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Remember last weekend when we knew peace and didn't have the faintest clue that Taylor Swift was about to drop a folksy inspired record full of some of her best, most atmospheric, story-telling lyrics? Nope, neither do I. The bottom line is folklore is basically the older sister record to Red that longtime fans have been waiting for. AND IT IS SO GOOD. (Also!! If only I had money for the cardigan she's selling. It's so perfect.)

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In terms of structure and storytelling, Taylor's albums always have a specific tone and strength that they stick to. What makes folklore such a standout to me, already, is how it begins, with the 1, and the cohesive way it flows in an almost dreamlike tone. From the moment the record starts, I'm hooked and have to remind myself that it's not autumn. Not unlike this prompt, the 1 leaves me speechless and really sets the tone for the rest of the album.
That being said, a book that left me speechless, was Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas. Or, rather, as its known by its new title: I'll Never Tell. (@ the tag creator: I almost picked If Were Villains, too! I was dancing between it, Sharp Objects, and my pick!)

Truth time: cardigan feels like a religious experience and I'm not just saying that. I'm so glad we got to experience it, and its visuals, first because while the 1 is the perfect starting point for the album as a whole cardigan is the perfect introduction to this particular era. folklore, as a whole, sounds and feels so chilly and melancholic but equally therapeutic and fantastical. And something in its pulse reminds me of autumn, the first time I read my pick.

Honestly, there are so many books that make me feel happy and sad all at once. I think that maybe, in terms of fiction, The Goldfinch engrosses me in the same way that cardigan does. Each time I pick it up, it's like coming home. And then the emotions set in. I feel everything over and over again. It's a pick-me-up that also has the potential knock me down a few pegs emotionally.

This will come as a shock to approximately nobody but the last great american dynasty is one of my favourite tracks from the album. (Prepare yourselves: I will probably say that about all of the songs. Not a single skip.) I mean, Taylor Swift researching the previous owners of one of her homes and then writing a song about it is such a me move.

As it happens, the narrative of the song is so electric and fun and blunt, which made me think almost instantly of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. It's like hearing someone's history tie into the present and I adore that.

Okay, if I'm being honest there are very few books I wish I hadn't read. (Or, attempted to read and DNF.) While there are some obvious choices for this one (Fifty Shades of Grey, After, Those Girls, etc for starters.) I have to admit I stumbled with this prompt. Just... because, I try not to truly regret what I read because it kind of teaches--and reminds me--of books that I end up not vibing with. And that's kind of important to me.

I think that American Dirt is  my top "can I erase this from my memory now" book of a lifetime. I have no idea how I didn't DNF it. I've exiled it for various reasons (see: the entire list of controversies that are rooted in American Dirt and why it's a BIG problem) from my shelves and my memories.
This song is kind of everything to me. Something about it just hit me full force when I first listened to the album. Which is why my answer to it is so excessive. I'm one of those readers who either doesn't cry and sits stony faced or cries at the drop of a hat in literature. There's literally no in between and I blame that on my reader's origin story being so deeply entwined in Lurlene McDaniel books. So, a lot of books have made me cry into my sleeves like a baby in need of a nap.

I literally just randomized three books that I had on my "should come with tissues" list. Oops!
My favourite question/prompt in this tag! Duh, because mirrorball is my favourite track on folklore. Well, at the moment it's sitting at number one. (Which, unsurprisingly, keeps changing because this damn album owns me 100% already.) There are so many books that feel like they were written for me. I can't choose, you know? This is barely scratching the surface.
Another favourite track! I've had a lot of book hangovers in my day. Some longer than others. But, I think, these books gave me some of the biggest ones of my entire life. Even now, I still drift back to thoughts of why and how they managed to do so.

A tale of two Taylors. Not unlike Taylor Swift's discography, Taylor Jenkins Reid's backlist is full of books for every mood. Daisy Jones & the Six came out at a particularly stressful and uncreative time in my life. Meaning, it came to me exactly when I needed it most. Books about music always get me in the end and this Fleetwood Mac-esque story always hits all the right marks for me.

Well, you guys already know I'm all about girl power and whatnot. So, most of my favourite and most adored character's are complex women. Because, hello? LADIES. We're strong as hell. We're complex as hell. And at the heart of every good story lay characters who are complex, full of life and those are the one's we're most drawn to. Right?

But, to narrow it down to only a few I'm going to go with my ultimate ride or dies: the Calloway Sisters! Daisy, Lily and Rose Calloway from the many Calloway novels. To be fair, I love pretty much every character that Krista and Becca Ritchie (or as I so fondly call them: Ritchie Squared) has come up with in their backlist.

But, these three will always be my ultimate.
This one was more complicated for me than the other prompts. Not sure why. I mean, betty is in the top tracks for folklore, but for the life of me I was like, "What IS a book couple that fills me with yearning?" So, I took my own spin on it a bit. Because betty is part of the "teenage love triangle" in folklore, I went with a love triangle that filled me with the desire for love as a teenager: Blair, Nate and Serena from Gossip Girl. Which isn't a couple, I know, but it fits the song.
Part of me wanted to answer Sirius Black from Harry Potter, but with all the J.K. Rowling messes of the last few months... I didn't. Or, rather, I couldn't. That being said, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. And with House of Night Other World wrapping up its four book run a few weeks ago, I'm going to go with Aphrodite LaFont from House of Night and House of Night Other World.
I'll say it a hundred times: I love Marissa Meyer but this series was a total miss for me. (Well, the first book was. After finishing Renegades, I was like, "I don't think I'll continue with this one.") I thought I'd love it. But in the end it just wasn't my cup of tea and left a lot to be desired. It is what it is!

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