Review: A Dark Eternity by Nissa Leder

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A Dark Eternity by Nissa Leder | Rating: ★★★★★

As a note, a copy of this novel was sent to me by the author in exchange for my review. This does not effect my opinion.

Holy crap, you guys. This. Book. Was. Wild. Although, if you've read the explosive, fantastical Whims of Fae series you know that everything usually is. A Dark Eternity was so brilliant, fast paced and thrilling, I almost couldn't catch my breath. Describing it one word? Fiery. Once again, Nissa Leder enthralled from the first chapter and as the story unraveled, the more wrapped up in the story I became. (Insert obligatory: hello, hey, hi, Nissa Leder is SO UNDERRATED, buy her work, remark here.)

Also, can we take a moment to swoon over the delicious makeover the cover art was given recently? I'm still not over how beautiful they are. Can I marry a book based on its cover-art? And, *Magnus Bane voice* I'm back. Got a little distracted looking at its cover, again. Word of advice? Add pretty cover art to your review after writing it, or else you'll* get too distracted.

*Just me? 

Anyways, where to begin with A Dark Eternity? First of all: this series just keeps getting better and I am probably forever yelling about how good it is. I felt like, after the previous books conclusion, this was going to be darker than the first three books and I was totally right. It has such a fitting name. So. Much. Has. Happened. So much will continue to happen. Scarlett's world, and powers, keep getting bigger and honestly? I am here for it.

As per usual, Nissa Leder's worldbuilding skills are on-point. The romance is ON FIRE. And angsty. I'm not crying, you're crying. I loved seeing the dynamic between Kaelem and Scarlett grow deeper and more physical. I wasn't wholly sure it was going to head where it has when we first met Kaelem and while I started out as team Raith (my son, aha) I'm officially torn between the two.

A Dark Eternity gives us a lot of answers about the fates, new developments there, Scarlett's mother and father, a little more Ashleigh and some romance blossoming. Much like with the series as a whole, this installment will keep you on the edge of your seat in wonder and interest. Leder is the type of writer that will grip you and not let go.

I highly recommend this book, and this series, to any fantasy lover. ASAP. It's fast become one of my favourite series and it truly is criminal how underrated it, and Nissa Leder, is. A Dark Eternity is can't miss and full of so many twists and turns, it just begs to be read.

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