Bookish Talk: New Covers for Whims of Fae, Hail & Farewell to Freeform's Shadowhunters + More

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Sometimes it feels like there's just way too much to talk about. Which is why I am (very likely) bull-shitting my way through a wrap-up of general Bookish Talk. There's been a lot to talk about re: the book community lately... but when is there not? We're always moving, always talking, always (see: mostly) reading and expressing our thoughts. And last month--and the first few days of this month--have been full of things we should definitely chat about.

So grab a cup of your favourite beverage. Coffee, tea, wine, juice, hot chocolate, smoothies, energy drinks, water--whatever it is, pull up a chair and let's get down to business.


Are these new covers not absolutely stunning? I'm blown away. I will always have a fondness for the original covers of Nissa Leder's criminally underrated series but these? Slayed. In awe. Completely adoring these covers for the rest of my life basically. My personal favourite is probably the one for A Dark Eternity and not only because I am reading my copy of it now--I just love the rich red background paired with the bleakness of everything else, it's such a standout. I'm. So. In. Love.
 Support Nissa Leder by purchasing the four books in the Whims of Fae series.
You can find the series on Amazon. It's perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Cassandra Clare.  


This is probably one of the most shocking cancellations for me since the CW's cancellation of The Secret Circle, also based upon a series of beloved books and by the author of The Vampire Diaries, L. J. Smith, years back. When I saw it trending on Twitter last night, my stomach dropped because I know Freeform's track record when it comes to cancellations--they do not have the best track record with keeping shows on the air past two seasons. Unless we're talking about Pretty Little Liars

Man, I'm super bummed about this. I was expecting prior cancellations from the network in the past when it came to many of my favourite books-to-screen series ("The Lying Game", "The Nine Lives of Chloe King" and "Recovery Road") but this one completely blind-sided me. I had a feeling that this season's lukewarm ratings and lack of any promotion done for the series was a bad sign--but the thing about Shadowhunters is, it had a massive built-in fanbase that was only built upon when new fans came around and frankly, they were quite loud about their support worldwide. 

But where there were so many shows on Freeform that were seemingly ending or cancelled by this year: Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, The Fosters, Young and Hungry and Baby Daddy, I thought for sure that Shadowhunters would be safe. I mean, their current schedule feels pretty bleak for a while; with the exception of Cloak and Dagger and next year's Pretty Little Liars spin-off The Perfectionists

Shows like Famous in Love, Siren and The Bold Type are all great in their own right, and at this point I'm worried about their chances of renewal as well, because if a show with such a dedicated fanbase as Shadowhunters can get cancelled--what is next for the network? 

At this rate, Freeform is going to have very little programming left by this time next year. Even with the inevitable additions of new programming, you have to wonder if this was a wise move on their part. 

On that note, I am thrilled to look on the bright-side of things: Freeform is giving Shadowhunters a chance to wrap things up in a two-hour series finale and we still have the second half of season three to look forward to. Although the wait will be a lot longer than previously planned, as it was announced that it was likely pushed back until the spring of 2019. Do I think this is a move that gives the cast and crew a chance to properly say goodbye and wrap everything up? Absolutely not. While the show has covered plenty of ground when it comes to the books--we're at the point of book four now, leading into book five--it still should have been given at least one final season, even if it was less than ten episodes. 

After-all, we've only just started to meet Maia and Jordan. We've only just started to see what comes next with Sebastian and Clary and Jace. We haven't even seen the relationship of Simon and Isabelle develop. Really, we've only scraped the surface and gotten a taste of what could have happened next. What will happen next. 

So, while it's awesome that they gave them at least the tiniest of scraps to close the story, it's still kind of bullshit at the same time. Many shows don't get the opportunity to bow out after cancellation like Shadowhunters but that makes it no more or less frustrating.  

And to cancel it ala Sense8 in the midst of pride month? Salt, meet wound. 

But, Freeform Exec, Karey Burke, says the decision was purely economic and that they couldn't reach an agreement to a very complicated deal. The show, of course, is an expensive one to make given all the effects and what-not. While I do get it on a certain level, it still remains very frustrating and shocking. Especially considering one quote she provided, acknowledging that they were proud of the show and that--after attending Comic Con and seeing the fan reactions to the series--they had hoped it would be their version of CW's massively popular series Supernatural.

Here's to Shadowhunters--who captured quite a bit of the essence of Cassandra Clare's beloved fantasy world but became a story of its own. For bringing just a little bit of magic, diversity and fun to our screens. Three seasons wasn't enough but it still mattered that the show was on the air for so many to enjoy. And the cast truly became the characters. 

Pour one out for me, Magnus. 


Can we all agree that this June is ULTRA BUSY and we're being packed by intriguing publications this month? We kind of always are but this year seems SUPER overwhelming when it comes to the excitement of it all.
Scattered through the genres--but stuck primarily in YA because REASONS--we have yet another busy AF start to our summer reading agenda. In fact, I think this month's releases deserve a reading club of their own. So many upcoming releases have caught my eye for June and I could not narrow it down very well. (See: at all.) Many of these books appeal to me, unfortunately, I won't have the chance to read throughout the month of June.

But, I have pre-ordered plenty of them and plan to buy the others as I am able to. While my research into my aunt's murder and the book I am writing in regard to it is bound to eat up my time, as well as apartment hunting and social events that I am obligated to, that doesn't mean I can't show my appreciation or attraction to the books that will be released.



That was a lot of work. 

MAY 2018
What did I do? 

A lot of last month was truly spent on researching for my book and trying not to freak out over the information that I did manage to dig up. Not to mention searching for an apartment and helping my best-friend move into her first place. I think you guys get the point: May was B-U-S-Y as can be.I did manage to get some reading and reviews done, as well as participate in various blitzes.

So... let's do this! 


Book Blitz: 
How was everyone's May? What are you looking forward to this June? Are you mourning the loss of Shadowhunters?

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