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Bookish Discussion | End of the Decade: Best of the Past 10 Years

10:00 PM

We're just hours away from the start of 2020. It feels utterly unreal, but another decade has come and passed. (Well, nearly.) Originally, I intended to write out a massive week-long list by the genre. Unfortunately, time has gotten away from me again and so I had to improvise a bit. I decided to split things up by the best vs. the worst of the decade, instead.

Today is dedicated to my personal favourites of the 2010s. And I'm so excited to get into it. Fair warning: this post is LONG.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Books I Read In 2019 (#73)

11:00 PM

And the end of a decade is nearly here! It still feels unreal to say that the year is pretty much over. I still feel as though we just rang in 2019. Regardless, it was a year of highs and lows, but in the literary community I feel like there were more highs in terms of recent releases. Especially the last quarter of this year--I seem to have been hitting a bit of a stride in terms of excellent books.

While my best of year and decade posts are yet to come this week, I still figured I'd narrow down some of my most recent favourite books of 2019 for this week's TTT!

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There's Something Dangerous About the Boredom of Teenage Girls | Page to Screen: My Thoughts on the Premiere Episode of Dare Me

11:59 PM

At last! One of Megan Abbott's best works has officially made its way to our television screens and I couldn't be more happy. The first time that I read Dare Me was in the form of a hardcover from the library that was littered with cigarette burns on its pages and cover. Looking back, I realize that it was all too fitting for what lay under its cover: the complexities of girlhood in a small town.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Left Under the Tree For Others (#72)

11:00 PM

This Christmas has been a bit of a mixed bag for me. We're not really doing anything this year. No gift exchange, just a standard dinner, although I did sneak a few purchases for mutuals on Twitter via their Amazon wishlist. I tried to get to as many people as possible! Money is still fairly tight for my parents, so we're skipping presents this year as a whole and that's okay. Which is why I toyed with the topic this week only slightly--because I'm not receiving any gifts this holiday season, I went with the gifts I've purchased for others.

As I write this, it is the Saturday before Christmas, and my only plan for the rest of the season is to bake snicker-doodles (and maybe some other sugary confection) and go over to my friend's house on Sunday for our annual Christmas Eve-Eve celebration. Wine and cookie day, this year, instead of going out for the nights! And, yes, it's technically Christmas Eve-Eve-Eve.

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Good vs. Evil? Each Have Their Own Spotlights! | Book Blitz + Giveaway: Kingdom of Darkness and Light Collections

8:30 AM

In fiction, and life, everything often boils down to two things: good vs. evil, light vs. dark, however you'd like to put it. In these collections, readers are invited to explore both sides. Join the heroes in Kingdom of Crowns and Glory. Join the bad guys in Kingdom of Villains and Vengeance. Personally, I am intrigued by both--but especially Kingdom of Villains and Vengeance!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Winter TBR (#71)

11:23 PM

Can you guys believe we only have a couple of weeks until the new year? I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we are going into a new decade! Time truly does fly by far too quickly. I hope everyone is having a wonderful month, if you celebrate the holidays: have a happy holiday, and that you ring in the new year safely. That being said, this isn't a complete TBR: I'm just going to list some of my priority reads for the winter.

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The Night Country is Imaginative, Dark and Highly Intriguing | Review: The Night Country by Melissa Albert

6:12 PM

We all know that I totally and completely adored The Hazel Wood. It goes without saying that its sequel, The Night Country, was one of my most anticipated upcoming reads. I. AM. IN. LOVE. (Also, my apologies if this is a bit awkward in terms of format. I read my eARC whilst listening to the audiobook and I'm still getting used to dual reviews and reviewing audiobooks in general.)

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books to Cozy Up to this Winter (#70)

11:11 PM

This weeks topic was a freebie. I originally was like: YES, let's do one about festive covers. The bad news is all the festive covers I can think of were in last weeks post. So, then I was like, oh let's go with books that remind me of SNOW and WINTER. That's simple enough, right? WRONG-O. My brain was not having it. So, I went generic and said, let's just list some cozy book for wintry nights. And that's apparently where I took this weeks topic.

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Holiday Gift Guide | Some of My Favourite Bookish Gift Ideas

7:17 PM

Aside from the obvious choices (!!!BOOKS!!!! Gift-cards TO BUY MORE BOOKS!!! A slab of wood to fashion into their wall as another bookshelf SO THEY CAN BUY MORE BOOKS! A bookish gift through Book of the Month YA!!!) there are so many wonderful items out there for your favourite book hoarder nerd fan.  

Now that December is here, the time for gift giving has commenced! If you're feeling a bit (see: a lot) overwhelmed deciding what to buy, it's okay. I've got you covered on the inspiration front. Here are some of my favourite (and very specific and probably very biased) gift ideas for your local book lover.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Holiday Reads (#69)

11:00 PM

And it is officially my favourite time of the year! Here's to hoping this year I can truly enjoy it. Now, I know that some of you do not celebrate Christmas, so if you don't, then here's your heads up that I will be talking about books that primarily center around the holiday.

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Bishops Knife Trick | The Fall Out Boy Book Tag

4:33 PM

Everyone who knows me, knows that Fall Out Boy is my favourite band of all time. Growing up not far from the same area as they did contributed a lot to this! This statement isn't out of a place of "I was here first" and whatnot, but I can remember the days where they played smaller gigs. So when I say I've been a fan of them for what feels like forever, I'm not completely exaggerating.

When they made it big, I was SO impressed and overjoyed because they really do deserve it. They are one of those musical artists that have been with me through some of life's most pivotal moments and my love for them is basically a personality trait now.

And, not to drag myself, but in middle school I DEFINITELY wrote I HEART PATRICK STUMP on a good chunk of my notebooks. Oh, yes, that was completely on brand for me at the time. What can I say? MY LOVE WAS REAL. (Er, as real as a music obsessed then-teenager can manage when it comes to someone she's literally never met.)

So, you guys had to know that I'd be 100% down to participate in Raine Reads' Fall Out Boy Book Tag. I mean... duh.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Thankful Freebie (#68)

11:48 PM

Thanksgiving is nearly here for those of us in the states! This year, I had a rough start--as the year went on, though, I felt very thankful in spite of the bumps. Thankful to literature. Thankful to this community. Thankful to the fact that my father was able to find a new beginning after being laid off last year. Thankful to all the friends who helped me help my parents in the six months my dad had no job for the first time since he was a teenager.


Book Blitz + Giveaway: Alee by Nicole Loufas

6:00 AM

There are some trigger warnings I'd like to point out before you explore today's Alee feature! This YA contemporary tackles issues such as mass shootings and will likely discuss the complexities of grief, decisions we are prone to make when we are at lower points, slut shaming and more.