Review Policy

As of January 16th, 2019, I am NOT accepting digital ARCs of books. This will change once I am finished with the galleys I need to review by May, but for right now, review requests of this variety are closed: please be patient! I will not be responding to any emails about digital copies.

Before sending a request to review your novel, please keep in mind that my preferred format is a physical copy. That's my biggest note to say when it comes to requests. While I do not have a strong aversion to e-galleys, PDFs and so on, it is likely that I will not accept requests of those sorts.

Admittedly I do own a Kindle, but I am more inclined to not fill your request unless it is done through my requesting it on Net Galley.

Email with all inquiries and I will reply in a timely fashion. It's important to note that I am open to all genres and while my main blogs focus may be on YA books and women's fiction, those are not the only genres I'm be willing to read.

Should I accept your request: I try to read and review books quickly but sometimes life does have its way with me, so I will try my damnedest to review it in time. I am also more likely to review books I request, personally, at the faster pace, so it may take me a while to get to you depending on by TBR pile.

My reviews are always posted to this location, as well as on Goodreads and Tumblr. There's no real formula to my posting and where I go first, so I generally post to all three within the same hour. If I find myself super into a book and its cover art: I will take pictures of it for my Instagram account.

I will likely not respond to any emails that aren't relevant to my postings. Reviews, interviews, blog tours, guest posts and still relating lifestyle posts or subscription boxes are welcome.


This depends on how many books I have in my queue and when they will be scheduled in. I prioritize certain ones and try to get to everything in a timely fashion, however, life does happen sometimes--so I only ask for patience.