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Smiley face Hide and Seek (TLG #4) by Sara Shepard | Rating: ★★★★★

Hide and Seek, the fourth novel in The Lying Game series, is just as fast paced and mysteriously chilling as the first of the series. Fortunately for readers, it picks up right where the last book left off and is perfect for binge reading. Sara Shepard once more makes its terror and the luxury of Sutton's life blend together in a dark and fascinating way.

There’s no path of safe return for Emma Paxton at this point, who has taken the place of her long lost twin sister to solve the teenage girls murder. In order for Emma to do this, she must put on a successful front and impersonate a girl she hardly knows. Sutton Mercer was the girl to be at Hollier High; now no one knows she died weeks prior to this.

She was no saint, she was shallow and spiteful in a way that only rich teenagers can be. It isn’t an easy front for Emma to put up, but so far so good. And with every week that passes, the further Emma dives into her sisters shoes, the higher the stakes are for her.

Emma has fooled Sutton’s family; Kirsten and Ted Mercer as well as Sutton’s little sister Laurel. She has even fooled Sutton’s friends, her classmates and secret boyfriend. Emma has become Sutton in order to bring her sisters killer to justice and risks what little she has to do so.

As a matter of fact, the only people who know her true identity are the killer and Emma’s new boyfriend, Ethan Landry.

Emma works down her list of suspects and finds herself mislead once more. After more and more dead ends, Emma can’t help but to lose confidence in herself and her ability to solve the murder. And the longer it takes, the more dangerous it becomes to keep her own identity.

If she is revealed to be Emma and not Sutton, if anyone finds out Sutton is dead before she can solve the mystery, she can kiss every opportunity she has goodbye. She would just be some crazed twin who killed her sister and took her place. Who would believe her?

Things only grow more intense when Emma learns more about her mother, her family and where she came from. Becky left her all those years ago, more importantly she left Sutton too: but why?

And how do the Mercers tie into this all?

As Emma continues her digging, as more plots develop and surprises occur, Sutton’s memories of her last night alive grow clearer and clearer.

There’s still a lot to piece together and unfortunately for her, she can’t even communicate with her twin–but one thing is certain, we’re growing closer to the end and the truth. New threats darken the sky as secrets are revealed and more questions are asked.

Sara Shepard tricks us into believing one thing only to laugh at our poor detective skills. I can feel her laugh her way to the bank every time a book of hers is published or read. She just knows what she’s doing.

And once again, she does so perfectly–I loved all the twists and turns and revelations in this one; it sparked a load of suspicion inside me and there’s only one way to find out what happens next.

By starting the next book… immediately.

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