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Blogtober (#21) | House of Night Reread: Hunted by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

6:30 AM

The good news is that the only cringe worthy thing about Hunted is its synopsis. Well, okay, fine, there are a couple of other things, but nothing as painful as it was in prior installments and definitely not as cringey as the blurb for this! I'm so sorry, but hoo boy that is SO not eye-catching and super cheesy and I am definitely suffering from secondhand embarrassment. In case the bold lettering wasn't clear.

Despite the cringe, I'm still feeling head-over-heels and hyped beyond belief over my reread of the entire House of Night series. I love the magic and mythology. And, of course, a lot of these characters. How could I not? They were some of the ones I grew up with, quite literally.

While I've already stressed the fact that I feel VERY differently toward a good chunk of it as an adult, it's still something that I've got a world of fondness towards.

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Blogtober (#20) | True Crime Must-Reads

6:00 AM

It's no secret that I consume a lot of true crime content. It's also no secret that I've been writing a novel on my aunt's murder. Which is why I wanted to include these books in my Blogtober posting lineup. I think it speaks for itself, really.

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Blogtober (#18) | House of Night Reread: Untamed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

6:30 AM

Now that I've really gotten into the groove of rereading House of Night, I'm seriously flying through the series! Although my thoughts about it have changed a lot in the years since I first read it/it was published, I'm still really enjoying this reread and Untamed is probably my favourite yet. I think I've said this about every book in my reread but I think that is just a nod to the fact that House of Night kept getting better and better with time.

Honestly it's just so indulgent. I feel like I am back in high school. Not necessarily in a bad way, either. It's just something about the crisp autumn air and the familiar comfort of an old favourite, you know? It takes you back to another time and place and honestly, it's exactly what I needed. I can't believe I'm already on book four (although, to be honest, by the time this goes live, I'll be starting book seven.)

So, let's just dive on in!

Apologies in advance for any spelling and grammatical errors with this post! They're probably worse than usual because (a) I am sick and (b) my keyboard is being a pain and still sticking with certain keys so sometimes specific letters just don't work. I swear, I'm going to get it fixed soon! 

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Blogtober (#13) | House of Night Reread: Chosen + Kristin Cast Used One of My Bookstagram Photos On Her Page and I Nearly Fainted

7:30 AM

Hoo, boy! I'm flying by in this series. It may not seem like it based on how long it's taken me to make my reread posts. By the time this goes live, I'll likely be on book six. It's taken me a bit of time to get these posts presentable which is why this is only the third one yet. I KNOW, I KNOW. It's just been a weird month and other things. (Not bad weird. Just weird. And I've got some serious writer's block just in time or Blogtober. Go, team, go!)

And this is mostly because my thought process is intensely incoherent and I like to make sure my posts are only moderately so. (Insert wildly laughing emoji here.) Which means I'M VERY SLOW AND IT STINKS. It's fine!!!! We're fine!!! I swear, I'm going to pull myself together soon. Hopefully. Possibly. Probably.

Also, as you can see in the title, Kristin Cast used one of my Instagram pictures on her Instagram and I had a mini meltdown over it because, okay, HOW? (Seventeen year old me is 100% losing her mind over this.) Which was the cherry on top of a (again, NOT BAD) weird week, during this very weird month.

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Blogtober (#12) By Any Means Necessary is One of the Best Books of the Year | Review: By Any Means Necessary by Candice Montgomery

7:00 AM

Fun fact: me and my two brain cells, when taking photos of By Any Means Necessary for Instagram and my photo journal, almost got stung by a bee. Because my BRILLIANT, possibly allergic (runs in the family, but has never been stung by a bee) self was like, "Oh, these flowers are lovely. And look! There's a bee! I should take a picture of this book in front of the flowers and bee." Which is fair and all, but also... not great. Story time is over, let's get to the goods! (And believe me, this book is good.)