a.g. howard

Photo Journal: My A.G. Howard Collection

2:55 PM

 Happy Saturday, everyone! Where did the week go? The cold weather is preventing me from going outside--and it's about to dip into the negatives again... send hot coffee and blankets please--so I decided to do a cozy little impromptu photo journal entry for my A.G. Howard collection. At least of her young adult releases, as I only own digital copies of her other novels right now.

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Photo Journal: ThriftBooks Birthday Haul

6:30 AM

My birthday is coming up (February 15th! Yes, the day after Valentine's Day, which I fondly refer to as Birthday Eve.) and I went on a bit of a haul on ThriftBooks. I ended up buying 10 books and spent around $40 on the orders, which is actually a steal because I got mostly hardcovers.

So, how did I do?

a.g. howard

Photo Journal: Which Way to Wonderland?

5:59 PM

Today was unusually warm for January, so I took my books for a walk... like the good book hoarder owner I am. I decided last year that I was going to make an effort to further along my photography. Or at the very least, my book photography. My goal was to start a Booked J photo journal and cross-post the pictures here and to Instagram and what not. 

Being home this weekend, and seeing how strangely nice the weather was, I decided to wander over to the local fairgrounds and take pictures of some books once more. I started doing this in November (you probably notice some of the backdrops from my The Dark Artifices shoot) and I have to say, it's become a favourite photography spot aside from the city.

The muse for this particular series/installment is my beloved Splintered trilogy (and the collection of short stories set in the world) by A.G. Howard. I've always wanted to take more pictures of these but I've found them hard to photograph due to the shine of each jacket. But, with weather on my side, and my desire to celebrate Howard's upcoming (unrelated) release of Stain, I just had to take my babies out for a spin.