Photo Journal: My A.G. Howard Collection

2:55 PM

 Happy Saturday, everyone! Where did the week go? The cold weather is preventing me from going outside--and it's about to dip into the negatives again... send hot coffee and blankets please--so I decided to do a cozy little impromptu photo journal entry for my A.G. Howard collection. At least of her young adult releases, as I only own digital copies of her other novels right now.

The photos, though, are nothing special in terms of my photography skills (when is it ever?) but I feel like these covers, and these stories, always deserve something more to showcase their beauty.

I am just so glad that I finally got my hands on Stain by A.G. Howard. You guys already know that I live for books by A.G. Howard and Stain was one of my most anticipated releases in 2019.

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to afford it--with my dad still out of work and unable to find a job and all the uncertainty that comes with what happens next--but I ended up buying it as a final chapter to my birthday (February 15th) treats. This was the first time I didn't get a new A.G. Howard book upon its exact publication date, which was weird, but it's not like it was that long of a wait.

There's a good chance that, when the weather starts to warm up a bit again, I'll take these out for a proper shoot like I did with the Splintered books earlier this month. Until then, I decided to just use my comfortable blanket to (a) keep myself warm and (b) use as a backdrop for the pictures. 

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