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Top Ten Tuesday #5: Ten Books That Are Perfect For Halloween

1:00 PM

If you're new to my blog, or book blogging in general, or just new to Top Ten Tuesday, it is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and its title means exactly what you think it means. Each week, bloggers are given one topic to write about--it's the ultimate book lover meme and I adore it. This week is a freebie post, in honor of Halloween, meaning whatever topic my little heart desires. Which is both exciting and oddly daunting because who has creativity these days?*

*You guys are all creative. I am not. And it's Sunday, I wanted to write this early and have it scheduled. I'm also hungover which is never a good combination.

I first thought I'd do one that was devoted exclusive to various forms of horror, and creatures of the  supernatural/paranormal variety and sprinkle in some magic and mythology.

To my utter shock (see: sarcasm) I couldn't focus on that and was drawing a complete blank because (1) Hungover. (2) Stupid. (3) I am SUPER DUPER TIRED. (4) My mind is elsewhere because I am daydreaming about the fact that I ordered some new lipstick last night. #JUSTADULTTHINGS. And then, just as quickly as the thought came it went the heckle away from me. I decided on horror/thriller/mystery/emotionally disturbing theme instead.

The very sort of books (one graphic novel*) that make your skin crawl--or at least, they made mine crawl. Some of these are books I adore--others are ones I don't but are still included because they freaked me the frickity frack out.

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Book Blitz, Excerpt + Giveaway: Lovers Like Us by Krista & Becca Ritchie

8:30 AM

MY QUEENS ARE BACK WITH THEIR LATEST RELEASE: Lovers Like Us. That's right, NA fans! Krista and Becca Ritchie are here to destroy you in the best way possible. I'm already #SHOOK, I'm already crying and wishing I could high five them or interview them. My favourite NA family is back and better than ever--I can't wait to see more of Farrow and Maximoff. Basically, I'm always ready for more books by these two.

For those of you who are new to my blog, you should know that their Addicted and Calloway Sisters novels have defined my twenties in the same way that Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments defined my teenage years.  And that's kind of a big deal.

If you haven't read any of their books yet, now is the time. You won't regret it. I've said it once and I'll say it until I'm blue in the face, I adore them and the way they explore the complexities of life and love and true-to-life issues.

Now's the chance to learn more about them, this series or just to catch up. We've got a fucking brilliant giveaway going for you guys that you don't want to miss. So follow the cut!

And don't forget to purchase the book and send your congratulations to the amazing duo for another fantastic installment.

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Book Blitz: Darkest Temptation by Rachel Van Dyken

6:00 AM


Rachel Van Dyken fans, rejoice! Darkest Temptation has officially landed on the most perfect day imaginable--Halloween! As a standalone novel in The Dark Ones Saga, this paranormal romance will have fans glued to its pages until the final chapter. Follow the cut to find out more info on this steamy and suspenseful read--as well as the series and its wonderful author.

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Cover Reveal + Giveaway: The Life and Death Parade by Eliza Wass

2:30 AM

It's official, guys! The cover art for Eliza Wass' seoncd novel The Life and Death Parade is here. We have a while to go when it comes to the release (can it be June 26th, 2018, now?) but today--I have your exclusive first look!

And to sweeten the deal: A GIVEAWAY.

Anyone else vibrating from excitement? 

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Cover Reveal: On the Way to You by Kandi Steiner

11:30 AM


Today's the day! On the Way to You, a new standalone novel for contemporary romance fans to eat up before the year is through, officially has a cover. And it's gorgeous! Like, "I need to take a ton of pictures of the book and its spine" levels of gorgeous. Penned by Kandi Steiner, and out November 16th, the novel is sure to be one massive emotional rollarcoaster ride.

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Book Blitz, Excerpt + Giveaway: The Lovely Dark by K.A. Last

9:30 AM

Are you guys ready for a SUPER AWESOME YA Urban Fantasy novel entwined with horror? As I am typing this, I'm reading it to my friend and she is all: OKAY, I'LL BITE. Because AUTUMN IS THE TIME FOR CREEPY READS! I mean, Autumn is the time for #ALLTHEREADS but ugh, there is just something about the two extreme ends literature: fluffy and terrifying.

They don't go hand-in-hand with each other. But with AUTUMN? Yes, please. And The Lovely Dark by K.A. Last is here to slay your entire existence and chill you to the bone. So, do yourself a favor--follow the cut, find out all you can, read the excerpt and ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!

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Owl Post + Review: Paperless Post

5:15 PM

Step out of the ordinary with some of the most darling designs over at Paperless Post. Who doesn't love a good owl post, right? The trade of online card and invitations exchange can be tricky at best. Paperless Post knows how frustrating and unappealing that can be for those who want to send out online cards to their loved ones; pairing up with some of the best in the stationery and design world (such as Rifle Paper Co., Kate Spade, Sugar Paper and more) they are the leading source for customizing your online cards.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review the site thanks to a partnership with the lovely people over at Anagram Interactive and Paperless Post. While they provided the coins for me to test out Paperless Post's services, this does not effect my opinion in any way. All thoughts are based upon my own experiences with the site itself.

So let's jump right into it!

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Ten Years of City of Bones: Week Three (Adaptations)

12:30 PM

I don't know what's more shocking--the fact that City of Bones is 10 or that we're on week three of the celebration already! Nuts. Completely. I'm actually in shock about this because apparently I'm easily shocked. Or just #shook. I have a busy weekend ahead of me so your girl actually wrote this ALMOST A WEEK EARLY to schedule it in. Believe me, I'm just as surprised as you are.

If you're wondering what the fresh hell (do the kids still say that?) I am babbling about now (...as opposed to whatever it is I typically babble about on here?)--to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Cassandra Clare's beloved introduction to The Shadowhunters Chronicles/The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones, I decided to host a little meme to get better acquainted with my fellow TMI fans. Which you can read more about here.

I'm not going to lie to you guys. This weeks topic is the one I've been most looking forward to. I was *almost* tempted to make it the first task/theme/topic/trumpet (???) when I came up with the list but decided to pace myself. Adaptations are on the table--including both the film and Freeform television series. Are you excited? Am I vibrating?

For starters, I didn't used to be so mellow about my favourite books being adapted for screen. From the time that Gossip Girl was first aired (honestly, I hated it) and made me flinch into my beloved pieces of trash (the books, obviously) to the Harry Potter films, whose problems were less frustrating for me than Gossip Girl because at least Harry Potter stuck to the general plots, I would analyze and nitpick EVERY LAST DETAIL of everything. Because that's what us book lovers tend to do--we love the way it translates on screen more or equal to the source material or we loath it. And that's that.

As I got older and saw more television and film adaptations of work I'd been familiar with or loved--such as The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Game of Thrones, The Secret Circle, Pretty Little Liars, The Giver, Outlander, The Hunger Games, Divergent--I began to be able to separate the original vs. the adaptations bit by bit. I'm not saying I loved them but I'm not saying I hated them either way, I just slowly began to loosen my grip on the work in question and embraced changes with a little less stubbornness.

(Grumbles into her coffee about Gossip Girl and The Lying Game for life, though.*) 

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Book Blitz + Giveaway: Made by J.L. Lora

10:00 AM

All right, fans of J.L. Lora's thrilling The Trinity! The day has come and gone--Made is officially out in the wild and I just know you're tripping over yourselves to order a copy. Lora is known for her delicious/lush style of story telling that is both vivid in life and developed in all ways. She has a knack for writing characters that captivate her audience and tip-toe the lines of gray--in other words, she is a total pro. 

And definitely someone you should be reading more. Not only is Made one of my most anticipated reads this year, the cover is STUNNING and the suspense proves to be there just by checking out the summary. Which, if you hadn't caught on yet--you need to do! Follow the cut for more information. 

Don't forget to enter the giveaway! 


Book Blitz + Giveaway: Personal Escort by Ainsley Booth

9:30 AM

The time has arrived. Billionaire Secrets is back with Personal Escort and it's safe to say that fans of USA Today bestselling author Ainsley Booth has another hit on her hands. Longtime readers will be swooning over the latest in her impressive catalogue and that's just a fact.

Personal Escort has already captivated her doting audience (those of you who frequent romance bloggers and their reviews don't need me to remind you of the substantial hype!) in the couple of days since its initial release (October 24th, 2017) and it would be a shame to not let it warm you up on the cold days to come. 

To learn more about the novel, the series and its author--as well as your chances to win a wickedly delicious giveaway in celebration of its release--follow the cut.

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Blog Tour + Excerpt: A Little Too Late by Staci Hart

1:30 PM


I have a serious treat for you guys today! In particular, for fans of Staci Hart--her latest standalone novel A Little Too Late is officially available and sure to satisfy your every desire when it comes to contemporary romances. There's something about it that will make readers feel not unlike they've fallen in love and that's all we can ask from a good romantic read! 

Which is why I jumped at the chance to join the blog tour and share with you an exclusive excerpt to capture your attention. If you're anything like me, now is the time of year where you want nothing more but to snuggle up with a good book--A Little Too Late has you covered.

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Book Blitz + Giveaway: Thigh Highs by Katia Rose

11:30 AM

Full disclosure, and momentary Girl Talk: I love thigh highs. So, that may be part of the reason why Katia Rose's novel Thigh Highs is so intriguing to me--but not entirely so. We all love a good love story full of tension, solid comedic timing and Thigh Highs promises to be just that. Best of all, it has officially launched--today!

To learn more about the decedent novel that Thigh Highs surely will be--and its wonderful author--follow the cut. We have a giveaway for your pleasure, too, so don't forget to enter!

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Cover Reveal + Giveaway: Dear Rachel Maddow by Adrienne Kisner

1:30 PM

I'm so excited to share that today author Adrienne Kisner and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover and an exclusive excerpt for the novel (and one of my most anticipated releases for next year) Dear Rachel Maddow, which releases June 5, 2018! Check out the gorgeous cover (seriously, guys I'm obsessed with it, oh my God!) and enter to win an ARC!

Without further ado--let's get to the reveal! Drum roll, please.

*As a massive Rachel Maddow watcher I'm so beyond stoked for this novel. Can it be June yet?

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Cover Reveal: The Right Direction by Kathy Coopmans

12:30 PM

Ahem, ahem. Kathy Coopmans fans--prepare yourselves! The cover reveal for The Right Direction is OFFICIALLY HERE. And I'm so excited to share it with you! I'm going to limit the fanfare today and let the cover speak for itself. So, let's do this! Don't forget to pre-order your copy todya.

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Book Blitz + Giveaway: Joined by Mara Gan

8:00 AM

An epic adventure awaits you in one of the latest offerings in young adult fantasy--Joined, the first book in a series of the same name by author Mara Gan, reminds us that even the chosen ones have a difficult time understanding why they are the chosen one. Or, as the tagline reads, that PROPHECIES SUCK. And it really, really gets in the way of things when you can read other peoples minds.

Which, hello? Obviously. Mara Gan is here to compel and entertain you with Joined. Best of all, she has a stellar giveaway for anyone who wants to enter that not only includes a little something special for her fans but also, for a charity of their choice. How amazing is that? So, let's kick back, relax and celebrate the release of Joined (it was published a month ago, on September 12th) and hope for a little luck for one of my favourite giveaways this year.

To learn more about Joined, Mara Gan and the giveaway--follow the cut!

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Top Ten Tuesday #4: Ten Book Titles I Love

9:18 PM

If you're new to my blog, or book blogging in general, or just new to Top Ten Tuesday, it is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and its title means exactly what you think it means. Each week, bloggers are given one topic to write about--it's the ultimate book lover meme and I adore it. This weeks topic is TEN UNIQUE BOOK TITLES. I was so excited to work into my favourite unique book titles that I realized something: there aren't a lot of titles I can think of that are unique.

Eye-catching? Intriguing? Mysterious? Aesthetically pleasing? Significant to the book? Humorous? Swoon-worthy? Check, check and check. I found myself stumbling through my mind and strayed from the topic a bit--more towards my favourite book titles vs. uniqueness. So, I thought I would change it up just a bit--once more--because why not?

So, here we are--narrowing it down to TEN of the book titles I love was tough. But who doesn't love a challenge?

annette marie

Book Blitz + Giveaway: The Night Realm by Annette Marie

9:00 AM

Did someone say, "I need a new Urban Fantasy to read this autumn?

Because, Spell Weaver begins with its first installment The Night Realm--and Annette Marie was not messing around when she wrote this! The Night Realm launched officially on October 20th, 2017, and is on sale for a limited time only--for $0.99! So you better pounce on that offer before the release week is up and the deal is off!

To learn more about The Night Realm, and the series it is spawning, and read an exclusive excerpt from author Annette Marie, follow the cut! Whispers: did I mention there's a GIVEAWAY too?

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Favourite Quotes: Bared to You (Crossfire, #1) by Sylvia Day

3:12 PM

For so many years, I sort of wandered through romance novels (romance, adult, new adult, young adult--all the romance) with a detached sort of disdain. Primarily I think that my original source of this mood/approach was because of my blink-and-you'll-miss-it obsession with Twilight Fan-Fiction way back when. I had that desire to read literally all the fan-fiction that was smutty that I could get my badly manicured hands on. I basically burned myself out on romance within the span of a year.


Flash forward a few years into my adult life, I've found myself a bit more keen to dip my toes in the water when it comes to the vast romance genre. Bared to You by Sylvia Day, the first installment of the five book series Crossfire, was the first one I enjoyed in a very long time. I fell in love with Eva Tramell and her romance with Gideon Cross, the New York City setting, their backstories, as well as Eva's never ending friendship with Cary Taylor almost instantly.

*This post is NSFW and intended for an older audience. Be warned of sexual content.

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Book Blitz + Giveaway: Whip Smart by Siena Noble

2:24 PM

Hot off the press! Get ready for some flush-worth erotica in Siena Noble's debut Whip Smart. The first book of a planned series title The Loft, is perfect for fans of Tara Sue Me's The Submissive. And, no, it is *probably* not for the faint of heart. 

Released on October 21st, 2017, Whip Smart is bound (ha!) to shape itself with some considerable hype and will probably cause readers to jump into a cold shower immediately after reading. To learn more about Whip Smart, author Siena Noble and the giveaway she has provided in celebration of its release, follow the cut!

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Ten Years of City of Bones: Week Two

4:30 PM

ANNNND, the celebration continues. Happy weekend to us! I was going to post this yesterday but I not only forgot to set it up in the queue, I didn't have internet for most of the day! Sad face. It's okay, though, because I totally talked my best-friends ear off about it while we got up to our usual weekend shenanigans. Because... anything to hear myself talk more. Anything to talk about the things I love!

You know the drill by now, I suppose--but if you don't... in the weeks leading up to the release of THE TENTH ANNIVERSARY EDITION of Cassandra Clare's bestselling City of Bones, I am hosting a meme/celebration to get better acquainted with my fellow fans. You can read more on that here and jump in at any time. Please, I'm so needy and want to converse with you guys. 

This week, the questions are FUN and not at all requiring bloodshed and sacrifice. That's a joke... there may be some. I am feeling like a mother picking out her favourite children when she shouldn't have favourites but sometimes you just love the SPARKLING BISEXUAL WARLOCK most of all, you know? And then the little girl who stopped a big war is like, "Excuse me?"  

I'm rambling again, aren't I? LET'S GET DOWN TO WORK, KIDS. Get your runes drawn and your stele ready because things are about to get WILD and CRAZY.*

*I say this while I'm sitting on my bed, watching Sabrina and the Groovie Goolies while eating Count Chocula out of a Rugrats bowl. 

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Book Blitz + Giveaway: The Billionaire's Ex-Wife by Leslie North

3:34 PM

A new series begins! USA Today Bestselling Author Lisa North crashes back onto the scene with her latest contemporary romance The Billionaire's Ex-Wife. In it, you can expect all the steamy goodness that North is known for--and the beginning of your next favourite series, The Jameson Brothers

Launching officially on October 19th (TWO DAYS AGO! WHAT!) 2017, the series is sure to satisfy the loves of its genre and then some. I'm so excited to share its release week with you guys and I am more than ready to encourage you to give the series a go! Best of all, in celebration of its publication, you have the chance to win one of three (ebook) copies of The Billionaire's Ex-Wife!

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Book Blitz + Giveaway: Wicked Fallout by Kelly Charron

10:30 AM

If you haven't heard of Kelly Charron's Pretty Wicked series--an adult thriller--then you should really settle in for the day.  As of July, 2017, there have been two books released in the series and it is sure to satisfy your cravings for the next great psychological thriller. While it had its launch in the middle of summer, the novel--the series--itself screams (aha!) autumn. 

Now is the time to take notice of one of the best in horror/thriller/suspense--follow the cut to learn more about the novel and its author. Don't forget to enter the wicked giveaway!

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Review: Karina's Silver Shoes by Denise Marques Leitao

9:30 AM

Karina's Silver Shoes by Denise Marques Leitao | Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2.5-3)

"You don't understand," the woman said. "There are many things anyone could do. Each person is faced with infinite possibilities. It doesn't matter why you choose one or the other, or why life draws you one way or another. What matters is not why, or what exactly, but your choices along the way. Perhaps any girl could have done it. But not all of them would have done it." 

As a note, a review copy of this novel was provided in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way. Thank you!

Before you look at my lower rating and think, "Oh. It's not worth it." remember that taste is subjective. While my 2.5 star rating may seem off-putting or even intimidating to you, just remember that not everything is bound to be everyone's cup of tea. Further, note that at the end of the day there were a lot of elements I really loved about Karina's Silver Shoes and that ultimately it was a very unique tale that is perfect for middle grade readers!

Earlier this month, I had a very similar problem with The Last of the Firedrakes by Farah Oomerbhoy in the sense that it just wasn't my favourite read. In the case of Karina's Silver Shoes, I do think that--perhaps--I was merely out of the targeted age range. I was charmed by a lot of things--the uniqueness of the plot, the magic, the fact that it was unlike any YA I've read in recent memory and of course the character of Karina herself. 

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Book Blitz + Giveaway: Other Worlds, A Limited Edition Collection of Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance

8:30 AM

Other Worlds, a collection of Science Fiction and Paranormal Romance written by some of the best and brightest authors out there, officially landed October 17th. And ladies, and gentlemen, it's out of this WORLD. 

I can't believe I've just made that joke. I'm sorry. It's pre-coffee time for me and that apparently makes me tell lame jokes. The point is--this can't miss collection of romance is available as a boxed set for a steal--$0.99!--but only for a LIMITED TIME. To learn more about this incredible deal, what is featured in the collection and a wickedly hot giveaway, follow the cut!

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Cover Reveal: Sweet Life by Nina Lane

9:00 AM

ATTENTION NINA LANE FANS! We now have the official cover for SWEET LIFE. Stay cool, stay cool. December 12th is almost here! And we're all more than ready to heat up the cold winter nights--it's a damn good thing we have Nina Lane's latest offering to do so! 

I'm so excited to share the official cover-art with you all! Follow the cut for your exclusive first look and all the information you need to know about this deliciously sweet (and steamy) tale! 

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(Audio) Book Blitz + Giveaway: Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them by Debra Goelz

8:30 AM

Tuesday, October 17th 2017, saw the release of multiple head-turning books. What a day!

One of the most anticipated was Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them by Debra Goelz. The novel itself is one of the most beloved tales on the website Wattpad--and now, you can listen to the audiobook! Which is some seriously exciting news for YA fantasy lovers itching to give a new story a listen! 

Congratulations, Debra! 

To learn more about the book and author, as well as the chance to win an amazing giveaway in celebration, follow the cut. 


Blog Tour: The Midnight Dance by Nikki Katz (Review, Giveaway)

11:30 AM

Today's the day! I'm honored to be participating in the blog tour for Nikki Katz' stunning novel The Midnight Dance (out October 17th, 2017, through Swoon Reads)--which was one of my favourite YA reads of the year. 

If you're looking for a vivid, deliciously dark and swoon-worthy novel to cuddle up to this autumn, The Midnight Dance is more than up to the task. Follow the cut to learn more about the novel and to find out just what made me love the novel so very much. And don't forget to enter the wicked give-away that is heading your way!

Cover Reveal: Damaged by Krys Fenner

7:30 AM

Today's the day, kids! We officially have a cover for the second installment of Krys Fenner's Dark Road Series! And it is the perfect reveal to put a chill to the bone when it comes to both the series and this time of the year. 

So let's cut right to it! 

*Trigger Warning: The series covers sensitive topics including that of sexual assault.

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Top Ten Tuesday #3: Food Talk + Favourite Food/Recipe Blogs

10:30 AM

The theme for this weeks TOP TEN TUESDAY, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, was pretty nerve wracking for me: Top Ten Yummy Foods Mentioned In Books. Can you list the dozens of times various foods have been mentioned--or described--in books? I can't! Fashion is easier for me to point at and say, hey, remember that time that so-and-so wore that slinky blank dress in (INSERT BOOK TITLE)?

Food? Food and I tend to have a forgetful relationship. Which is why there will be so little listed in terms of books that mention food--I know it's there in a lot of my favourite literature... but I literally can't think of it! Yikes. I suck, I know. But, the good news is--I will be including my favourite food and recipe blogs in with the post as well.

I should warn you, though. I have a lot of health/stomach issues that require a certain way of eating that may not be for everyone--primarily without meat and bordering on vegan but not always so. So, without further ado! Let's do this!

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Review: Devil's Advocate (The X-Files: Origins, #2) by Jonathan Maberry

10:00 AM

Devil's Advocate (The X-Files: Origins, #2) by Jonathan Maberry | Rating: ★★★★★

"You came in here to learn, and this is a lesson. Never apologize for what you don't know. There is no shame in that. Shame comes when you refuse to know or pretend not to know. That is deliberate ignorance, and it is loathsome."

If you're new to my blog or reviews, you should know one thing: I am a MASSIVE fan of The X-Files. And it was only natural that I flocked to this little YA duo of tales chronicling the origins of television's most magnetic pair--Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. I loved the first of the two, Agent of Chaos and was so very eager to pick up on Devil's Advocate. A young Dana Scully takes center stage in this installment and I couldn't be more happy with the way that Maberry portrayed such an iconic character.

Were there things I would have changed? Maybe--but the thing is, nobody could have written such a captivating story like Maberry did. I'm forever grateful to see that two of my most beloved characters were in such capable hands. Because, like with Mulder's origins in Agent of Chaos, Jonathan Maberry understood deeply what Scully represents and managed to develop her in a way that felt organic and on point with who we know she will become. Kami Garcia's writing became Mulder--Jonathan Maberry's writing became Scully. End sentence.


Book Blitz + Giveaway: André by Sybil Bartel

10:00 AM

As of yesterday, Sybil Bartel's third installment in her adult romance series Uncompromising, has officially landed! André promises to be wild ride for fans of Bartel. You can always trust Sybil Bartel to captivate her audience with an impossible-to-forget romance and another name to add to your list of so-called-book-boyfriends.  

To learn more about André, or Sybil Bartel, follow the cut! And while I have you there, don't forget to enter the wicked giveaway that comes with this book blitz.

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Cover Reveal + Giveaway: Mountain Man by Sherilee Gray

9:30 AM

Not to be extra but... Mountain Man by Sherilee Gray is bound to be bringing sexy back with its deliciously appropriate cover-art for the first installment of The Smith Brothers. Out November 7th, 2017, I'm so excited to share the official cover design for your next erotica/romance obsession NOW. Based on premise alone, it would appear to be quite the steamy read for the impending chilly nights.

So, let's just get straight down to business. You know, before I forget my--wait, sorry? What was I saying? 

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Book Blitz + Giveaway: Sunrise Station by E.S.P.

4:18 PM

If you haven't heard of Sunrise Station by E.S.P., pull up a chair. You're in for a treat with this YA release that launched officially on August 21st, 2017. When I first read about Sunrise Station, and its author, I knew it was something that would be compelling to many of you.

Which is why I'm so excited to be here participating in the blitz this week. I was intrigued the very moment I read Sunrise Station's summary--and the fact that it is split into three books: Playmate, The Sleeper, Sunrise Station. I'm confident that you will be, too.

To learn more about the book and to try your luck at a giveaway, follow the cut!


Official Trailer: Afterburn Aftershock (Based Upon the Novel by Sylvia Day)

11:00 AM

Attention Sylvia Day fanatics! This is not a drill. 

Our friends over at Passionflix (#PASSIONISCOMING) have released the OFFICIAL trailer for the hotly anticipated adaptation of Sylvia Day's Afterburn and Aftershock. While it's not my favourite of the impressive catalogue of Queen of Romance, Sylvia Day, I'm beyond excited to see this story come to life! Out November 3rd, Afterburn Aftershock will be available to stream only on Passionflix--your #1 source for romance. 

What are you waiting for? Follow the cut and swoon with me.

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Book Blitz, Giveaway + Q&A: In Wolves' Clothing by Greg Levin

9:00 AM

IT'S OFFICIAL! One of my most anticipated reads for the year has launched as of October 11th, 2017. 

That's right. Your next psychological thriller obsession, In Wolves' Clothing, has arrived. Honestly, I can't tell you how long I've been psyching myself up for Greg Levin's novel to be released. It's only natural that I jumped over myself to participate in the book blitz celebrating its publication. Looking for your next read this autumn and winter? In Wolves' Clothing has you covered--it's the perfect read for dark, chilly nights. 

Fans of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (aka, one of my favourite shows ever) will find themselves drawn to its plotlines and the promise of suspense. 

To learn more about Greg Levin and In Wolves' Clothing, follow the cut. I've got an exclusive Q & A, excerpt and giveaway for you guys and let me tell you... it's a real treat. You're going to love it!


Book Blitz + Giveaway: However Dark the Night by Philippa Cameron

10:00 AM

If you're a YA fanatic looking for a new, contemporary romance to read--look no further than the latest by Philippa Cameron: However Dark the Night. It has all the makings of a perfectly fluffy yet honest young adult release. Released officially on October 6th, 2017, However Dark the Night holds promise in its premise (that was a bit of a tongue twister to say) and could very well be your next sought after release in the genre. 

Cameron has garnered favorable reviews in the past with other books and if this is any indication for readers, they are in for a real treat. To learn more about the book, the author and your chance at a giveaway, follow the cut.

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Book Blitz + Giveaway: The Cutting Room Floor by Dawn Klehr

8:30 AM

ATTENTION MYSTERY/YA LOVERS! Your next October read is ready and waiting for you. Dawn Klehr's thrilling new novel, The Cutting Room Floor, officially launched on October 13th, 2017! And it is one of the most anticipated YA releases on my calendar. 

Not to mention, The Cutting Room Floor launched just in time to provide you with another mystery just before Halloween. Perfect for fans of Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, The Perfectionists, etc) and YA thrillers in general. This novel is full of secrets that have manipulated lives behind the scenes--and they're bound to take a twisty turn for the worst. 

To learn more about The Cutting Room Floor, Dawn Klehr and the giveaway in celebration of her latest release, follow the cut.

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Ten Years of City of Bones: Week One

1:30 PM

Here we go! As a way of celebrating the ten years since Cassandra Clare's beloved bestselling series The Mortal Instruments began, I decided to do a little something fun for the fans. Something that is sort of leading up to (and after) the release of the STUNNING anniversary edition of City of Bones. Think of it as a fun way to get better acquainted with fans as well as to talk about the series we love.

To catch you up to speed, chances are, you've already read about it here. If not, and you are a fan who wants to participate, please feel free to join in at any time! And across any platform you so desire. 

Let's get started on the first week, shall we? The theme is a general walk through your memory lane of the series.

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Blog Tour + Excerpt: From This Moment by Melanie Harlow

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From This Moment, an all-new sexy and emotional standalone from USA Today bestselling author Melanie Harlow is available NOW! From This Moment promises to be the next big thing in its genre and will, more than likely, move you to tears--and cause some serious swooning. And if there's one thing fans of Harlow know--it's that she knows how to weave a story into the deepest parts of your soul.
It's safe to say that this release is shaping up to be one of the best of her entire career.
My heart is doing its constant thud-thud-thud over this one, ladies and gentlemen, and I don't think you will be disappointed!

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Book Blitz + Giveaway: Just Friends by Elizabeth Grey

8:30 AM

Has a book cover ever sent you swooning? And just given you the warm and fuzzies by looking at it? I'm literally making heart eyes at the cover of the first installment to Elizabeth Grey's The Agency, Just Friends. And having read the premise--I can honestly say I'm smitten by Grey's novel. 

In short, Just Friends is another one of my most anticipated releases and one of the only romantic comedies on my list as a whole. I'm ready to be charmed. I'm ready to laugh. I'm ready to swoon and get completely invested in their lives!

Launched on September 15th, 2017, Just Friends promises to be that quirky and cozy romance you've been longing to curl up to as the year winds down. To learn more about the novel and its author, as well as a giveaway in celebration of its release, follow the cut! 

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Book Blitz + Giveaway: Ashes to Memories by Annie Anderson

7:00 AM

Exciting news for Annie Anderson and her fans! Ashes to Ashes continues with its fifth installment on October 13th, 2017. Aka, TODAY. That's right, ladies and gentlemen--get your wallets ready for the next exciting release in the paranormal romance of your dreams. You're in for a wicked ride. 

In honor of its release--I'm excited to say there's a giveaway under the cut. To learn more about the novel, its author (and the series as a whole) as well as the giveaway... follow the cut!

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Review: Agent of Chaos (The X-Files: Origins, #1) by Kami Garcia

9:59 PM

Agent of Chaos (The X-Files: Origins, #1) by Kami Garcia | Rating: ★★★★★

It's no secret that The X-Files is one of my favourite shows of all-time. If you know me in real-life, my world pretty much revolves around it and you can catch me flailing over it daily. That's not an exaggeration. Also, I'm a massive fan of Kami Garcia's work--I would definitely go so far to say that she is one of my favourite YA authors.

While I had a little hesitance in picking up the origins of The X-Files, I also have very little self control and knew that the day would come where I'd probably binge read it faster than you could say Cigarette Smoking Man or The Lone Gunmen. Or, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder deserve better. I mean, listen, the point is... I love this series. I knew that it would be in good hands with Kami Garcia and boy, was it. I devoured this beauty and I definitely regret buying only a digital copy of the series. There are so many positives that can be said about Agent of Chaos.

Number one would be the accuracy in which Garcia portrays Fox Mulder. He is undeniably Mulder, in teenage form. Agent of Chaos zeros in quickly on the origins of Mulder and how he came to be the man we all know from the classic television series. What I loved most about a teenage Fox Mulder is that he wasn't watered down--ultimately, this was a coming of age story tied in with a mystery and how he came to Believe. Garcia has always done so well in developing her characters and making it so that they actually sound their age; in Agent of Chaos she had so much to live up to and tie together and she did so frankly and with grace.

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Review: Anne of Green Gables (Graphic Novel)

4:33 PM

Anne of Green Gables: A Graphic Novel by Mariah Marsden and Brenna Thummler | Rating: ★★★★☆

As a note, an e-galley of this novel was sent to me via NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way.

What a year it has been for our beloved Anne Shirley! L.M. Montgomery's classic tale, Anne of Green Gables,  has recently been adapted for a new generation in 'Anne With An E' (currently streaming on Netflix) and now a brand-new graphic novel, adapted by Mariah Marsden and illustrated by Brenna Thummler, is set to further win the hearts of new and old readers alike. Anne Shirley has charmed generations of readers--and that feeling is no different in the graphic novel.

One of the things that always gets to me about Anne of Green Gables, is that feeling of whimsy and spark that came with the original tale. Luckily for us, this translates beautifully both on screen and in this new release. I've always felt that the sign of a good novel is that, upon reading it, it feels equally new and familiar all at once. Anne of Green Gables has always felt like a piece of home to many of us and to see it treated with such respect, easily wins our hearts. In fact, Anne and Green Gables are just as they ever were. It is a delight seeing the story explored in such a heartfelt and vivid way; you don't have to be a fan or a young reader to enjoy this adaptation of it.

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Special Announcement from Passionflix and Kristen Ashley

12:30 PM

We've got some exciting news for Kristen Ashley fans today! Passionflix, the studio and streaming platform dedicated to adapting your favourite romances, has an extremely special announcement--they've optioned TWO of her unforgettable stories. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Passionflix, the newest addition to the streaming game is bound to be a romantics favourite. Think of it as your one stop destination for a little warm and fuzzies. 

And gotta send a little congratulations to Kristen Ashley on the news! WAY TO GO, GIRL!

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Book Blitz + Giveaway: Obsession by Vivian Wood

7:30 AM

ADULT/ROMANCE FANS: are you ready for your next Obsession? It had to be done. October 9th saw the release of Vivian Wood's steamy second installment and follow-up to Addiction, Obsession and I can confirm that all of her fans have just fainted from it. 

We're talking full-on-fainting and swooning, ladies and gents. But don't take my word for it. Vivian Wood has made a name for herself in the world of romance and this latest release is sure to be a hot topic amongst the genres most die-hard fans. Which is why I'm so excited to celebrate its release with you guys and give you all the dirty details of Obsession--follow the cut for more information and a giveaway.

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Book Blitz + Giveaway: Sure Thing by Jana Aston

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GOOD NEWS, LADIES AND GENTS. Sure Thing by Jana Aston is OFFICIALLY AVAILABLE (as of October 10th) to satisfy readers and their taste for more contemporary romance. Just in time for the coy atmosphere of autumn, this standalone novel is here to give you the warm and fuzzies over its main relationship. You know, the one that starts off as a one-night-stand. And, in all honestly, one girl is just looking for a little fun...

But you know what they say. Even the best laid plans can go awry. 

Join me in celebrating Jana Aston's latest release! To learn more about Sure Thing and all the details you need to know about the latest giveaway, follow the cut! 

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Top Ten Tuesday #2: Ten Books With Fall/Autumn Covers/Themes

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For those of you who are new (like me, technically) to Top Ten Tuesday, it is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and its title means exactly what you think it means. This Tuesday (October 10th) revolves around something seasonal: Ten Books With Fall/Autumn Covers/Themes.

I was stoked when I read this but as I stumbled through my shelves, considered what to post, I admit I had difficulty deciding on my options. At first, I decided to run with books that only made me think of autumn--novels drawn together in twists of fantasy and spooky thrillers. The longer I considered narrowing it down, I figured I ought do this instead--focus on the covers which remind me of autumn.

When I think of autumn, I think of rich and deep tones of orange, red, purple, blue, green and just the right hint of black. Like many of us, I tend to zero in on the shades of leaves as they fall to the ground or the darkness of the nights, and that's, primarily, the theme for me.