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Sunday Post #2: The One With the Calm Week

11:30 AM

This week has been a calm one in comparison to last week. I did accomplish quite a bit in terms of content (both that went live and is queued up for the week to come) and my anxiety was, thankfully, near non-existent. The rest of my free-time was spent continuing my rewatch of Pretty Little Liars (before it's off Netflix!) and prepping for Pride.


Guest Post: Mark S. Moore Talks the Many Types of Readers and How You Can Deal With Them

7:30 AM

A couple of months ago, I read the fantastic debut novel Rise by Mark S. Moore. You can read my full review here. Since then the novel has been at the back of my mind. Because of this, I knew I had to give the author a platform and ask him to do a guest post for Booked J.

Special thank-you to Mark S. Moore for agreeing to stop by and discuss the different types of readers with us today. This was truly a fascinating topic choice and I love diving into the many archetypes of readers and reviewers. (And mostly anything in life, given how analytical I am.)

!jessica talks

The Identity Crisis Book Tag

3:00 PM

This tag is totally what floats my goat. In which Loretta clearly has a sense for when I'M BORED and in need of a TAG. Also, I may or may not be obsessed with taking quizzes.

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Wonderstruck Book Tag

3:57 PM

Thanks Devon over at Read by Dev for tagging me in this tag. Tagging tag tagged. I may or may not be humming a few dozen Taylor Swift songs as I type. Also, how many times is too many to say the word tag in a book tag? Tag, you're it. (Also, I picked three books per question because EXTRA.)