Ten Years of City of Bones: Week 8 (Locations)

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Well, well, well. It is finally Friday again. While my week has been less than desirable (see: my cell-phone no longer working, general scratchy throat things, laptop being a slow little bugger) I can honestly say I'm stoked to continue my celebration of Ten Years of City of Bones.

As the celebration's ending draws nearer (hullo, week eight!), I just want to say thank-you to anyone who has participated. It's never too late to join in, for those who are new.

This weeks theme is all about the locations and plots which was a great question in theory. Now that I'm over here planning this post I'm just cursing myself because this one seems to have stumped me today. So, I'm skipping over the plots in lieu of the locations only.

The good news is, I've had my fill of coffee for the day and my brain is finally starting to work with itself a bit. It's still sluggish but, hey, that's what happens when you don't sleep, kids. SO! Let's talk locations.

THE THEME / questions
Looking back through all the plots and settings, which are your favourite? (And why.) If you could somehow travel through the pages of the books, and pick a location, where would you land? (Example: Alicante, one of the institutes, the strings of Jem Carstairs' violin, Magnus Bane's home, The Lightwoods Cupboard. Surely they have one, right? Right?)


New York Institute 


Naturally, I had to use a picture from the film adaptation of the novels. Because... how gorgeous were those sets? I'm still swooning. I wish the show had kept that same vibe but, eh. I was debating for a good hour between whether or not I wanted the favourite setting to be the Institute or Alicante. I went with the Institute because, well, fond memories. It all began in New York City. 


I say that the series all began in New York because, well, obviously. City of Bones begins in the city that film and television immortalized through our lifetime. As we dive deeper into this different side of it all, our characters develop and in some ways it's like we've lifted a glamour from everything too. It may have begun in New York City but some of the most prominent moments happened in the New York Institute and that's why I picked it. 
It all began there. 

Which is why it, in turn, gives me the warm and fuzzies thinking about it. A lot of scenes that took place within those walls weren't of the warm and fuzzy variety but it was such a huge part of the stories.


  • Anywhere Magnus Bane is. That's very self explanatory. 
  • YES, I AM IN FACT KEEPING "the violin strings of Jem Carstairs" AS AN ANSWER. 
  • Alicante. 
If I was going to make an in depth nod to my favourite plots... I'd include: 
  • Every single Magnus Bane scene. EVER. 
  • Isabelle Lightwood existing.
  • Maia Roberts existing. 
  • Clary Fray existing.
  • Every single Magnus and Alec scene. 
  • Alec Lightwood making jokes.
  • The scene in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy where Simon and Alec have a little chat.
  • Every single Simon and Isabelle scene.
  • Simon and Clary talking about what they should buy the others for Christmas. 
  • The scene where Imogen Herondale realizes that Jace is a Herondale. 
  • Every scene in City of Glass. 
  • Any scene where Jace is speaking of his childhood. In particular, "To love is to destroy.
  • When it is revealed that Brother Zachariah is Jem Carstairs. 
  • Luke and Jocelyn's wedding. All the scenes.

HA-HA, I said I wasn't going to list my favourite plots... I lied. Anyways, its been real kids. See you next week!

Question: If you could land in any setting--within the Shadowhunters world or your favourite fantasy novel--where would you go?

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