City of Bones 10th Anniversary Celebration

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As Shadowhunter fans already know, the very first installment of Cassandra Clare's bestselling The Mortal Instruments series, City of Bones, reached its tenth birthday on March 27th. As part of the celebration, a special edition of the novel will be available on November 7, 2017. Aka, we're just a few weeks away from our shelves gaining yet another beautiful book! 

To celebrate the final weeks before this stunning collector's edition is available, and of course to wrap up the year in style, I decided to make some fun featured activities (or, ah, memes/questions) for fans to do in the meantime. That's right, mundanes (or, yenno, whatever you consider yourselves) we've got ten weeks to celebrate ten years!

Pretend I just blew one of those birthday horns in your ear. That's what those are called, right?  Feel free to punch me.

The celebration will be begin Friday October 13th, but there is no limit to when you start or finish after this date. If it tickles your fancy (ugh, I can't believe I say that phrase often), you can post them all in one go. You can post once a week. Once a day. Once a month. Once every five or ten or sixteen years. 

Additionally, you may post to the social media platform you prefer: your blog, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, all of the above, none of the above--wherever is most convenient to you. 

You can spice things up a bit by making your own header for the celebration. I used a free header image from Angie Makes as a base for my text, so if you use that banner in your post--be sure to have a nod to her page.

Each week will have multiple questions. You can answer them however you want, whenever you want. You can change them up to fit your desires. You can make edits. Anything is fair game. Just be sure to let me know what you do, so I can snoop! Drop me a comment here or a Tweet or a message on my book Tumblr or fandom Tumblr.

WEEK ONE: Walk us through your memories of the series. When did you first discover it? How did it make you feel? Does that feeling still hold up? What does it mean to you and why?

WEEK TWO: Your ultimate ranking of the core characters from The Mortal Instruments based on your favourite and/or least favourite traits. Who do you believe you are most like? Who do you feel least connected to? Why? (Bonus Question: Wanna include one of the other series set in the Shadow World? Go for it!)

WEEK THREE: Adaptations can be messy. The Mortal Instruments has had two different forms: the film and the television series that is currently airing on Freeform. Tell us which one you prefer and why. If you dislike both, share your thoughts as to why. (Bonus Questions: What are your favourite scenes from one, or both, of the adaptations? If you could change anything about the film or show, what would it be? Are there any positive changes that you appreciate in them?)

WEEK FOUR: Relationships! Which romantic relationship speaks to you the most? When did you start shipping them? What about friendships? Or family connections? Tell us everything. We're all rabid friends here.

WEEK FIVE: All about the parabatai. From any novel set in the Shadowhunter Chronicles (The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, The Dark Artifices, etc), what parabatai pairing is your favourite and why? If you could choose your own parabatai--from the series, from your real life--who would you choose? Would you have one at all?

WEEK SIX: You find yourself in the world we've only read about. Are you Nephilim? (Looking Better in Black Than the Widows of our Enemies Since 1234!) Demon? (I have questions.) Angel? Ghost? Mundane? A Downworlder? Chairman Meow? 

WEEK SEVEN: What is your favourite book in the series? Do you have a ranking of the novels? One you aren't that fond of? Why?  (Bonus Question: Answer for one or all of the other series in The Shadowhunter Chronicles!) 

WEEK EIGHT: Looking back through all the plots and settings, which are your favourite? (And why.) If you could somehow travel through the pages of the books, and pick a location, where would you land? (Example: Alicante, one of the institutes, the strings of Jem Carstairs' violin, Magnus Bane's home, The Lightwoods Cupboard. Surely they have one, right? Right?.

WEEK NINE: Tell us your top ten favourite quotes from any of the series set in The Shadowhunter Chronicles. Why are they your favourite? (If you can't narrow it down to ten, or reach ten, do however many you want.)

WEEK TEN: Freebie. Pick any topic you want--something to get off your chest, general fangirling, favourite scenes or chapters, deaths you would change if you could, a letter to Cassandra (SHE DEFINITELY WON'T SEE IT BUT STILL FUN TIMES HEY CASS), headcanons, funniest moments, TOP TEN BAND NAMES FOR SIMON LEWIS (!!!!!), a fanmix, write a poem about Maia's eyes, do a little graphic magic, a character study, show us your collection of Cassandra Clare books, etc etc--go wild. Literally do anything!

*Don't run around Manhattan with a Stele. I can't bail you bitches out of jail. Honestly, guys, I'm not made of money here.
Will you be participating? Spread the word! I'm really looking forward to hearing your answers.

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