A Highly Engaging and Informative Read for Young Feminst and Aspiring Politicians | Review: In Good Hands by Stephanie MacKendrick

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Massive thank you to my friends over at Storygram Tours and Kids Can Press for sending a review copy of In Good Hands my way for the Instagram tour! This was definitely a book I wish I had growing up!

In Good Hands 
by Stephanie MacKendrick

Written for young women interested in running for office, this book shares stories of eighteen women role models along with all the tools and resources needed to get a campaign off the ground.

Stephanie MacKendrick, a former journalist now dedicated to women's career advancement, believes the time for women in political leadership is now. Judging by the recent wave of activism that developed into a flood of women seeking elected office, she's not alone.

MacKendrick has created a one-of-kind insider's guide for young women interested in joining this movement and becoming part of the political system. It explores everything from what to expect in a campaign, to how to deal with the inevitable challenges, to why it's worth it to run. It combines stories of women who have run for office with practical strategies for doing so.

In Good Hands by Stephanie MacKendrick
Rating: ★★★☆ (4.5)
As always, a copy of this book was provided by the authors in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way.  

My interest in politics began at a young age. While I grew up in a predominantly conservative area, one of those small Indiana cities that lacks in diversity and can be a bit uppity, my grandmother was an active part of the Democratic party. Right up until the day she died. She even ran for a small position. Essentially, she was soft and nurturing, but also outspoken and passionate about what was right vs. what was wrong.

She was, obviously, a driving force in my interest in more than just politics--but in speaking up when it comes to what's wrong. To say that I was excited to receive a copy of In Good Hands would be an understatement--and, for context, I have always had (and will always have) an admiration for any woman who enters the political rings. Add in the simple fact that Stephanie MacKendrick is also bad*ss herself, and a former journalist, and you may think that this book was written entirely for me and young girls like me.

Given our political climate now, and all we are working through in these modern times, it's more important than ever to use our platform to inform. Inform one minute, speak out the next, and look for inspiration in some of our greatest voices. This is what makes In Good Hands so timely: we desperately need this.

We need a little hope and In Good Hands is, ultimately, hopeful. Every page is filled with a different tie of inspiration and never fails to tug at our emotions. In Good Hands is exactly the type of book I wished for as a little girl. And exactly the type of book I am grateful for as an adult.

Not only is it informative and inspiring, it's active and alight with its own truths and diversity. There's something so uplifting about In Good Hands that makes its appeal all the more strong for anyone, of any age. While, undeniably, it is targeting younger readers to get inspired and take action, this does not mean it's only for kids.

No, really. Regardless of your politic standpoint or interest level, In Good Hands is a definite must-read for all genders and ages.

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