shadows
Lady Midnight 

The Collections (Short Stories) 
  The Bane Chronicles 
Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy

Of all the novels in the entire world of Shadowhunters, my least favourite is City of Fallen Angels. I'll admit I don't hate it but I was awfully surprised to see it to begin with. 
I had thought that City of Glass was a solid ending and a good chunk of City of Fallen Angels felt like a filler to me. I still enjoy it, I still love this world and these characters, but it is not my favourite and the only one I would be okay with ditching. It's definitely the one I would leave behind if for some reason I had to. 

That's all, folks! Let me know what your favourite--or least favourite--in the series is. And don't forget to let me know if you are participating in this meme, so I can wander over to your blog and read/comment.

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