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A Longtime Favourite Author, A Six Month Debate on Whether or Not I Should Post This Review | Review: American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins

4:35 PM

It's no secret that Jeanine Cummins single handedly inspired me to write true crime with A Rip in Heaven. If you've been a reader on my blog at any point in the last decade, you already know my fondness for that work of non-fiction. American Dirt, is, however, another story entirely--and has rightfully stirred up controversy. In an effort to not talk over the voices of those who were deeply effected by Cummins' work, I've procrastinated writing this review.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Series I Enjoyed but Rarely Talk About (#88)

11:00 PM

Look! It's a miracle! I didn't change this weeks topic! (Well, not really.) As we continue to stay at home and self quarantine to prevent the spread of COVID-19, things have the tendency to look bleak or scary. To combat these feelings, it's always a good idea to stay connected and share with each other the things that we love.

Which is why I wanted to discuss some of the books series that I really enjoyed--but, for some reason, rarely talk about.

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Book Blitz + Giveaway: Kind of Famous by Mary Ann Marlowe

7:00 AM

Did I want to join in on the fun of celebrating Kind of Famous' release because of its cover and the fact that the main character's last name is Beckett? (Aka, MY last name?) AND because she ran a fan site for her favourite band, like I did circa 2003-2008? YEP. Also, it sounds like SO much fun and I definitely need it in my life. 

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Gotham High is a Delightfully Fresh and Indulgent Spin on Your Favourite DC Characters | Review: Gotham High by Melissa de la Cruz and Illustrated by Thomas Pitilli

6:00 AM

You know those books and graphic novels you cannot believe you've managed to snag? And you just kind of stare at them for hours on end before feeling like someone needs to pinch you? That's me with Gotham High. So, extra thank yous to my friends at DC Comics for sending me a free copy of this book! 

Spoiler alert: Gotham High is a delectable, vivid, diverse spin on some of the most iconic DC characters. AND. YOU. CAN'T. MISS. IT.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Upcoming Releases I Am Eager to Read (#87)

11:00 PM

What's that? No, of course not. That's not me changing the topic for TTT again. (I'm the worst, I KNOW.) Books I Bought/Borrowed Because was not sparking much for me that I haven't fairly recently discussed, so I'm just going to tackle the topic of upcoming releases that I'm keen on reading!

Let's hope I have some free time to respond to comments--I've gotten SO behind, again. I just wanted to say, too, that I've been reading your comments and creeping on everyone's recent TTT posts but I haven't had enough time to get super chatty! I hope you all are doing well with the current state of, well, everything, and I'm sending you all my love. Don't hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram, Twitter or through email if you need absolutely anything in these weird and scary times.