#ThrowbackThursdays + Previously on Top Ten Tuesday: Childhood Favorites

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Ah, #TBT. Such a tradition of nostalgia. While I am all for throwing it back to some very retro, very embarrassing, photos on Instagram from time to time, I had wanted to something similar for book blogging for the longest time. Then, exactly one hour and one glass of wine ago, I thought, "Hey. Wouldn't it be fun to bring back some old Top Ten Tuesday questions?"

After-all, it would be part throwback and part newness seeing as I didn't start posting during Top Ten Tuesdays until late last year. Meaning, there's SO MANY old topics that are beginning to be explored and I was more than keen on this idea. For those of you who are new to Top Ten Tuesdays, the idea is exactly as you'd expect from the name: book bloggers are given a weekly topic, to which we all are able to provide our own answers to. It's a fun way to get to know one another and it all began over at The Broke and the Bookish.

Every other Thursday, I will be throwing it back to some classic topics from the original Top Ten Tuesday questions. Think of it as equal parts Throwback Thursdays and Top Ten Tuesdays. (I toyed with the idea of posting them every Friday or Saturday just because I'm an idiot.)

This week, we're going to be tackling the topic of Childhood Favorites. Which appears to be a TTT from all the way back in 2010. Can you believe that was eight years ago? 'Cos I certainly can't. But enough chit-chat, let's do a little of this-and-that.


Now, for context, I'm going to clear up something in case there's any confusion: I'm a 90s kid. Most of my original explorations of literature came from the Scholastic Book Fair's of my childhood. So many of these titles were things that were found to be pretty common in my age group because they were found on the shelves of each book fair that would come and go at my school. Some of these, I can't recall as much as Harry Potter but for the most part all of these books were a huge part of my youth, either from the above mentioned book fairs or because they are classics. 

(Some of the newest ones on the list are probably considered modern classics now, too. But back in the day, a lot of these were still ongoing.) 

Honestly, both Harry Potter and Junie B. Jones were probably the biggest parts of my childhood. Along with Archie Comics and Goosebumps. Although I can scarcely remember anything about the Junie B. Jones series, I used to be able to quote the start of the books with literally no effort on my part. I vividly remember the day at the book fair when I bought my very first edition of Harry Potter (which I still have to this day, in spite of it being in terrible shape) and being so excited for it. Both of these series will always have a piece of my heart for very different reasons.  

I'll be honest, I almost didn't include The Face on the Milk Carton because I was nearly a teenager when I first started it. But, because of the one year age difference, I kept it on here anyways. There were some things in the series that someone my age (at the time) probably shouldn't have been reading but it was honestly so addicting to me and I adored it for the longest time. Meanwhile, Goosebumps is another one of those essential 90's kids additions to the list--oh, and I do still have all of my old Goosebumps books in storage. I collected them for the longest time because my dad's best-friend had a daughter three or four years older than me who didn't want her books anymore, so I got a lot of them for free.

The Chronicles of Narnia. I mean, that's just a total must-have for any young reader who enjoys fantasy. I used to pretend I had a way to Narnia--through the massive cabinet under a sink in my Grandma's house. No. Joke. And, of course, The Babysitters Club. Anyone born during the 80s onward probably devoured this series and aspired to make their own baby-sitters club. I was addicted--I especially loved the mystery novels and both the show and the movie from my childhood.   

Captain Underpants Series by Dav Pilkey| ALL of the Archie Comics Digests 

I'll be honest... I remember absolutely nothing about Captain Underpants except to say that elementary school me ADORED him and the books. While this is the rare, "I would never read again." addition to my list, I still have a lot of appreciation for the series solely because it kept me reading in a time when I probably could have gotten very distracted. As for Archie Comics, my parents grew up on them and by the time I started to read they introduced me to the comics. I was primarily (see: very) obsessed with Sabrina Spellman, Veronica Lodge and Jughead Jones. By the time Cheryl Blossom came around, I was even more smitten. Fact: I used to try to make the Burger King crowns to look like Jughead's signature crown when I was, I don't know, six or seven? #DORK    

Anne of Green Gables was just one of those books. And the same can be said for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. I think they've stood the test of time and will continue to do-so. They are true classics and I still get that warm and fuzzy feeling when I think about them and, yes, reread the books. They mean a lot to so many and I'm no different.

Honorable Mentions:
ALL of the Mary-Kate & Ashley books, the Sabrina the Teenage Witch novelizations, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade and Sweet Valley High 

What were some of your childhood favourites and why? 

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