Blogger Spotlight: October 2017

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Have you ever felt like there are just so many blogs you envy that you get sort of overwhelmed? Each month, I mostly--creepishly--lurk around the countless fantastic book bloggers in our community and think, "Man, you're wonderful." I always say, oh, I should really show my appreciation for bloggers and their work but rarely get around to doing so. Because, lazy. Also... it's easy to get intimidated by how great they all are!

There are just so many wonderful bloggers out there, who put in Work for authors, publishers and readers. Whether they do so by hosting giveaways, tours, Q&A's, release week/day blitz and cover reveals or posting reviews or photography, there are so many people out there who don't get the credit they deserve. Or at the very least the admiration and praise.

Which is why I've decided to--at the start of every month--comply a list of my favourite bloggers as of late. I'll be doing so for Instagram and Youtubers, but as separate topics. Think of this as a shout-out series or a guide to some of the best book bloggers. If you're looking for blogs to stalk read then you are in luck.

*This is in no order. 

Who doesn't love a good laugh? Cait's reviews are some of my favourite of all-time. Because not only does she know literature, she is hilarious. I can't tell you how long I've been admiring her blog but it has been ages and I can't see that stopping, you know, ever. #bemyfriend #peerpressure WAIT. WHY AM I ADDING HASHTAGS TO MY POST? Yikes.

Another blog I've been frequenting since forever ago. Bee, Liza and Leah really bring the content and put a lot of us mere mortals to shame. Great reviews, original content and lists, they are sure to satisfy any reader who loves to get lost in literature related talk!

It's safe to say I look to a lot of these bloggers for reviews and their input, and Zach is one of the top. He is one of the top ten of my most frequented sites and one of those readers you just automatically trust when it comes to judgment!

Not to be super Extra (with a capitol E) but I literally get the warm and fuzzies every time I go to Kelly's beautiful blog. Here's to Happy Endings is a genuine happy beginning when it comes to experiencing reviews and finding good books. Major blog envy!

If Aentee's banner doesn't convince you, I genuinely don't know what to say to you? Probably one of the prettiest blogs in the history of blogs, you can't go wrong with Aentee's reviews. As a lover of the most beautiful in life, and literature, this page is definitely for you. "Where words light up the night," is such a sweet tagline, too. Swoon.

Love YA literature? And wine? (Those of you who can legally consume it, anyways!) Then boy do I have a suggestion for you. Krysti is just one of those readers who's taste you automatically trust and is definitely your girl when you need a good recommendation! Just look at her blog!

Life is too short for bad books and A Gingerly Review/Sara has you covered. It's not uncommon for blogs to post their DNF lists or reviews, but Sara's are usually pretty spot on to what I can't seem to finish and it is always nice to have someone with similar views. Plus, her reviews are fantastic and easy to spend a chunk of your day reading.

Need a reason to check out this magnificent blog? Besides the name and the overall magical vibe her banner has, Jaime is one of the most trusted reviewers for a reason. Her blog is pretty universal and I feel as though I've been following Two Chicks on Books for a hundred years. Did I mention she is one half of the kickass team over at Rockstar Book Tours? 'Nuff said. 

And, the second half of the team over at Rockstar Book Tours has arrived! The crowd cheers. Okay, I'm rather new to this beautiful blog but already Rachel has been serving up some serious recs for us all and she is fast on her way to becoming one of my go-to bloggers. Makes me regret not finding her page sooner! 

The last blog on this month's spotlight is another one of my all-time favourites. Full Moon Bites is THE blog to check out when you want some recommendations of books that not everyone is talking about. I find a lot of relatively unknown releases there, plus the content is great and often unique. Also, I'm a sucker for the blue/white/purple colour scheme that's going on over there. 
That sums up my top ten bloggers for the upcoming month of October! I'll be back next month with ten more of my favourites. It was very difficult to narrow it down to just ten blogs but I actually did it! If you have any blog recommendations, sound off in the comment section.

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